mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

critter's kitchen with chef persia mohammad

Mr.Mittens: what the HELL are you doing?

Persia Mo: [pan frying dead cockatiels while swigging red wine from one of their little skulls] listen- it's not my fault. it was that angora. i did warn you about the angora. i didn't want you to get mad at her for killing your cockatiels- she couldn't help it- she's retarded...

mittens: ( taking a swig of wine): jeez persia-i don't think beaujolis is the right wine... what were you thinking?

persia : you're probably right- they're not really a gamey type of bird, are they?..what with sitting in the cage all day and preening...packing the sweet lard on....

mittens: i'm thinking australian.. i'm thinking dry white....
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