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faster persia cat, kill , kill
tesla 2
mr.mittens: what is this?

persia mohammad persia: a list for you of things i need. get busy.

mittens: uh... now.

mittens: errrr.... i'll issue a fatwah. the streets of cambridge will flow with blood. fur balls and vomit will litter the path to your destruction.

mittens: " the shei pei who lives across the street". whatever do you want with him? he's someone's pet you know- i can't just take him. talk to the paw......I WANT THAT PUPPY'S FUR!!!!!!

mittens: "apple compote"???!!!! you don't even know what apple compote is. mmmmmm, cozy.

mittens: we don't have room for a pony... (sings) " my little pony......."

mittens: or a cow..... mooooo-hammad...

mittens: you're sick you know. this is cambridge, i'm sure we can find a pet psychologist- a New Age pet therapist. yes, that's it...your aura Is looking a tad Hitlerian. maybe i'll pick you up some smudge sticks and then we'll form a healing circle with the ANGORA.... oh sorry, i have an ethnic cleansing of cantebridgian angoras schedueled for early next week. koffi gave his ok as long as a provide him with a pay off from my white slave trade slush fund/bitch stiffler.

mittens: power. corruption. lies. the breakfast of sensitive, thoughtful champions.


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