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where the ceilings speak to you, something good will probably happen
mr. mittens : uf

p. mohammad: where the hell have you been- we're hungry?

mr.mittens: leave me alone for a minute...

p.mo: ( sniff sniff) ohhh, you smell so gooood.....

mr.mittens: rat poo...

p.mo: SCREECH!!!!

mr.mittens: .... it's rat poo. there was a burst pipe- the armstrong ceiling collapsed and it rained yellow water and rat poo. surely the apocalypse has begun and, as usual, when i'm the only one present.

p.mo: were they rats or mice?

mr.mittens: how the fuck am i suppose to know?- i'm not the fucking rat whisperer, i'm not the urban indian guide- for fuck's sake, that's your area of expertise.

p.mo: you may have the thumbs but you're pretty stupid.

mr.mittens: ass sniffer....

p.mo: excuse me?

mr.mittens: i said, have you seen my glass snifter?

p.mo: have you ever had cat scratch fever?....it's not very pretty...

mr.mittens: maybe i did see some wee little micies.

p.mo: mmmmmmmmm

mr.mittens: young. succulent. gray and ever so pink around the edges, bulging bellies filled with cake and...

harriot brown: ...... cake and DONUTS?????!!!!!!!!!! oh my god oh my god oh my god...

mr.mittens: ....with HONEY GLAZE.....

h.b. : SHREIK !!!!!!!!!

mr. mittens: little pink vulnerable ears. tiny, fragile pink little toes. tender pink under bellies....quivverring....

p.mo: SNACK TIME!!!!!!

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Aw. I miss the ladies so much !

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