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strange fruit

once a year the barbie rears her heart shaped head and almond/bug eyes and as usual at the worst time possible. at my best , i'm ill natured but now, high on codiene and still in pain, i couldnt be less charitable even if it does involves some little 8 year old princess who's expecting the barbie on her cake or a river of tears and the stomping of little feet will follow.

at least, the power ranger thing is over.

just trying to find a useable image of the Great White Bitch, i'm ' thrilled' to find out that mattel will be issuing ' plantation barbie' for a limited time only , this september- ugh- right NOW!

plantation barbie? and this isnt one of those mocking sites with barbs done up in s/m schtick . this is the official barbie collectors site for ' adults' ( read: fags and old empty nest white women).

will 'plantation niggah kenbo' be available with assorted loinclothes to be serving massah barbie with de mint juleps? can spears be considered an accessory?

where is' shaka zulu amazon barbie' when you need her to kick some lily white cracka ass? " sistah soulja barbie' needs to seriously consider smacking this bitch up. hey it's only one foot in the plantation the other foot on the white slave trade banana peel...

screw this war on drugs. it's all a lie. drugs are good. drugs are our friends. take drugs, every drug.

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