mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
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Minusmensch and the 'god' who is the number zero

it means what it sounds like- a minus person. nemo. nothing. there's something quite astounding about the german tongue- the way it bluntly gets to the point- something lost in the flouncy ever circling about verbiage of french. it's startling, in a way, i can't think the way you have to think in order to speak it- the way you have to form your thoughts out of the words and their usage. in german class i'd fill out whole tests with the answers in french.

the minusmensch was your jewish neighbor, bound for the oven flues, when they disappeared.

adolph hitler, like john kerry, was a wounded , decorated war hero who came back from his tour of duty and ranted and raved about how his country had betrayed him.( as hysterical as all gore but with a cuter outfit on.) he did this in order to gain political currency- bitching about the versaille treaty and pesky jews was something that really got people going just like bitching about viet nam and the ' military/ industrial complex' could scam you lots of hippy pussy and a senate seat. adolph hitler and his party, who were socialists literally, by the way, was elected by and enthusiastic voting populace.

people are fucking stupid and the masses are uninformed asses- that's why we have, thank satan, an electoral college, so nut jobs like hitler and al gore won't get elected by a population of gullible, unhappy, easy to manipulate teet suckers who want government to lather them with bread and circuses so they don't have to think or work for themselves. 50 % of americans have not read a book within the last year or so- that's 50% of the population that doesnt deserve the right to vote. furthermore, if youre too stupid to know how to pull a lever in a voting booth it's about time for survival of the fittest to kick in for the fucking lazy. and if you cant figure out how to pull the lever and you blame george bush for it youre not only stupid and lazy but a lying, duped leech. people died for the right to vote- people died for the right of other people to vote- take responsibility for yourself, stop whining, and educate's criminal to blame other people for your own inability to grow up. it's criminal to waste the opportunities others never had and a world full of other's still will never have the hope of obtaining.

when occupied france started herding up it's jews- french citizens-WW1 veterans would show up with their medals and ribbons ( "interchangable?") in the courtyards and squares, hemmed in like cattle to the abbatoir-" but see, i am french- i fought for her.." and they went off to the camps just the same. france lost an entire generation of young men in WW1. she was on her way to exporting an entire race of people as has happened so many times before. often times it seems, with peoples 3 minute attention spans and complete lack of interest in history, that it is forgotten that the story of western christianized europe is the story of holocausts- abominations- willful attempts to eradicate the jews. the nazis were no different than the nearly everyone before them- they just had the technology to really be highly effective- precise and to the point like their language.

france now has both the largest population of jews and of muslims in europe. france sold nuclear technology and resources to saddam hussein as did germany. saddam hussein, like all fucked -up muslim nazis ,doesn't much like jews. the one overwelming cause celebe shared by all radical muslim nazis is a conspiracy theory laced ,genocidal hatred of jews.the conspiracy part is where america comes in. america supports israel.israel is the only democracy in the middle east. (i know its sounds wild but- get this- they let women vote there and they go out in public without a bodybag on. what fascists!oh yes and they allow religious freedom. what right wing scum.) yes the Great Satan itself is the main Zionist training camp and france pretty much agrees with this line of thinking. france still hates jews, however instead of hiding behind vichy now it hides behind its hatred of america as a sort of beard for its anti-semitism. france's thwarting of other countries attempts to stop homicidal muslim aggression against democratic ideals and the survival of the jewish race is complicity in what has already turned into genocide in parts of africa, the iraqi gassing of the Kurds( who are considered related to jews through twisted islamic doublethink bullshit) and could easily shift larger areas of the globe into a repressive ,violent totalitarian theocracies that have more in common with the mideval christian genocide against women (ie witches), ' heretics' and jews than modern humanitarian and human rights loving ideals.

"In a July 18 speech to visiting Jewish American leaders, Sharon told them France was host to 'the wildest anti-Semitism.'

'If I have to advocate to our brothers in France, I will tell them one thing: Move to Israel, as early as possible,' he said.

Carol Ben Guigui, 41, carrying a dog in her arms, said: 'In five or 10 years, all the Jews of France will be in Israel because of anti-Semitism.'

The latest French Interior Ministry figures show 510 anti-Jewish acts or threats in the first six months of 2004 — compared to 593 for all of last year."

there was also recently a big nazi gathering in alsace, although in all fairness these neonazis hate the muslims almost as much as they hate the jews . at least someone is being fair and balanced in the application their political beliefs.

"The majority of pacifists either belong to obscure religious sects or are simply humanitarians who object to taking life and prefer not to follow their thoughts beyond that point. But there is a minority of intellectual pacifists, whose real though unacknowledged motive appears to be hatred of western democracy and admiration for totalitarianism. Pacifist propaganda usually boils down to saying that one side is as bad as the other, but if one looks closely at the writing of the younger intellectual pacifists, one finds that they do not by any means express impartial disapproval but are directed almost entirely against Britain and the United States …"

george orwell , "Notes on Nationalism". 1945

here and now i would change that ' minority' to majority. socialism is basically totalitarianism- there's no way around it. ' socialist ' governments in the post hitler age have been responsible for the overwelming majority of genocides and the longest sustained violent repressions of the basic human rights of entire nations of people. stalin ended up killing more people than hitler. socialism and its pipedream of communism are utopian fantasies that can only be violently forced of people , stripping them of their right to choose what to read, what to believe and how to earn. it is important to point out something i have never seen discussed in relation to radical islam- islamic law dictates specifically a socialist type government is the only real islamic mode of governance. it's not 'right' leaning democracies that repress the right to dissent- it's left leaning ' socialist' totatiltarian governments and political movements.

try buying the swiftboat vet's book in cambridge- trust me, its not happening. but fuck you hippies- fucking has- beens. i'll read what i fucking want whether its in your store or not. that's what is for- to thwart fucking hippies trying to censor free speech by ordering 1000 copies of that rapist bill clintons mire of lies and only 2 swifty books. i hate cambridge. i hate 20 year old upper middle class white students who've read noam chomsky ( ask cambodians what they think of him... he basically claimed the killing fields never happened. another socialist genocide covered up by left wing dingbat.)and suddenly think they've divined some sacred truth lost on the rest of us. twats.

being the Minusmensch is being the jew - there's this almost, has to be, as unreal as it sounds, genetic remebrance of standing with your medals pleading with your country not to murder you- not to give you up. i'm not going back there again. i'm not going to goa. i'm not going back to alsace, lorraine. it's not happening. i know what happens when you ask france- "may i not be sent to the ovens of auschwitz, please." france can be plunged back into the 13th c. with iran but i am not going there. and i am not going to show support of any kind even in theory for pigs who are too cowardly to only take on other warriors and instead murder women, children and civilians indiscriminately and if baghdad, tehran and paris have to be reduced to rubble to stop it, so fucking being it. right to a fair trial? fuck you. a trial wasn't held for hitler before his country was taken out. blow up a plane of innocents and youve stepped out of the human race, let alone out of the realm of a goddamn civilian law court in the west. the irony of course is applying western ideas of jurisprudence to criminals who live in and or run countries were they still cut peoples arms off for stealing and stone women to death for adultry.

michale moore's twisted exploitative version of Happyland Iraq before the nasty americans came is a racist affront- turning saddam's regime into Candyland in order to juxtapoise bush as hitler reminds me of the nazi propaganda films for the west showing the Happy Happy Yids of da ghettos in poland singing and playing- shuffling along under the tender minstrations of uncle adolph's lovingly imposed Kikeland.

unfortunately the evil americans arrived too late to impose freedom on most in those newsreels-nearly all of poland's sizable jewish population was murdered by just another loveable socialist tyrannt. reduced to nothing.

zero. nothing. the nothing filled with the infinite. the endless nothing that cant be destroyed. burn a pile of us in zurich in 1213 and we pop up again in another century, born again to piss on your parade of illusionary fleeting power. and besides why on earth is anyone listening to stupid fat white men, even the ones who complain about stupid fat white men? because you are not getting it and therefore it will not stop for you.

" Kali.....the Mother turns Destroyer because the race of men become violent and sinful, failing to percieve deity in the female principle...the Goddess [will]swallow up everything and un-make it, returning to her primordial state of formless Chaos...all beings [will]enter her because she ' devours time'."( mahanirvanatantra and barbara walker.)

the void.

zero, my hero, how wonderful you are.

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