mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

sharks don't sleep

i'm working the democrat convention. yes the secret service has looked through my underwear drawer and i came up clean and legal.

the rev jesse jackson stomped right by me with the head of def jam records. i nearly walked into hillary clinton- and her entourage and her incredibly, unbelievably perfect, handsome secret service men. i came within sanctified inches of ben ' j-lo' aflecks carefully groomed, uinregistered to vote head.

oh, yes, i have press clearance. smell the power of a press pass.

al jezera, the press wing of al queda, has a green room with the rest of the ' legitimate' press yet my cookies get sniffed by guard dogs and our truck is gone over by x ray and our bottled water is looked at with suspicion. tell me i am not insane.

this is an amazing event. i am mostly impressed by the equipment. i love equipment. wires as far as the eye can see and the cart can trip over. i was only emotionally impressed by one of the staples singers doing the national anthem- and no one was there for it but me, a handfull of delegates and my sneaked in bottled water and my pump of hot coffee. tell me i am not insane .

i walked by tokyo rose turd michael moore and his entourage of the duped and sneered ' LIAR' to the horror of those around me. tell me i am not insane.

these politicians ,like the rapist, theif bill clinton, have been turned into pop stars. we need informed righteous people to lead this country not fucking shallow opinon hopping pop stars. i have relatives that served in viet nam and contray to kerry's assertion these men were not baby killers. he lied and you don' t even fucking know it.

he signifies nothing. and you dont even know it.

he's all about his own power. and you dont even know it.

he's married to a billionaire who likes to call herself ' african' because it's au current to be ' african' and all jiggy and shit but she's really part of the western european oppressors of africans ( read-she's portugese. mozambique was a colony. i 'm blacker than that cracka.). he's selected a millionaire vermin trial attorney with hardly any experience in public office of any kind to be his VP. and you dont even care.

religious people and right wingers aren't the only one's who have been brain washed.

youve been fucking had by rich upper class white men again. the man is fisting you and you just hand him the tub of crisco. you cant own 7 mansions, bitch, and ' get' what it's like to be plain old fucking poor/ middle class. don't belive the hype.

these two golden boys are always trying to convince you they get being working class- you buy this shit- one, an ambulence chaser- the other a silver spooned woman's bitch ? you're fucking stupid white bread- you get shit.

saddam had weapons of mass destruction. and you don't even know it. he used them and you dont even care. he approached the north koreans among others for nuclear technology and you don't even know it.if michael moore says it- it must be true.

poor little fool.

electing john kerry could be your own death- and you dont even care as long as someone rains their rainbow tribe lies over you and makes you feel smart and good when youre just misinformed and lazy.

i look up at the snipers on ever building around me.

sharks don't sleep.

why the fuck are you listening to ben afleck you retarded tool?

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