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sister, my sister

what happened to karina holmer and why should you care?

summer solstice 1996-

"Swedish teen found slain in Boston trash

19-year-old au pair found severed at the waistline

By Carolyn Thompson, Associated Press writer

BOSTON – A 19-year-old Swedish girl working as an au pair for a family in a wealthy suburb was found slain in a Boston trash bin, her body severed at the waist.
Karina Holmer had apparently spent her weekends in the city and was last seen alive talking with friends at the trendy Zanzibar nightclub early Saturday, police said. Early Sunday, a man scavenging for cans discovered her remains in a black plastic trash bag behind a building not far from the club. "

fortunately, it's not every day in boston that some new version of the black dahlia is found put out with the cat litter and garbage- but this once is fucking enough for a lifetime . why do we tolerate this? don't be stupid and dull- it wouldn't happen if we did not sanction it as a society.

it's ' sexy' to dominate and torture women. mmm, sexy. sophisticated. really, they want it. that's the sexy theory, baby- let's make a book, a movie, a movement, build a bad ass culture around it! we're rebels. we're outre. no one understands us because we REALLY understand power - that's the sexy theory. karina's torso is the iron fist in the face reality.

jigsaw feeling ? they say that she was cut to pieces with a power tool. still feeling sexy? pussy ,you wouldn't know real s/m if it sawed you in half, dropped you in a dumptser in a plastic bag.

why can't the cops find her killer? are they just as fucked up and lax as they were in the 60s when they completelely botched the boston strangler ' incidents' and arrested the wrong man? pigs .

don't get me wrong- i'm the grandchild of a cop-in fact, i come from a long reaching back line of irish cops and firemen on my mother's side. i like cops. i like that christy love cambridge cop i always see when i walk home- she makes me want to j walk .

my grandfather was a newton detective. he worked on the strangler case- one of the suspects was a deranged momma's boy with a foot fetish who worked at BC -in newton. not a man who ever had much to say about his work, he was relatively elaborate on the subject of albert desalvo and the boston police, in particular- 1) albert didn't do it and everyone knew it and 2)- the boston police are ' a bunch of pigs'( his choice of words, not mine.)

he told me all this in the late 1970's. recently, the desalvo family and the family of one of the victims, after having fought the boston police/ DA for years for the right, exhumed one victim's body and found DNA evidence that ruled out albert desalvo as the murderer.

"Ms. Holmer had a telephone number in Boston, but it was answered by a recording for an artists' studio. There was no immediate response to messages left on the machine yesterday.
Police yesterday searched the building where the studio is located, police spokesman Jim Browning said. He said Ms. Holmer sometimes stayed in the building, where Mr. Rapp, a commercial photographer, also had an office.
Also yesterday, Dover police said they were investigating a fire that occurred Monday night in a trash bin about 200 feet from the condominium where Mr. Rapp and his family live and Ms. Holmer worked.
Dover Police Chief Joseph Griffin said the container was heavily damaged in the fire that was reported at about 9:20 p.m. He said police were examining some of the contents and would decide whether to contact Boston police.
Boston police refused to comment on the investigation. "

the boston police have ' looked at' and 'talked to' numerous people in connection with this hideous sacrafice to our leather clad, inferiority complex ridden vanities- including mr. rapp, a loser little dick member of boston band sleep chamber( really, it's, ok, sean- we all know- really- size doesn't matter...) ,and raffi kodikian- better known as having gone on trial for murdering a male friend on a camping trip to NM and having been found not guilty.( raffi and sean lived near where the body part was found).

the police were so lost here that they had to turn to s/m junkie pseudo satanic dweeb living in neighborhood by happenstance and one time alleged maybe killer...they didn't have a fucking clue what they were dealing with and you can tell by their choice of on- the- media- foisted ' suspects'.

ironically, albert desalvo, who in all rights was a rapist and peeping tom but not the boston strangler, was caught in the yard of a certain house near man ray. a certain house where teeny weeny, throbbing gristle wannabes were always trying to get women to be in crappy industrial porn films carefully edited to show adult sized members in action. you know the house- the one with the pentacle on the floor.

to this day no one has been charged with the murder of karina holmer. all that they found of her body- and it sickens me to no end to relate this- was buried in her native sweden.

as i type right now, boston and massachusetts is short 6 necessary pathologists and a chief medical examiner. this was much the state of affairs in 1996. in the late 1980s/ early 1990's, an undetected serial killer swept through new bedford . they were so far fucking off the mark in the boston strangler case that the prick responsible,in all probability, moved on to another state-( michigan?) and murdered more women. clearly the cops are going to do fuck naught when it comes to dead bitches- science is the only hope anyone is going to be brought to justice.

i had a friend. a very attractive blonde friend who had occassion to work with a certain photographer associated with karina holmer . this friend related that certain photographers were complete fucking freaks that completely unnerved her.

did you know you can buy a videotape of the murder of stacy moskowitz- a victim of 'son of sam'? didn't know that the ' son of sam' wasn't alone?

there's a lot you just don't know- wake the fuck up- give a thought about your sister- refuse to support her hateful brother. evil exists and, admit it ,you find it kind of hot because you're a tool. a stupid fucking tool.

it could be you.

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