"The Devil is here ..."

Joseph Edward Duncan III
Joseph Edward Duncan III

Every post I make about convicted serial child rapist and serial killer Joseph Duncan III is removed from facebook or i am instantly blocked from seeing it.


Duncan sits on federal death row for the kidnapping, rapes and sexual abuse of Shasta and Dylan Groene and the murder of Dylan. he was convicted at the state level of murdering their mother, their older brother and their mother's fiancé . 

Duncan is a nearly life long violent serial predator targeting prepubescent children, male and female, although his preferred victim type appears to be male.

his crimes, all the ones i mentioned in my post, he has either been convicted of or confessed to. it is a matter of public record. criminal trials are public record. convictions are public record. i did not offer particularly graphic details of his sadistic crimes. i described them with some restraint. Duncan actually videotaped himself torturing and raping Dylan. these tapes were shown at his trial. there is no speculation concerning what Duncan has done. his character cannot be impugned in so much that he actually is a confessed, convicted sadistic lust killer of children.

why is facebook running cover for him when he really, by all rights, should be the next one executed now that the feds have committed to dealing out the sentences predators like Duncan received and deserve?

"On the screen, a child screamed in pain, and his tormentor raved.

“The devil is here, boy, the devil himself … The devil likes to watch children suffer and cry!”, a naked Joseph Duncan shouted in a video he made in a decrepit, abandoned cabin in a Montana forest...

Nothing previously presented in court could have prepared the viewers, the jury, for the level of violence in the videos.

The videos showed Duncan sexually abuse the child, hang him from a wire noose, and beat him with a loop of what looked like wire as the boy screamed."

Duncan will kill Dylan Groene by shooting him in the head then burning his body. he will be caught without incident later in a restaurant with Dylan's sister, Shasta, whom he, i previously thought, inexplicably kept alive. he's a sociopath with no qualms about killing children. she was a witness to not only her own abduction, the murder of her family, the sexual abuse and killing of Dylan. why keep her alive? employees at the restaurant recognized Shasta from an amber alert and he was taken into custody. Shasta related to authorities who she was and supplied details, confirmed by Duncan's own writings, of what had happened.

why did Duncan let her live?    

he identified with her. he hates himself, has sexualized his hatred of his male self so it comes out as sadistic sexual abuse of mostly prepubescent males. just my guess because:

there are pictures online of Duncan presenting as female. he had an alter ego called "Jazzi Jet" who identified as female. he made Shasta and Dylan, according to Shasta, call him "Jet".

i bet this is why facebook is interfering in my posts.

trans cult privilege even though i see no indication that Duncan identifies as transgender. his lifestyle outside of jail indicates he is bisexual. the photos of him presenting as female were on a gay dating website where he brags about the amount of male (obviously) partners he had while in prison. at no time did he describe himself as transgendered. and in prison a lot of guys who would never in a million years identify as gay or bisexual partake in sex with other males who also mostly do not identify as gay let alone transgender. they have no choice- they either literally have no choice and are being raped or are doing what is necessary to survive by complying.

i do not care how Duncan perceives of his own gender. when i wrote the original post, i had not seen the few photos of him presenting as female. i was previously familiar with his case, though, specifically the abduction of the Groenes and their abuse and the murders. Duncan's identity issues never came up or, if they even did, i was unaware of them. it does not matter. that is a theoretical, academic discussion having no basis in reporting his crimes.

his crimes, her crimes, ze's crimes- all the same crimes. the crime doesn't change with the gender identity or the sexuality of the person who committed them. murder is murder.

i despise what he has done not who he is or who he thinks he is. i believe in the death penalty and i believe his crimes warrant that punishment. when he was only 15 he raped a 9 year old boy at gunpoint. he confessed to raping a 4 year old when he was 12. he has spent his adult life, when not in prison for sex crimes against children, committing violent sex crimes against children. he will never "reform". he is a sociopath and sadist. he will always seek out the opportunity to satisfy his impulse to sexually abuse and terrorize prepubescent children.

Duncan is a violent serial rapist of children and a serial killer of children because he choses to act on these desires. his gender identity may be related, in his sick mind, to his actions towards children but the majority of predators who target children are born males who present as male and are sexually interested in female children. 

Duncan presents as exclusively male- complete with full beard and moustache- at least in court appearances now.

behold, the censored post :

"here's another evil piece of dreck that needs to be lit up by the feds.

Emperor Daddy and Uncle Barr, please?

dead men do not rape and kill:

needs to be #5

Joseph Edward DUNCAN III/ serial killer and serial child rapist

in federal court he was given 3 death sentences for the kidnapping of Shasta (8) and Dylan Groene (9) and the murder of Dylan and for the sexual exploitation of the 2 children.

he is believed to have killed up to 7 people and has been sentenced to life in prison in several states including:

6 life sentences in Idaho for the murders of Shasta and Dylan's family in Coeur d'Alene in 2005. he abducted Shasta and Dylan after he killed their mother, Brenda Groene, her boyfriend, Mark McKenzie, and their older teenage brother, Slade Groene, in their own home.

Shasta was recovered without incident when she was recognized with Duncan at a restaurant. 

"Shasta told investigators her mother called her into the living room, from her bedroom where she had been sleeping, and she saw Duncan wearing black gloves and holding a gun. Her captor tied her mother's hands with nylon zip ties, and did the same to her mother's fiance and her brother Slade. Dylan and Shasta were removed from the house and placed inside the stolen rental car. While she waited with her brother, she heard her mother's fiance scream out and then saw her injured older brother staggering away from the entrance to the home. Duncan then bludgeoned the three to death; neither Shasta nor Dylan witnessed the murders. Both Shasta and Dylan were removed to other locations, where they were repeatedly molested for six weeks. She said that they drove a long distance and stayed in two different campsites, Duncan told her of having beaten her family members to death with a hammer. Dylan's remains were found in a remote, woodland area in Montana days after Shasta was rescued."

he brought the children across state lines after kidnapping them and murdering their family. this is why the feds had any jurisdiction in this case. Dylan was murdered across state lines after having been kidnapped. Duncan raped, tortured and terrorized them. he shot Dylan in the head and burned his body.

Shasta somehow found a way to survive, which is extraordinary. 

Anthony Michael Martinez (10) was kidnapped in front of witnesses on the street in Beaumont, Riverside CA. in April, 1997. he was found nude and bound with duct tape in Indio. Duncan was matched by a fingerprint he left on the tape. Duncan confessed and was given 2 life terms for Anthony's murder in 2011. he had hit Anthony in the head with a rock , after raping him, and left him to die in the desert.

Carmen Cubias (9), and Sammiejo White (11) were abducted from the street near the Crest Motel in Seattle , Wash. in 1996. their remains were found over a year later in Bothell. Duncan confessed to their murders while in custody for the Idaho crimes. he killed them by hitting them on their heads with a crow bar.

you see, once he was caught and caught dead to rights- with one of his victim and also a witness- he confessed because of the pleasure he received from inflicting continuous and further pain upon their families. that is the only reason he confessed- it cause others pain. he is a sadistic pedophile- if no children are available, reliving his crimes by sadistically inflicting suffering on their parents will do.

i would wager he has many more victims. he will not confess to them unless he is somehow linked to them. Duncan has an extensive record of raping children going back to at least 1978 when he, at 15, raped a 9 year old boy at gun point. he was sentenced as a juvenile and sent to a boy's ranch.

in 1980, he abducted and raped a 14 year old boy at gun point. sentenced to 20 years, he was paroled in 1994. he violated his parole in 1996, was sent back to prison, released and violated his parole again in 1997. he was released in 2000 inexplicably for "good behavior".

in 2004, he was arrested in Minnesota for "molesting" 2 boys at a playground. a businessman friend posted his bail and he promptly fled.

in 2005, he murders Brenda and Slade Groene, Mark McKenzie and abducts Shasta and Dylan.

if you ever wondered what could be even worse than a child rapist, it is a sadistic child rapist. they are the most likely to torture and then kill their victims.

see-this my special gift of a dark adapted eye. i can always find a monster who is even worse than the ones already exposed.

it really is a "gift and a curse".

fucking end him.

[these assholes usually have a female lawyer, btw.] "

looks like another furry faced dude to me. another penis on federal death row who richly deserves his punishment.

sources : https://murderpedia.org/male.D/d/duncan-joseph-edward.htm



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