less than zero

I'm in BookFace jail for pointing out that anti-Semites hate Jews. i thought that was the definition of the word but ... this NewSpeak is hard to get the hang of.

also, a certain sitting congresscreep might have fucked her brother. but i didn't say fucked i said humped and i didn't mention her by name or religion or race. so pointing out an anti-Semite , from the national pulpit of elected federal office, is endlessly uttering hate speech against Jews is, to Face Book, the real "hate speech."

just so we're clear on this- revealing the truth about media elites and their muslim pets is the real issue not '"hate".

has anyone pointed out to Marky Marky and the Robot Bunch that he's still a Jew by birth and they hate him for that ? hiding the truth about religiously grounded Jew hatred won't save him if sharia enthusiasts gain enough political control in the US.

Sir Oswald Mosley was a Nazi supporting fascist and indeed head of the British Union of Fascists. he held the same views about Jews that Representative Ilhan Omar holds- which are quite apparent from her repeated anti-Semitic tweets. (when even your fellow Democrats are demanding you cut out the Jew-hating shit, it's bad.) it can be said with some authority that the white, British Mosley was even somewhat less virulently anti-Semitic in his public pronouncements but the dude married Diana Guinness Mitford in Nazi propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels' haus. Fuhrer Adolf Hitler was one of the wedding guests.

i did say only some what less anti-Semitic. Mosley was wise enough to keep a partial lid on it while Democrats are only just now seeing that sharia enthusiast politicians have a lot less of a filter. it's because they are supremacists and their holy book describes the Jews as sub human pigs.

Mosley was also a huge man whore. at one point he was screwing one of his wives ' younger sisters and her step-mother. this is why in part he is described the way he is in Elvis Costello's song "Less Than Zero"- as in "Oswald and his sister are doing it again....". he was making it a point that Mosley being a Nazi sympathizing, Jew hating, totalitarian monster was less upsetting to the public than if he had actually fucked his own sister. that would be OUTRAGEOUS.

Sir Oswald Mosley with his krew.
Sir Oswald Mosley with his krew.

“The verses depict Oswald Mosley engaged in vices including incest and group bisexual rape, and as somehow complicit in the sale of infants. Good shock horror matter, directed at a suitable sickening target, but fairly juvenile as social criticism. When you’re tearing away the mask of an unreconstructed fascist , further accusations are redundant. The songwriter knows this, which is the point of the chorus: if the likes of Mosley can be blandly tolerated, even rehabilitated by media exposure, then public life has degraded to the point that the words you use to describe it make no difference. That is why ‘everything’ doesn’t just mean nothing to ‘Elvis Costello’, but less; the possibility of relevant social discourse has been sucked away by what he has seen. In each chorus ‘zero’ is followed by syllables that barely register as language at all. This idea, not the lurid imagery, is what makes ‘Less Than Zero’ punk rock.”

- Franklin Bruno p. 148, Elvis Costello's Armed Forces.

i will always defend the right of Israel to exist. i will always be opposed to Jew haters and other bigots being given any political power over the rest of us.

and you are not getting the chance to make a lampshade out of me.


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