My God, they shot her.

Mary Pinchot Meyer was the Greatest Generation/ Camelot It girl. Elite, from a wealthy Franco-American family that made their scads of dosh importing French wallpaper. Grey Towers in Penn., now a National Historic Site, was the family homestead. All the best schools, all the best boys- Skull and Bones, Yale, military commissions. Progressives as in Teddy Roosevelt Bull Moose Party. Her uncle was the first head of the Forestry Service and an early, prominent supporter of the idea that the environment was something that needed Conserving. Mary was head-turning beautiful, artistic, smart, liberated with a spiritual depth many were intrigued by. Her relationships with her intimates- male and female friends- were characterized by intensity and a striving for true emotional connection. Decades after her death, men in their 70s, who had dated her in their youth, had tears in their eyes describing her and their near magical time together. After all the years, they were still in love with her.

JFK, uncharacteristically as he was a long term manwhore of staggering proportions, was deeply in love with her. Toward the end of both their lives, they were involved in an affair which was also comprised of a strong ethical and intellectual pursuit which would obsesses and defines the Boomer hippy generation that followed them. They allegedly dropped acid, smoked pot, and were deeply concerned about one of Mary’s life-long obsessions- how world peace could be maintained through the auspices of government. 

Both Mary Pinchot Meyer and John F. Kennedy were assassinated.

And no one has been brought to justice in either case.

And the who, what ,why of their murders is relevant right now.

Mary was shot on what was her daily walk on the Chesapeake and Ohio canal towpath in Georgetown, her break from painting in her studio. She was killed just under a year after the murder of JFK in Texas and a few months after the whitewashing known as the Warren Commission Report was made public. Like the rest of the country, Mary was shocked and traumatized by the assassination of the sitting President but he was also a man she had known for sometime ( they first met when she was in college at Vassar) and presumably cared for. She did not believe the Warren Report. She believed that Kennedy was murdered by other than Lee Harvey Oswald because Kennedy “could not be controlled any longer.”

A black man who was stepping out on his wife for a tryst with a gal pal on the canal banks was arrested and charged, basically railroaded. There was no physical evidence linking him to the crime and he looked nothing like the star eye witness’ description of the shooter except for being black. There were no signs of any attempted sexual assault and, as she was dressed in her grubby painting togs, no signs that it was a robbery. Someone walked up to her and shot her point blank. She tried to crawl away and he shot her again, killing her. No murder weapon was ever found. They even lowered the water level and dragged the canal. Mine sweepers went over the adjoining woods. The innocent accused man was acquitted at trial. His lawyer was African- American civil rights icon Dovey Roundtree ( who believed her client was being scapegoated by the federal government- which he was. Evidence of who Mary Pinchot was was kept from her. Roundree was subject to threatening phone calls and was being followed especially when she toured the crime scene.)

Mary Pinchot Meyer was no haus frau with a hobby. She and her entire family were in fact incredibly well connected politically as well as socially. Her father was one of the co-founders of the ACLU. She had been both a reporter and an editor for newspapers. She was the former wife, divorced, of CIA operative Cord Meyer. Mary also wasn’t your typical arm candy perfect hostess CIA wife either. She had previously been heavily involved as an equal when up and coming Smart, Sensitive Young Man and war hero Cord was the mover and shaker behind quasi-One Word Order, one world government organization the United World Federalists. United World Federalists- because : the UN doesn’t have enough power to stop war! Supposedly “disillusioned” with the UWF, because : Communists!, he next joins the CIA. Although agents are forbidden to discuss their work outside the CIA, whatever Mary gleaned or was told by Cord, left her cold. She disliked the CIA and wasn’t one to hold back her opinions at those intime cocktail parties with the work colleagues.

At the time of her murder, Mary Pinchot Meyer was divorced from a bitter alcoholic, prone to rages CIA careerist , stuck in a job he hated, a job the wife who left him had loathed. She also had had the ear of the assassinated POTUS and, being a life long diarist, she had, she informed close friends, wrote about her time with JFK. Mary knew that the Warren Report was a cover-up.

One nation under the CIA with liberty and justice for no one.

Oh, and with murder.

At the time of her death, Mary’s best friend, whom she wanted to secure her most current journal , was in Tokyo. Therefore , a herd of CIA agent friends of her ex-husband descending upon her studio and home trying to find said diary. Through the years, no one involved has managed to tell the same story twice- about how the diary was found, if and when it was allegedly destroyed. She wanted the diary to be given to her children when they were older. Instead, it supposedly ended up in the hands of then head of CIA counterintelligence division James Angleton . He claims to have burned it at CIA headquarters. But, can you really ever trust a spook?

Angleton was the CIA liaison to the Warren Commission. For the “research” the CIA was capable of. Naturally.

Maintaining for his entire life, on the record, that Mary had been killed in a struggle with someone trying to sexually assault her, near his death from cancer Cord Meyer claimed in an interview with author C. Davis Heymann that “The same sons of bitches that killed John F. Kennedy.” murdered Mary.

Cord was aware of Mary’s relationship with JFK and most certainly knew it’s extent after they divorced because the CIA had her phone tapped. The CIA was well aware of Kennedy’s wandering penis and innumerable liaisons . It’s important to keep in mind that HE KNEW. He didn’t want Mary to leave him and he did not like JFK.

Cord was also a company man involved in some high profile fuckery against the citizens of the United States. Some of this fuckery is still with us. The sort of fuckery involved in trying to unseat a duly elected President. This fuckery had convinced Mary that Cord Meyer was not the idealistic young man she had married. 

But, the sort of fuckery that assassinates a sitting POTUS and an innocent woman ?

“Mercifully. She would not be alive to read the article in Ramparts magazine that would expose Cord as the director of the CIA’s notorious Operation Mockingbird, as well as head of the Agency’s secret excursion into the National Student Association. Having infiltrated more than 25 newspapers and wire agencies, Operation Mockingbird had successfully manipulated the American media to promote the CIA viewpoint. It had been designed by Dulles protege Frank Wisner in the late 1940s. Through it , the CIA bought influence at major media outlets by putting reporters on the CIA payroll, and vice versa. During the 1950s, an estimated 3,000 salaried and contract CIA employees were engaged in propaganda efforts. One of the biggest initial supporters was Philip L. Graham, publisher and owner of The Washington Post. Under Cord’s tutelage, Mockingbird became a stunning success. Whenever the CIA wanted a news story slanted in a particular direction, it got it …Secretly controlling the media had proven to be one of the CIA’s most powerful tools.” [pp. 191-2, Mary's Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace, Peter Janney.] [ NB: Mary was a friend of Philip Graham- who had a spectacular paranoid melt down wherein he started to blab state and Mockingbird secrets at public events. Dumped several times in CIA connected psych wards, he later "committed suicide", leaving the Washington Post in the control of Katherine Graham.]

JFK while President screwed around with a lot of ladies. Why was Mary Pinchot Meyer such a threat- and to whom?

Why is this all important now?

Why was one of President Donald Trump’s first acts to basically threaten to release, without redactions, all the JFK assassination files (“but [he] bowed to pressure from the C.I.A. and F.B.I. by withholding thousands of additional papers pending six more months of review.”)?

Why fake news? Why leaks from government agencies to an incurious and biased media? Why won’t certain ex-CIA directors just shut the fuck up instead of continually advocating for overthrowing a duly elected POTUS?

And what about these meddlesome Bushes, who were silent for 8 long years ?

The Ramparts article was to slowly snowball into the Church Commission, a partial airing of the CIA’s astounding fuckery and utter lack of any restraint by any law or indeed the Constitution. The agency was packed with elitist superior smart ass, mean drunks like Cord Meyer who conceived of themselves as beyond the law. Unrestrained. Immune to oversight. A weaponized secret branch of government that began increasingly targeting and spying on American citizens.

I take this time to point out the CIA is not in the Constitution.

In the aftermath of the Church Commission revelations , President Gerry Ford (who was on the Warren Commission) brought in George HW Bush to head the CIA and, apparently, to try to do some mopping up after decades of high toned elitist micromanaging- and punishing- of the American people. 

What he cleaned up I leave to your imagination.

Hint: you’ll know them by their trail of dead.

Mary Pinchot Meyer, John F. Kennedy
Mary Pinchot Meyer, John F. Kennedy

Sources: http://a.co/3k8cRdu





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