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cat u want

wildcard!!!! : miss kita
breed : singapura-" the drain cat"
occupation : feral hottie
age : she's still got game

yes, we are all in the gutter but some of us are hanging with the delectable drain cats. miss kita enjoys hunting sundry small game and then sucking the brains out of her kill. nummy. when not hunting heads, she relaxs with the peahens, sucking back the 40 ounces and tearing up the petunia beds.

ok, ok kita doesn't actually live near me- but i know she wants me . i can tell. cats find me irresitable and it's not just my apposable thumbs and deft skillz with a can opener and a litter scoop.

i haven't actually asked her mommy if i could marry kita-but too bad- kitty is in charge, damnit, and ours is to but obey.

why don't we just admit , it's all over, she's just the cat i want....