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Gospel to the Egyptians
"When Salome asked the Lord how long death should prevail, the Lord said, ' So long as women bear children; for I have come to destroy the work of the Female.' And Salome said to him: Did I therefore well in having no children?'. The Lord answered, and said: ' Eat every herb, but eat not that which hath bitterness'. When Salome asked when these things about which she questioned would be made known the lord said: When ye trample upon the garment of shame; when the Two become One, and male and female neither male nor female."

Jesus- sufi or just gay?

damiana damiana

....sooooooo tell me what you want what you really really want.........

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His 12 boyfriends are real bitches.....the only nice one is the Ho.

I agree.
Oh, btw... I went to School with good old Vanilla Ice.
He was a real cocksucker.

Of course he's gay. It explains everything.

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