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Harold Lane "Hal" David May 25, 1921 – September 1, 2012

"Hal David, who along with partner Burt Bacharach penned dozens of timeless songs for movies, television and a variety of recording artists in the 1960s and beyond, has died. He was 91.
David died of complications from a stroke Saturday morning in Los Angeles..."

one of my favorite songs-ever-by one of my favorite female vocalists who exhibits one of the most unique senses of timing of any singer. amazing power, control and restraint. dionne warwick 'eastwooding' a whole bunch of empty chairs- this clip now enters my pantheon of drag numbers that have to be performed and preserved for later generations. what's even more supreme and beyond being one of the Legendary Children? i don't know, but dionne warwick is she:

walk on by/ dionne warwick 1964

noted Doors cover band:

walk on by/ the stranglers 1978

RIP laura nyro, another great american song writer and our sistah still largely ignored and outrageously not given her due. finally inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame april 2012:


frankie goes to hollywood/ san jose?(the way) 1984

ethyl meatplow/close to you 1993

close to you/ Josefine Cronholm ( from the film MirrorMask) 2005

another phenomenal singer- her version of heard it through the grapevine owns. knight is a mormon.she currently directs a popular mormon gospel choir, saints unified voices.

gladys knight and the pips/ the look of love 1968

sandy shaw/ always something there to remind me 1965

from xena- Jay Laga'aia/always something there to remind me 1999

bomb the bass/ i say a little prayer 1988

aretha franklin/ i say a little prayer for you 1968

and one truly terrible, sexist set of hal david lyrics-subverted into scathing performance art by kd lang. i never liked kd lang much but this is genius:

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