mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

don't be a douche, win a prize

"It seemed I couldn’t get press on my album unless I was willing to play into the role that the mainstream press has assigned to gay people, which is as servants of straight ideals." - ruPaul

ok it might not work but why not-in my birthday tradition of giving a gift to someone else- get some free music? all you have to do is not be a douche bag and say you'd like this set of music. steve jobs' cultette fanboys say the itunes code is still good -it might not be or some of the songs might not be- but what the fuck!-it's free and all you have to be is not a douche.

that's it- all you have to be is not a douche bag, specifically not a gay conservative one who runs other gheys off their site because, well, i don't know why really. because they were listening to lying christian right wing straight biddies with nothing better to do than demonize and hunt the gheys and witches or something? i couldn't say, i wouldn't know.

at the bottom of this post will be a list of songs- if you'd like this set- just say so and i'll send you via email the redemption code. (no promises- it may not work. apple claims it will...)

maybe i am being harsh but it's a reflection of how i was treated. maybe it's just intermittent douche baggery caused by heavens knows of someone who really isn't a douche but impaired or misinformed or having a bad day. everyone has the right to put whatever-or remove whatever- they want on their blog. about that i have no disagreement. however, i was paying a premium to use this site, did not behave in a rude or abusive manner to anyone, and was ruthlessly censored while those who had lied about me were given free reign. i was not the only paying customer this happened to. of course, i cancelled my membership and moved on to a site run by straight christians who have never once blocked or censored anything i have submitted. imagine-gay pagan run off itsy bitsy gay conservative plantation (population: perhaps 10)while being allowed to stay with no restrictions on conservative primarily christian blog.

that's a special kind of what the fuck. gay people cannibalizing gay people at the behest of heterosexuals is so, like, auntie bruce ( the gay version of to uncle tom? i don't know- what is the catch-all gay/queer name of today? they all seem to name their gaybies and dogs 'dylan' is all i can make out).

maybe it's not a queer on queer thing after all. maybe it's gender specific a la old skool the mens hate or are indifferent toward the wimmins and the wimmins hate or are indifferent to the mens. and both sides find gender ambiguity and trans people threatening.possibility. however, since my demonization was started by self professed religious people claiming i was acting out sexually (anyone who knows me knows this is patently absurd. i generally find no one sexually appealing.), i'd say at first it was gender specific focused on stereotypes about gay males.

or maybe it's just that i am a real feminist and i shouldn't be one. and while i do not attack specific individuals about their religious views in general and certainly not on other people's websites, i refuse to suppress my opinion (when it is asked or in the proper context) that i think the oppression of women and by proxy queer people descends from patriarchal religions. i refuse to suppress my religious beliefs- being a goddess worshipping pagan- while other are free to opine endlessly about their own beliefs. i don't troll for sex on political or social websites nor will i remain silent while others say the most vicious and disgustingly prejudiced things about other humans thinking they can and should get away with being so uncivil merely because they profess to be christian- so all their sometimes hateful opinions and abusive behaviors( not to mention their rather revealing and disturbing obsession with the mechanics of gay sex) are Truth from god no one dare comment upon.

personally, i learned all about feminism and patriarchy from my uncle. i am a feminist because of my fabulous drag queen auntie - the "real" women i grew up with might as well have been stepford wives. i was pretty much raised by someone very much like rupaul, a queer uncle who taught me to revere the feminine:

" I think they are redefining what femininity is, but I still think there is a lot of negativity associated with true femininity. Do boys wear eyeliner and dress in skinny jeans now? Yes, they do. But it’s still a heavily patriarchal culture and you never see two men in Star magazine, or the Queer Eye guys at a premiere, the way you see Ellen and her girlfriend—where they are all, ‘Oh, look how cute’—without a negative connotation to it. There is a definite prejudice towards men who use femininity as part of their palate; their emotional palate, their physical palate. Is that changing? It’s changing in ways that don’t advance the cause of femininity. I’m not talking frilly-laced pink things or Hello Kitty stuff. I’m talking about goddess energy, intuition and feelings. That is still under attack, and it has gotten worse. That’s why you wouldn’t get someone covering the RuPaul album, or why they say people aren’t tuning into the Katie Couric show. Sure, they can say ‘Oh, RuPaul’s album sucks’ and ‘Katie Couric is awful’; but that’s not really true. It’s about what our culture finds important, and what’s important are things that support patriarchal power. The only feminine thing supported in this struggle is Pamela Anderson and Jessica Simpson, things that support our patriarchal culture."-ruPaul

but this all speculation about something that happened some time ago- hence the orphaned itunes music mix with no where to call home.

want it? just ask. but most importantly listen. without prejudice.

pagan love song/annette hanshaw
nothing but a heartache/the flirtations
destroy everything you touch/ladytron
black silk stockings/ krisma
lovely on the water/ steeleye span
quiet joys of brotherhood/ sandy denny (to the tune of "my lagan love")
orphée et eurydice: j'ai perdu mon eurydice/ maria callas
metal postcard(john peel session 1977)/ siouxsie and the banshees
2 von millionen von sternen/2raumwohnung
celebrity skin/hole
ding ding dong/les rita mitsouko
deceptacon/le tigre
crazy man michael/ fairport convention
sally go round the roses/ the jaynettes
tomorrow, wendy/concrete blonde
l'instant x/ mylène farmer
i walk on guilded splinters/ cher ( fucking word- cher does dr. john.)
want more, need less/curve
dance with me/ nouvelle vague
song to the siren/ this mortal coil
everybody knows/ concrete blonde
times square/marianne faithfull

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