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Update: Judith Ann Chartier. and again***update***

tomorrow is Judith Ann Chartier's birthday. she has been missing since 1982. bones have just been found near her former family residence. they have been sent for forensic testing.

Investigators are searching the area behind a home on Gorham Street in Chelmsford following a discovery that could lead to a break in a 30-year-old cold case.

The home once belonged to the family of Judith Ann Chartier, a 17-year-old that went missing in 1982."

Read more:

here is my post concerning Judy from this past july:

if these bones are Judy's that they were found so close to her home would indicate that she was most likely to have been killed by someone she knew or, even more disturbingly, by a family member. this is not unusual- it is the norm. most victims of homicide are murdered by someone they know.

or a complete fucking sadist purposely placed the remains at this location to torture and taunt her family and mislead the police.

with adult and teenage females, the most likely suspect in any unexplained disappearance and/or murder is the boyfriend , husband, or former intimate relation.

the news article above mentions a brother who "died unexpectedly"- which can be taken as a hint or not. the last person to see Judy alive, her fiance at the time, was questioned not only concerning his relationship to Judy but also about the relationship dynamics between her 5 brothers. she was her parent's only daughter. it is all too soon to tell- it would appear that the police were, however, offered a tip that led them to go looking in this specific location near her home.

someone has, perhaps, after 30 years come clean or coughed up the dirty on whomever they were protecting or scared of informing on.

fortunately, Judy's dental charts are available and her family DNA sample is in CODIS which should facilitate identification. if you know of someone who is long term missing under suspicious circumstances it is vitally important that their closest family members- their biological mother and father if possible- submit DNA samples if a sample directly from the missing person is not a possibility. these are the guidelines for submission:

kits for DNA collection are available through The University of North Texas Health Science Center , funded by the National Institute of Justice.

Judy deserves justice. Judy deserves to be found.


***Update**** August 15, 2012

CHELMSFORD -- Bones found at the home that once belonged to the family of Judith Ann Chartier do not belong to a human, a source confirmed.

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