mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

runaway slaves

the first blacks in congress were all republicans. the democrat party was historically ALWAYS the party of slavery and racism. abraham lincoln and martin luther king jr. were both republicans. it was the democrat majority south that ceded from the Union to save slavery.

all the black codes and jim crow laws were instituted, written into law by democrats. the ku klux klan was started by democrats- the kkk was a democrat vigilante group targeting blacks and white republicans. democrats are the party of lynching.

democrats fought successfully against any and all civil rights and voting laws until the 1950s when a republican president, dwight d. eisenhower under the guiding light of republican senator everett dirksen(who was behind ALL the major civil rights legislation of the 50s and 60s including the civil rights act of 1964), advocated for and signed into law the first 20th century civil rights acts. eisenhower also advocated for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment for women- long on the republican platform and NOT at the time on the democrat party platform.

it is republican ronald reagan who signed into MLK Jr day into law. republican george w. bush who appointed more african americans to high levels of leadership in his administration than any other president in american history.

democrats are the oldest political party in the united states but they did not put a black man in the US senate until 2005 (obama)( first african american democrat female-1993). by that point the republicans, starting in 1870, had placed through election not appointment 3.

here, take a test:

women and gays would do well to ask what exactly have democrats done for them lately- besides pander to them for votes while delivering zilch in terms of real laws protecting their civil rights, their rights to live the lives they choose, and enhancing not closing down their real educational and economic opportunities. that women are not even considered under democrat penned hate crimes legislation should indicate exactly what democrats really think of women. women blacks and gays are the slaves that refuse to runaway from their real oppressors- the party that is using them. that does not mean running to the republicans necessarily. why not become self aware and empowered enough to stop being hoodwinked by politicians who have done absolutely nothing to advance your constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and rights to be protected equally under the law.

you are being lied to to force your submission. put down the candy colored clown sugar water, it's time to flee jonestown while you still have the chance. the democrat plantation is still the fucking plantation. in case you haven't noticed, you are not the one living in the big house carrying the whip.

runaway, slaves. the truth really does set you free whereas your chains were forged with lies.


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