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"The production of criminal superstars is a relatively ancient preoccupation with the American public... The history of the United States is punctuated with...violent Robin Hood-style do-gooders who have surfaced during times of social strife and crisis, and who have been integrated into the social discourse as catalysts for rebellion.

The serial killer is the perfect postmodern, late capitalist, fin de siècle suburban anti-hero.He is seemingly random and irrational in his actions, but motivated by some Warholian sense of pending and self-gratifying fame for the two-times-nobody of middle America, ephemeral but measured in sound bites on the tube for five minutes. His fans are as fickle as those who dump their Hollywood heroes as soon as they prove to be too human. He caters to David Lynch's white picket fence and jello de-lite America, a thrill seeker for the lawn chair crowd."

- "The Guys Who Shoot to Thrill: Serial Killers and the American Popular Unconscious", Robert Conrath, Revue française d'études américaines, No. 60, LA CULTURE DE MASSE AUX ÉTATS-UNIS (mai 1994),p.146.

although it is not often explicitly stated ted kaczynski, the unabomber, is a serial killer. every serial bomber, every bomber, in fact, can very easily become a mass or serial or just plain murderer depending on the blasting power of his device and the number of people who succomb to their injuries after detonation.

ted kaczinsky is responsible for the deaths of three people- a number which technically qualifies him as a serial killer. in his 20 year campaign of placing and mailing bombs specifically designed to cause grievous harm, he is also responsible for injuring 23 people. the american tax payer, via the auspices of the FBI, was forced to fund one of the most costly investigations in the history of the bureau to find and stop him.

kaczynski was turned in by his own brother and sister-in-law. they are such decent people they donated their million dollar reward to the families of the victims. david kaczynski agonized over going to the feds not just because of the horrifying realization that his brother may be a serial killer but also for fear that, with ted's bizarre proclivities and obvious highly paranoid ideation, another ruby ridge could be in the offing with any confrontation with law enforcement.

unlike the brother kaczynski, however, many suffer from no such sense of responsibility and guilt over their relationships with dangerous criminals. some murderers and potential murderers, usually depending upon their perceived political leanings, are vigorously supported, if not lionized cynically and hypocritically, as champions of freedom and, more cruelly, the real victims of their felonious and malicious acts against others. enablers mirroring back the self justifications of malignant narcissists and disappearing the actual victims along with the actual crime.

welcome to the american left, the hot house incubator of all-american terrorism.

why does, why would anyone want to blow up people they don't know? ted kaczynski produced and had published- to 'explain' his bombs- a wordy, convoluted, luddite manifesto that apparently he's still hard at work on.( he has an active cult of correspondents whose identities have been sealed until 2049. and, like most incarcerated murderous narcissists, he's also involved in numerous lawsuits against the evil government that terminated his highfalutin War against the Machines and dared confiscate his writings, journals, and sundry objets from his creepy and woodsy old crazy coot pack rat shack.). some green caveman wannabes have managed to find great worth- big important humanitarian higher truths and effervescent pearls of swiney wisdom- in kaczynski's professed beliefs, really just his selfish, deluded excuses for wanting to hurt and kill other humans to get attention.

as many on the left can attest, nothing says, "i love humanity and want universal peace and plenty for all!", like blowing some poor anonymous guy's fingers off and blinding him, perhaps obliterating a leg or two. the unabomber as winsome but misunderstood and hairy Anarcho-Primitivist Miss America- all he wanted was to save humanity from itself by awakening society to our technology based nightmare apocalypse. nothing says "wake up" like a downhome, hand-crafted bomb filled with recycled/repurposed shrapnel made from the wood of ethically harvested trees.

as with most serial murderers, mass murderers, and even politically motivated assassins for "social justice" against "structural violence", the excuses may be ever changing from murder to murder, from bomb to bomb. to each murderer his own special purpose. a kaleidoscope of justifications ranging from the delusional to the sadistic and back but the real reason and motivation is always the same: the need of empathy-free narcissists obsessed with issues of control (personal or political- it matters not a bit) to impose their will upon others. the use of force or violence to achieve this dominance is the hallmark of a true and exceedingly dangerous sociopath who needs to be removed from society permanently through either life long incarceration or execution. sociopaths by definition are narcissists. they are not curable. there will never be such a thing as an empathy transplant.

although the current administration has mounted an extensive brainwashing/PR campaign positing only homegrown 'right' wingers (read: racist white crackers or, in the histrionic partisan-speak of the media, 'tea baggers') as the 'real' terrorist problem of our times, the truth is that historically, in america, the majority of politically motivated bombers have been anarchists and communists- pretty much the same side of the very same political coin. the main difference has been that the US government tends to execute perceived to be right wing bombers (for example: timothy mcveigh- who actually voted libertarian) whereas the many left wing bombers, particularly those associated with socialism/communism and radical minority and niche issue activism, tend to be "guilty as sin but free as birds" even when fully admitting involvement in serious felonies and outright murder or, as death resulting from violent political action is also known, "unavoidable collateral damage".(for example: Weatherdouche and alleged author-by his own admission- of barack obama's "dreams of my father", billy ayers and fellow Douchette, bernadine dohrn.).

the alleged right wing politically motivated bombers, like mcveigh or army of god gay bar and abortion clinic bomber eric rudolph, are more likely, if caught and convicted, to serve serious time or be executed. our man teddy k scored a life sentence probably due more to pissing off the fbi which he eluded for 20 years coupled with confusion over his actual political leanings. a loner, he was without an identifiable posse, denying him the support of fellow revolutionaries and those in the mainstream who sympathize with his supposed cause. ted was erroneously tagged as environmentalist and thus leftist in the dimwitted discourse of american politics. ted's own manifesto was critical of the left whom he characterized as "too socialized". this has not stopped sundry shades of angry, black hemp covered, hoodie wearing vegan anarchists from mistakenly seeing him as a soul bro. the government knew better: the unabomber has far more in common with the likes of mcveigh. so, kaczynski will die in prison. on average, if the feds can even be bothered to charge them, lefties tend to get paroled, some serving less than half of their sentences like [the pint sized Speedway Serial Bomber] and ray luc levasseur of the marxist organization united freedom front. both the Diminutive Speedway Bomber and levasseur remained unrepentant for their crimes upon release.

"Demon Gives Orsini Bomb to a Worker", Antoni Gaudi, Temple of the Sagrada Família-Barcelona, Spain.

the orsini bomb with its distinctive horns was the evil brain dropping of a left wing italian nationalist who lobbed 3 of them at napoleon III . from around the mid 1800's through the great depression, europe, south america and the united states suffered a plague of left wing largely anarchist bombings and political assassinations . these crimes are referred to as "propaganda of the deed"- a concept with roots in european socialist and anarchist movements of the mid to late 1800s. many of those inclined to bomb tossing to make a point were italian-born anarchists. some, like luigi galleani, a leading advocate of violent action, had been expelled from one or another european country before immigrating to america. sacco and vanzetti were both anarchists of the violent persuasion, followers of galleani. along with his criminality as protest ethos, galleani's contribution to left wing culture includes one of the first anarchist cookbooks coyly titled "Health is in you!"("La Salute è in voi!") which he dutifully updated when faulty bomb making instructions were detected.( apparently and thankfully some of the weatherdouches had an older, unedited copy... oopsy, hippies go boom!)

left wing radicals remain, like their anarchist forefathers, especially keen on killing cops, making bombs, and liberating funds (aka armed robbery) to continue their destructive machinations in the name, usually, of the workers or, more commonly in the post modern world, "the oppressed". by the late 60's, white, guilt ridden rich born communist teeny boppers like the weather underground pointedly aligned themselves with lower class black criminals and not with authentic african-american civil rights leaders. criminals after all, by definition, are not adverse to transgressing upon the rights and persons of others. the weather underground was all about propagation of the deed and in a highly racist manner thought that scary violent black criminals were the key to their successful overthrow of mummsie and daddy. violence was, like, groovy, like, killing pigs or sticking a fork in the dead body of a pregnant woman. far out.

galleanists were responsible for an extraordinary wave of bomb mailings -thought to number at least 39 devices- meant to all detonate on , of course, may day in 1919. in teaching american history, schools, controlled by unions and staffed with many a left over left wing idealist baby boomer, tend to overlook this and other waves of anarchist/communist violence. such government actions as the Palmer raids thus appear to have occurred in a vacuum, merely another egregious example of government stifling of the rights of americans and immigrants, not as an understandable, if faulty, response meant to counter a tsunami of left wing bombings and assassinations. i sometimes think the flower peeps were always talking about peace and love to hide the often violent and dictatorial leanings of their major political movements. sending historical anarchist terrorism down the memory hole severed modern day marxists and socialists from association with propaganda of the deed at least served as a platform for 60s radicals to get away with murder , transforming themselves, the victimizers, into the victims of any police agency that sought to stop and punish them. it was the template for the anti-incarceration, 'empty all the prisons' movement that is still with us.

the residue of completely justified fear of anarchism was translated, after WW2, into fear of communism- a minor manipulation of terms designating the same thing. considering the wave of destruction and death caused by left wing radicals in the early 1900s and, in hindsight, the destructive dictatorship of the likes of communist mass murderer stalin, there was every reason to want to severely limit any harm caused by those who openly advocated and willingly perpetuated violence against and murder of american citizens in the name of far left ideologies. famous, outspoken american communists who took political tourist jaunts to the USSR and cuba weren't above suppressing the truth about the depredations of the regimes they visited in savagely hypocritical PR campaigns once back home. communists are and always were kittens- cuddly worker loving, equality loving humanitarian kittens.

"You heard Galleani speak, and you were ready to shoot the first policeman you saw."- brother of mario bruda, anar-pal of sacco and vanzetti and alleged planter of the wall street bomb of 1920 that injured 143 and killed 38.

Officer Mathias J. Degan, Chicago PD, murdered by bomb thrown by unknown radical at anarchist-worker rally, Haymarket Square, May 4, 1886.

Officer Nels Hansen, Chicago PD,also murdered by unknown radical at Haymarket Square bombing.

Officer John J. Barrett, Chicago PD, also murdered by unknown radical in Haymarket Square bombing.

Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell,SFPD, murdered by the Weather Underground, Feb. 18,1970.

due to the revisionist socialist proselytizing of the flower children( who all seem to have become teachers, lecturers, or college professors) with their often vitriolic smear campaigns against anyone who dares question any communist regime or any sociopathic left wing bomb thrower, the entire long, ugly history of communist/anarchist violent activism has been disappeared. by the time the 60s rolled around on its' maryjane, herpes, and lsd laced cloud of self absorption, the bored bourgeoisie brats acted out by setting their own explosive devices and killing their own "pigs". the anarchist wave of death was all but forgotten even though a sitting american president, William McKinley Jr., was assassinated by a home grown anarchist sympathizer, a reader of such charmante et au courant revolutionary tracts as "The Blast". if only czolgosz had had a snack and then stuck a fork in mckinley it would have been "wild", man. "dig it!"

if only he had a cheering, leering chorus of modern leftists behind him, he might not have been executed. look at [a member of jody foster's army.]John_Hinckley%2C_Jr he tried to kill a republican president too and now gets extended week long passes home to see mummy. he may even be released from custody- the failed assassin of a sitting president. that is a measure of how little our society cares for the rule of law and the physical safety of every citizen, the law abiding in particular. the rampant tyrannical anarchy of narcissism has given us a nation of self-justifying scofflaws who use everything from politics to race to excuse felonious crimes against persons and property. when the rights of the law breakers supersede the rights of the innocent and the rights of the victims of crime, it is always the lower classes and politically marginalized- those disenfranchised from power usually due to economics - who suffer the most. there's a reason the jails aren't filled with wee white and liberal rich boys who set off bombs- and it's not entirely due to race.

there is not exactly a shortage of left wing serial bombers who are free as birds today. despite their horrendous crimes, which include responsibility for the maiming and in some cases killing other humans, [they do not lack for material and political support.] [some have even found ways to be profoundly, vindictively destructive by setting virtual bombs meant to harm and silence individuals, depriving their critics of their constitutional right to freedom of speech and exposing them and their families to harm through malicious pranks and constant , coordinated intimidation.] the anonymity of the internet precisely mirrors the anonymity, at first, of the unabomber. like internet bullies and thugs, bombers are above all cowards (as are most serial offenders). how exactly is ted bundy a thrillingly courageous daredevil antihero by breaking into a sorority house at night and bludgeoning women to death while they were asleep? what is achieved by blowing the leg off a random dude who picks up a forgotten gym bag or shows up at a court house to file some papers? what moral ground is attained and what political stance fortified by prank calling in a heavily armed SWAT team to a house where a law abiding family including children are sound asleep? at least the highly paranoid, unbalanced ted kaczynski had an excuse partially generated from the depths of his profound and pathological psychiatric problems. the nah nah nah nah shits and giggles à la the internetwebs are indicative of the behavior sink and lack of empathy that accompanies the complete destruction of a society. merry pranksters of the evilest sort- narcissistic sociopaths in it for the lols and admiration of other dysfunctional, rage filled two-times-no-bodies of middle america. anonymous peter pan bullies, some funded by left wing organizations with deep pockets and no ethics to speak of, who have finally found a locker room in which they are the kings not the targets of the swirlies and titty twisters. it would be merely stupid and childish if people were not getting hurt, killed, and lives weren't being destroyed.

the unabomber is "... a man of low self esteem who thrived on the notoriety he achieved. The Unabomber did not impress me as a true believer in the evils of technology... He used the issue of technology to promote his own self interests, frustrations, sense of rejection and anger. He reconstructed history to justify his behavior. He did not want people to see him as a terrorist but as one who cared for humanity. The Unabomber appeared to have cared for no one but himself...[He]engaged in jobs requiring very little of his (significant) intellect. He was more a thinker than a doer.The only things he ever completed were his bombs and they were all about him.
Ted Kaczynski ... is a walking facade. His self pity has driven him to envy. Besides his drive for recognition, Ted also found pleasure in depriving others of their talents, skills and livelihoods by sending devices that would blow off their fingers, hands, faces and destroy eye sight. Unable to achieve the successes and attention earned by real scientists and scholars, he did not want them to have the rewards either. He rejected technology because he perceived that technology had rejected him. In truth Kaczynski appears to be a man of many contradictions, frustrations, and self deceptions. Ultimately he is nothing more than other serial killers who rear their ugly heads..."
- p. 326-327,"Serial Murderers and their Victims", Eric W. Hickey, 3rd Edition, 2002, Wadsworth Group.

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