mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

"pussy, pussy, puss-puss... puss-say!"

happy birthday miss grace jones born on this day in spanish town, jamaica in 1948.

the genius rhythm section of sly and robbie. pull up to the bumper/1981:

my jamaican guy/1982

from the nipple to the bottle/1982:

i am unsure if grace herself picked her own songs but there was a largely uncanny knack for plucking out great underground, unpopular songs and making them her own at a time when disco, hi-nrg and new wave were turning away from the more counterculture musics of the 70s. it was genius to cover the pretenders/chrissie hynde, roxy music, the normal aka daniel miller, iggy pop, and even plucking out relatively obscure "walking in the rain" from flash in the pan and giving it the grace voodoo make over. and joy division.

as i go through these songs it is impressed upon me how significant they were as a backdrop to the times and my life as it was. i recall and find myself thinking of grace jones songs often particularly when a memory is triggered from my past. thank you miss grace jones for your wonderful music and your very presence- i particularly relish how you scared the shit out of so many men in the media by just being yourself.

she's lost control/1980:

walking in the rain/1981:

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