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someone left the moog out in the rain. i don't think that i can take it.
(but i want to.)

first morrissey was coming over and now this:

central square (but old 1980's central square before honkey suburbanized banal commodification . the gap. $tarfuck$.) and someone (who shall not be named) is loading all their synths and keyboards (in road cases, though) into a dumpster that's sitting on a flat bed truck.

after watching this for a bit, i go off to a dark dungeon of a kitchen where i supposedly work and make a sheet cake which i do not finish decorating. going home to sleep , i walk by a synth graveyard, where all the thrown out instruments are sitting forlornly, uncrated in the rain in an abandoned lot.

switched off bach:

the now sound of 1906:

the trautonium was invented in 1929. you can hear it in hitchcock's " the birds".

(translation click on cc):


it always just comes back to bach:

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Wait. Morrissey is WHAT?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!???!?!??!


i had a dream morrissey was coming over to my house. see here:

next, i had the synths in the rain aka macarthur park o'moogs dream.
and today we learn donna summer has died.

i scare myself sometimes. i really do.

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