mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

why does it hurt when my heart misses the beat?

i'm not even halfway through the Great Alphabetizing and already i need another 500 inner sleeves for all the dull soulless dance music missing their underthings. just how fucked up was i to loose all those inner sleeves? passed out on the floor of the booth, oh, that never ever happened.

at least everything appears to be in the right jacket which if i recall was a bit of a problem. and because i didn't opt to pour vodka over records to clean them in the heat of the segue like some other blind drunk, coked up djs, they appear in ok condition save for some cue burn here and there. vinyl quality tended to suck in the 80s-very much a problem.

at least all the 12 inch records no longer smell like cigarettes, beer, and regrets from being stored at the club."one too many nights in the dick palace', as friends long gone would have said.

this song was a favorite among the industrial butch hardasses of boy night-hopeless romantics each and every one. completely fucking ghey. stephen 'tin tin' duffy was sued by the estate of the cartoonist who created the francophone comique of the same name. duffy was an original and founding member of duran duran.

kiss me/ stephen 'tin tin'duffy, 1985:

huge hit. what a fuzzy, heart-felt romantic time it was -if one was to judge from these sorts of songs. always reminds me of the 1270 and axis. the bass line is from a roland tb 303 which would make a blazing comeback in acid house music. they were previously part of human league.

let me go!/ heaven 17, 1982:

definitely a 1270 song. miss prima nina in ekstasy.

universal radio/ nina hagen, 1985:

more music that was dance floor filler that they never play at an 80s night perhaps because the audience for 80s nights are not of the generation that produced and actually danced to the music in a club when it was released. so many of us died. no one is left to remember.

braver and more innovative than madonna could ever have dreamed of being.

new york, new york/ nina hagen ( "we are going disco!")1983:

and because i can: her cover of 'lucky number' by another of the legendary mothers of all things and creatures punque rocques et gothiques, lene lovich:

wir leben immer... noch, 1979:

and, yes, 'new toy' was a dance hit. i unreservedly love this woman. my mother loathed 'lucky number'- and i tortured her with it daily as a surly youth. lene wrote disco dolly cerrone's hit 'supernature'. thomas dolby wrote 'new toy'. a drag routine/hommage begging to be done for the 3 people that will get it.

"did i ask for your love?"
lene lovich/ new toy 1981:

ministry's rather sappy boy band-ish beginnings. cute outfits and tweeeeeeee. very twink but, then again, it was a very twink time. love the accent.

i wanted to tell her/ ministry, 1983:

one of the greatest voices of the 80's dance floor- and her laugh is still sampled. there were only a handful of people at her concert in boston a few years back which was simply criminal. alison moyet and vince clarke:

state farm/ yaz,1983:

just an exquisite love song from a time that did not produce many of them that rose above icky cloying schmaltz.

ode to boy/ yaz,1983:

big axis hit although i know them also from their connection to the traditional greek/rembetika musicians i was hanging with in the mid 90s.

hamam(swiss mix)/annabouboula, circa 1986:

previously in medium, medium:

shake the mind/c cat trance, 1986:

sporters. sigh. produced by cocktail twin robin guthrie and containing members of dead can dance and this mortal coil. classic under rated synth dance track. a personal favorite that feels very much like the end of an era.

rains on me/ heavenly bodies,1988:

more hopeless romanticism. vince clarke is a genius.

oh, l'amour/ erasure, 1986:

when we all know it ends like this:

who needs love like that/erasure,1986:

massive massive tune. 1270. inspired prince's classic 'erotic city' and still sampled. huge crossover as it made the r&b charts. but music was more fluid then with dance hits by all colors of people populating all the charts.

white horse/ laid back, 1983:

power. force. motion .drive. another 1270 song. another zzt production. one of the members was in industrial band die krupps:


propaganda had the balls to cover throbbing gristle on tv. 1984.

"why does it hurt when my heart misses the beat?"
dr.mabuse/ propaganda, 1984:

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