mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

"we went insane when we took cocaine"

and that about sums up the 80s.

allegedly diva byrne resented that the tom tom club had much more massive success with one album than the talking heads had with their entire oeuvre. snobby art school bitch. (and i should know having been a snobby art school bitch.) adrian belew played guitar. lee scratch perry was suppose to produce the album but flaked out and didn't show.

for years someone i was just about engaged to insisted on putting up an old poster of tina weymouth nude covered with mud in the bathroom- and i was never entirely certain that they even liked the tom tom club or the talking heads or for that matter tina weymouth. and i couldn't ask- questioning NPD lovers and intimates about anything such as why they do anything no matter how insignificant whatsoever is a fruitless pursuit ending in anger and tears and too prolonged and close exposure to their toxic inner workings. i lug that man ray nancy cunard picture

everywhere along with our lady of guadalupe but at least i cheerfully and willingly am able to explain their significance without having a core personality melt down.

pleasure of love/ the tom tom club 1981:

and i completely completely forgot about the tom tom club meets johnette: concrete tom toms? concrete heads? talking blonde? doesn't really matter because david byrne sued and put an end to them. art school bitch.

the 'heads/ damage i have done 1996:

do you want the truth or do you want new wave? of course, new wave.

the genius music of david harrow-our darkness and sleeper in metropolis so far ahead of it all they get lost now.

anne clark/ our darkness 12"remix 1984:

anne clark/ sleeper in metropolis 1984(this is not the original version but i like it):

resurrected in 1987 and in the 90s by twiddly type djs -the original is still the best. my cats think this song rocks the fucking diskotech. because they are podium bunnies and have their own stripper pole:

grauzone/ eisbaer 1981:

a delightful little dance song about the films of nicolas roeg( man who fell to earth, walkabout,insignificance)- although"the bottom line" was the floor filler:

big audio dynamite/E=MC2 1985. fuck, those are some nasty ass teef , mick:

waiting for new inner sleeves. still. what creature ate all of the inner sleeves from my djing vinyl?

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