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wear your love like heaven
bachelorette #6 : Her Ineffable Majesty - Mullah Persia Mohammad Persia

breed : persian

age: justified and ancient

occupation: " why , thank you- i'd be pleased to occupy both iran and iraq as Queen of the Universe and Heiress to the entire Abbasid empire"

international celebrity and benevolent tyrannt PMP requires little introduction. loving but firm mother, Avenger, Slapper of Bitches, Persia's vast sphere of influence and intrigue includes the longest continuingly operating opium den on the east coast and a flourishing white slave trade which funds her many operatives in RIP( radical islamic pussy), scattered in napper cells across the globe wherever uppity honkies are annoying Herself and require the firm paw of discipline.

whether it's blowing up creches on cambridge common or harpooning whales shamelessly in the face of greenpeace while munching dolphin hors d'oeuvres and drinking champagne, one thing is for certain- Ho's are down and Persia is up.

when i dared ask Her Serene Highness if she would marry me she said,

" marry one of the servants???????!!!!!!! oh, how you make Persia laugh!!! no wonder i keep you on as court fool...."