mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

"agony is born of desire"

there's nothing quite like the exhilaration you feel when finally locate your lost copy of minimal man's " mock honeymoon". "the hills are alive- with SATAN", you sing to the cats with a bouncy and cheery alpine von trapp trill as you dance over to the decks clutching your rare and precious bit of electronica neurotica history.

ok, i always sing "face of satan" to them but i've been looking for that particular piece of vinyl for a year and now i can play it for them. this has launched a d-day like assault on organizing my 1000's of records across every genre conceivable.

oh, the fucking humanity is what it is- which is why i have avoided tackling the project. apparently, subconsciously, i have decided that in chaos there is the magic of happenstance- until i can't find that obscure techno tune from 1992 which is haunting my head and making me postal crazy to hear it.

and like when i tried and failed to organize my books, i have to continually stop and play things i have to hear or have forgotten completely about.

"face of satan" is not on useless tube so now i guess i have no excuse not to upload it. maybe the girls will agree to appear in a small fillum to accompany this masterpiece- because cats love the bondage and disciplines and spankings.oh and satan and minimalist industrial muzicks.

largely forgotten and from the vaults:

moev( say it like the color)/ wanting 1988

the cover by martin l. gore( and yes i found that with the bpm tape strip intact) was a club hit in 1989. this is the original joe crow/ compulsion 1982:

someone finally put it up for the revolution no doubt. in solidarity from slovenia:

borghesia/ theme one 1989

charlatans uk/ the only one i know... has come to take me away. 1990 :

inspiral carpets/ commercial rain/reign 1990:

j.t. and the big family/ moments in soul 1989. i recall speeding this up a lot when i played it. i always mixed it with cry sisco!'s "afro dizzi act":

cry sisco!/ "afro dizzi act" 1988:

moments in soul is actually built on the genius of art of noise. art of noise's impact on dance music cannot be overstated nor is it so thoroughly, criminally under acknowledged as now. art of noise and members thereof particularly anne dudley were involved in frankie goes to hollywood, ABC("lexicon of love" is really more of the art of noise/ZZT with a boy singer. an astoundingly good record.), the pet shop boys, seal, the associates, marc almond, moloko, annie lennox- an endless list particularly in the arrangement of strings and orchestral elements. art of noise/anne dudley strings and horn blasts are of noise used samples- even of themselves- heavily in the early 80s- something that would of course proliferate through out dance music of all genres in the late 80s through the 90s.

art of noise/ moments in love 1983:

anne dudley and trevor horn wrote buffalo gals.

malcolm mclaren and the world's famous supreme team/ buffalo gals 1982. ("too much of that snow white..."):

this was massively ghey and popular in a fan dancer sort of way. queens used to show up with cloth strips to dance like fey color guards. and they would get particularly excited by this song. a 1270 staple:

malcolm mclaren/ madame butterfly 1984:

johnny marr never gets his props. of course we all have to love morrissey and his immense forehead but marr is an exceptional guitar player and just as important to the smiths's sound. here he is with bernard from new order and the pet shop boys. anne dudley provides the strings. not such a big song in america. it's just genius; i loved this so fucking fiercely. everyone around me was either dying (AIDS) or falling away- the exact moment when my belief in love died although at the time i refused to admit. a little bit more of the wonder of new order as their superior sounding club run was ending.

electronic/ getting away with it 1989(" i love you more than you love me"):

this is our house and our house music:

new order/ everything's gone green 1981:

these things do not alphabetize themselves...nor will cats do it. if they are good and stop trying to chew the plastic record sleeve protectors i will play this for them:


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