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nothing says easter like my life with the thrill kill kult
go go devil bunnies go go devil bunnies

and hopefully there will be paczki...

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I Saw My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult and after the show we were dancing. Out of the blue, I just announced "I wanna leave..maybe get some food" which was odd cuz usually I was the last one on the dance floor and I never ate...or better said, the drugs I took made me not very hungry often.

Anyway, so my gang said sure, let's go, shows over anyway (it's was in a club so we were just dancing to some new wave and industrial) and we leave. We go up the street, find a place, sit down and order.

About ten minutes after I decided we should all just leave (that's another thing, I'm more of a follower) we saw people running up the street back towards the club and a hubbub out the window. Long story short, we go check it out and found out a guy got knifed in a scuffle right where we had been.

I don't believe in ESP and in fact I am very ANTI anything metaphysical but I think about that whenever I listen to Thrill Kill now.....and that was also 16 years ago (don't do the math..I wasn't suppose to be there...I wasn't old enough yet, but I had my ways.....aw, the 90s.... I thinl I would have fit in better in the 20s, 60s, or 80s, but the 90s is when I turned 13, 16, 18, and 20 (just barely) so I don't get to sigh and say 'aw, the 80s' just 'aw the 90s' is the best I can do unless we are discussing my gloworm, carebear, rainbow brite or my strawberry shortcake srinkie-dinks)


Christians of the empire!!!!!!!!!

having now gone through the 00s( the zeds? what do you call that decade? millennial ?) i am starting to feel much 'aw awe and misty eyed longing about the 90s . initially i thought ugh, what a come down.

having been way too close to...hippies... vomiting up ripple, man... i can tell you the 20s and 80s had to be better.

i recall one particularly ridiculous MLTKK concert- it had to be circa ' sex on wheels' early to mid 90s. they were mixing cocktails on stage from a tiki bar thing. a goth couple kept screaming out "Christians of the empire!!!!!!" even after they played "days of wine and roses". that's all just ,in a menacing fashion:"christians of the empire!!!" then we all went out side and i got in a big brouhaha with the much loathed leader of the band sleep chamber . i kept calling him "Cheeze-wizz" instead of his made up supposedly super industrial scary swiss-ish name of Zewizz and prattled on about what a little dick he had. it was all very tourettes of me-i must have been out of my mind on drink n'drugs. he waited until i was 3 blocks down the street to scream " fuck you!" at me. we laughed so much we cried. oh yes -dear dear departed 90s i do love you. i'm so sorry i said all those bad bad things about you.

i don't much go in for that new age-y sort of voodoo but i think there's a connection to things like time, consciousness.i've had things come to pass in my life that were statistically beyond being coincidence that i have no explanation for. it is- whether one makes up all sorts of touchy feely spiritual crap about it to try and tame it's primordial chaos theory vibes . people feel if they name things they explain things and that means they have leveraged control. it's delusion. things happen that defy reason-this i know. that's about it.

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