mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

road to julie driscoll

i've been really into this song lately. no special reason.this video is all sorts of fabulous win. the fashions! that organ sound(B3)! she has on lip disappearing lipstick that's sort of fascinating me and freaking me out all at the same moment.

julie driscoll/road to cairo 1968

and this is a pretty awesome cover and of course the theme to abfab. i bet siouxsie was thinking more of this and less of the band. maybe julie has no lips after all.brian auger is tearing it up.

take drugs. every drug. pretty much one of the best donovan songs.the trippy scary girl hippie interpretive dance- grandmother of the now prototypical goth "freeing the bats" boogie-pantomime.

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