mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
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"Holy Mother, Chase Putin Out!"

it has come to the attention of the Grandmother of the House of La Persia, Persia Mohammed Persia (may her name be praised even now as she no longer has need of her earthly encumbrance!),as channelled by the acting Mother of the House of La Persia, Nixie, that it is imperative, indeed, urgent that all those truly in the forefront of the feminist and feline revolutionary vanguard be both encourage and supported.

so while the patriarchal tools of #occupiedwiththemselves were pooping on people's doorsteps,depriving working stiffs of their employment, soullessly hippie drumming,raising lice and bed bug colonies, and raping women, the brave women of pussy riot were fearlessly protesting the faux-democratic re-election of vladamir putin and the shameless support the church lathered upon this power mad narcissist who is in effect no less a dictator than stalin.

"Unlike Stalin, Putin uses these instruments of power and intimidation behind a façade of democracy. Unlike Stalin, they are used selectively against a few citizens. Those who 'mind their business' are left alone. While Stalin held power, even those who played by his rules were at risk. Modern dictators have learned that mass repressions are not necessary; selective intimidation works just as well."[What Putin Learned From Stalin, Paul R. Gregory,]

pussy riot have put feminism and gay rights in the forefront of their protest against tyranny and therefore they are the very special sisters of the House of La Persia. there was no genuine support for feminism and gay rights in #occupiedwiththemselves, as usual with the violent champagne socialists of the american left, therefore we must look outside the US for authentic feminist based protest. we are pussy riot. pussy riot must be freed.

the russian orthodox church from the pulpit discouraged their worshipers from protesting against putin and his re-seizure of power. pussy riot protested against this indisputable fact- and now the patriarchs of the church are howling for them to to be imprisoned for up to 7 years for 'blasphemy'( not for trespassing or public disturbance... or just for 'hooliganism') even though the russian constitution is supposedly secular and not beholden to the church. protesting putin and the church's complicity in his power grubbing is being made akin to a 'hate crime' against orthodox believers rather than a political protest against clerics and their collusion with the kremlin in oppressing dissenters. the extremism of which the jailers of pussy riot speak, for which pussy riot is being prosecuted, is free speech and equality for women and homosexuals, something no male daddy god church supports.

“The KGB chief, their patron saint, is escorting protesters to a detention center,” the group sang inside the cathedral. “The Patriarch believes in Putin, better believe in God.”- [Feminist punks smash taboos', Yulia Ponomareva , 15/03/2012,]

muslim leaders have chimed in calling for sharia law in secular modern russia. sharia law- stoning a woman to death for adultary, whipping her if she is raped, and dropping walls on the homos. the orthodox seem to somewhat agree with them-positing that the state has the right to jail women in a democracy for 'blasphemy'.

"According to a prominent Muslim lawyer, Dagir Khasavov, Pussy Riot are 'mentally ill' and therefore can not be tried as normal people. For the lawyer, the girls performance is 'the worst manifestation of the underground culture in a consumer and immoral society supported by those in society who demand unlimited personal freedom.' For Khasanov, 'the incident demonstrates once again the need now more than ever to establish the spiritual courts in Russia and incorporate them into the judicial system.'"-[Pussy Riot case, Muslims invoke spiritual courts, by Nina Achmatova, 03/15/2012,-Muslims-invoke-spiritual-courts-24237.html]

"Meanwhile, Pussy Riot insist that they mean no harm to anyone through their protests. 'Our main aim is to develop the feminist movement, invigorate and politicize it, and fight for gay rights,' Vozhzha said.
Pussy Riot’s ideal state is one in which the government is fully accountable to people. 'There should be no authoritarianism or power verticals, all people are intelligent enough to sort out their problems themselves,' Vozhzha said.
Another means to promote their ideas is education, she said. 'The state manipulates people through education, especially through the subject called History of Orthodoxy,' Vozhzha said. 'If there were other subjects like History of Feminism or History of Fight for Gender Equality teaching about American feminism and Russian suffragettes of the early 20th century, it would make a difference.'"-[Feminist punks smash taboos, Yulia Ponomareva.]

"Many in the anti-Putin movement are outraged by the severity of the charges and are calling for Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova's release. So too are some members of the Russian Orthodox church; a petition has been launched asking the church to call for the women's release, while an Orthodox priest took to the pages of Russia's Novaya Gazeta to defend their action, comparing them to iurodiviy, or a kind of “holy fool” noted in Russian history who says outrageous things in a religious context as a way of speaking truth to power. In their press release about the church performance, Pussy Riot noted that 'our patriarch [head of the Russian Orthodox church] is not ashamed of wearing watches worth $40,000, which is intolerable when so many families in Russia are on the edge of poverty.'”-[]

for a crime that was not violent, in which no property or persons were harmed, 3 women sit in jail, separated from their children, facing slightly less than a decade in jail if convicted of for what is in essence blasphemy. in a country that recently based vicious anti-gay laws and where fascist extremists 'sieg heil' while protesting gay pride marches.

"In November 2011 St Petersburg shocked the world. The legislative assembly approved, in its first reading, a bill which outlawed the promotion of homosexuality, transsexuality and paedophilia to minors. The passage of the bill provoked a quick reaction from local LGBT activists, who organised [sic] several protests against the initiative. It also mobilised [sic] the international community. The bill was condemned by MEPs, the US state department and thousands of people from around the world, who signed an online petition against its implementation."-[]

many of the articles translated online concerning pussy riot even when not supposedly offering up opinion but reporting, insist on calling them 'girls', silly, not real feminists- basically dismissing them as ridiculous, not serious children acting out. if this was so -and it indeed comes from the left as well as the right in russia- why are they being treated so severely for such a petty crime? if they are so nothing, so insignificant why the amount of outrage and outright hate?

it's because they really are feminists and haven't been co-opted by the male dominated left like just about the entire international feminist movement since the early 1990's. in america, a free woman vetches in front of congress, demanding someone pay for her birth control. in russia, women sit in jail for opposing the anti-democratic tyranny of putin and taking a stand against church and state for the human rights (not just reproductive rights) of women and gays. and they give a shout out to feminist saint andrea dworkin which no one in the bought and sold out west would ever do.

"Anti-feminism is also operating whenever any political group is ready to sacrifice one group of women, one faction, some women, some kinds of women, to any element of sex-class oppression: to pornography, to rape, to battery, to economic exploitation, to reproductive exploitation, to prostitution. There are women all along the male-defined political spectrum, including both extreme ends of it, ready to sacrifice some women, usually not themselves, to the brothels or the farms. The sacrifice is profoundly anti-feminist; it is also profoundly immoral..."-["Anti-feminism," Right Wing Women (1983), pp. 230-231.]

it is profoundly immoral to jail the members of pussy riot. that russia is entering a space where they can pass laws against speech and laws against persons for who they are is deeply immoral. that a church that purports to be christian is keeping women from their children for speaking out against putin-well, fascist is as fascist does.

holy mother, drive putin and the patriarchs out!


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