mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

legendary child of dance music passes: Danae Jacovidis

fuck fuck fuck

"Eminent pioneering DJ, Danae Jacovidis, unexpectedly yet peacefully passed away February 24, 2012 at 11:06am. He was 63 years old.",_who_died_at_63

i completely missed this-i'm so out of touch. because i got started djing in boston in the 80s, i, of course, knew danae. it was impossible at the time to have been in such a circumstance -djing dance music in boston- and not been influenced by him or taught by someone who learned their skills by hanging out in one of his booths and observing. he was, after all, one of the most important djs to ever come out of boston; basically he is just one of the most significant and influential DJs of dance music, period.

my uncle/auntie, one of the legendary children of drag, was a friend of his and was there in the early days of boston boston, styx/chaps and the rise of gay dj dance culture. at christmas we had a rambling night long bitch fest about the 1270, danea,jimmy stuard, styx/chaps and the beginnings of the gay disco dance clubs in boston.

but we're just old fucking jaded hags who can tell the difference between a real DJ who could mix and has phenomenal taste and a fucking human ipod set to shuffle.

one of the legendary children.

mix by Danae Jacovidis: born to be alive/patrick hernandez:


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