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pillowcase rapist Reginald Muldrew-busted !

i know, i know, you have no idea who the "Pillowcase Rapist", reginald muldrew is. and that's as it should be. his crimes were crimes against women. everyone was suppose to forget him by design.

"Nearly 17 years ago, a man broke into Rebecca's house in West Los Angeles, placed a pillowcase over her head and raped her while her 2-year-old son, who had crawled into bed with his mother, whimpered at her side...Rebecca said she became pregnant by her assailant and had an abortion.
Rebecca's husband was not home when the young mother went to bed about 12:30 a.m. on Jan. 7, 1978. 'I woke up because something jolted me awake,' she said. 'I looked in the doorway and saw a dark figure kneeling and pointing a gun.' The man told her not to move or he would shoot her.
He lurched forward, put something over her head and raped her. When he was done, he went through drawers and closets and, before leaving, told her to count to 100 before she moved.
Rebecca cooperated and went into the living room, where her husband, who had returned home during the attack, was asleep in a chair. 'He didn't believe me,' Rebecca said of her husband, from whom she is now separated. 'He couldn't accept it.'"
["Fear, Pain Return for 2 Victims of Rape", December 01,1994, Lisa O'Neill,LA Times.]

the pillowcase rapist deserves to be free and anonymous and women deserve to get raped according to the highest of moral authorities in such legal matters- the ACLU. after all, the ACLU, perpetually aswoon over the oppression of predatory sociopaths fought for years to keep recidivist, violent rapists like muldrew from ever having to register as sex offenders. ultimately,for now,they have failed. information, however, especially across state lines, concerning sex offenders can be hard to find. google spits out only 2 references to pillowcase muldrew's current incarceration, both from the arkansas sex offender registry. an inmate location search places him in custody in arkansas.

although previously acquainted with his crimes, i found muldrew by accident while researching other serial offenders released from the california penal system. reginald muldrew was sent back to prison in august of 2011 for failing to register as a sex offender, a violation of the conditions of his probation. he's due to be perhaps paroled this coming december. not many seem to have noticed or cared. it did not make the news. we are instead more focused on some big fat white asshole calling a post modern 'feminist' hacktivist a slut. men who pose a real physical threat to women- there's just no interest in that. saving women from being raped is a cause of no interest to the left or the right. even those who call themselves feminist seem to no longer care about violence against women being more concerned with bad name calling and ceding control of one's body to obamacare that is the government.

reginald muldrew is one of the worst sex offenders in california history, suspected of over 200 rapes and sexual assaults in the los angeles area alone from 1976-1978. the DA that prosecuted him was of the opinion that pillowcase muldrew "raped more women than any other sex offender in American history. 'He committed several a week, sometimes several a night.'"-[Phil Rabicow,LA deputy District Attorney quoted in "Rapist Played the System", Diana Griego Erwin, Lodi News-Sentinel-Dec.11,1995]

"Carol woke to the sound of a ringing telephone Dec. 7, 1975, and found a man standing at the edge of her bed. He grabbed the 21-year-old post office worker, who fought for her life. He took a razor and slashed her left cheek, leaving a permanent scar.
The rapist dragged Carol from her bedroom, put a pillowcase over her head and tied her hands and feet. He beat, kicked, punched and raped her. She was sodomized and forced to perform oral sex. In between the sex acts, the rapist put cigarettes out on her back.
Carol's 3-year-old twin daughters were in the room while their mother was being raped. One of the girls slept through the incident. The rapist fed her sister cereal in the kitchen while he ate Carol's food and drank her liquor, Carol said." -["Fear, Pain Return for 2 Victims of Rape"]

because muldrew committed his crimes in the golden age of free wheeling pro-serial rapist/ pro-serial killer liberal anarchy in california- when the statute of limitations for prosecuting rape was only 3 years and even convicted multiple murderers of extraordinary viciousness and profligacy could expect to be eligible for parole-his sentence barely touched on the magnitude of his crimes. but, then again, he's a serial rapist. the lax sentences for rape and the limitations upon prosecuting sex crimes reflect society's devaluation of the victims most of whom are female. in the wake of the 70's 'enlightenment' positing that violent criminals require understanding and forgiveness(even if they are not sorry or not 'reformed') not incarceration, the only ones who did less time than the most vicious of serial rapists were the most vicious, recidivistic of child rapists. oops, i mean molesters, the politically correct, sex positive, term for baby raper.

"In 1978, Muldrew was convicted in Los Angeles County of four counts of rape, two counts of oral copulation with a child, one count of assault with intent to commit rape and several counts of burglary and robbery." -["Angry Residents Fear Possible Parole of Rapist : Lancaster: State prison gets many concerned phone calls. But official says prisoner's destination is not yet set." December 01, 1994, Phil Sneiderman ,LA Times.]

in the 1994 and again in 1995, there was a great, loud shit storm concerning muldrew's release after having served a portion of his puny inadequate sentence for only 4 of his scores of rapes. as if this wasn't insult enough to his many victims, the injustice of the situation was further enflamed by the state of california being poised to release him to an area where two of the women he raped lived . real feminists and the victims, backed by their communities, spit fire and invective at the california department of corrections. more importantly, they turned the cameras and the press on the whole mess, drumming up even more citizen outrage. muldrew was effectively chased out of california or, more accurately, secreted out of the state under cloak and dagger with an armed guard provided by the tax payers. after a brief re-emergence in las vegas, muldrew evaporated into the state of indiana where, at the time, he was not required to register as a sex offender because his crimes were committed in another state.

muldrew had served only 16 years of a 25 year sentence, awarded time off for "good behavior". this despite the fact that his behavior was not good; pillowcase muldrew was anything but a model prisoner and anything but rehabilitated. he snorted when asked if he was 'reformed' as he breezed through nevada a free man."That's all up in the air," he replied. his victims rightly viewed him as arrogant, remorseless,and bound to re-offend as well as aided and abetted by the state in their continued victimization. his release and that of several other high profile, high victim count rapists in the mid 90's was an affront that did, however, much to change the sentencing guidelines and sex offender laws in the state all of which was too late for reginald muldrew's victims. changes in laws and sentencing practices are not retroactive.

serial rapists are not capable of being reformed- they're just perpetually re-released for decades to re-offend if they're caught at all. studies have found those offenders who go through treatment programs are more likely to reoffend then those simply incarcerated. sometimes they're only stopped and found out when they have started killing. a murder triggers instant DNA testing that a rape does not. rape kits still notoriously gather dust,sometimes untouched until after statutes have run out. DNA is currently uncovering the sad fact that many serial rapists who for years evaded long term incarceration evolved into serial killers. many burglars with lengthy records often not containing sex offense convictions are being linked to serial rapes. ted bundy started his criminal career as house burglar and peeper. the east area rapist/original night stalker was a frighteningly proficient house burglar who stalked his victims , entering their homes, stealing items, and setting the stage for his future attacks. burglary is one of those crimes like sex offenses that has a very high recidivism rate.

muldrew failed the psychological testing he needed to pass as a condition of release. he refused to participate in treatment. he was found to have a shiv, was disobedient, and involved in fighting in prison. his bad behavior necessitated him being held in an ultra secure unit. although he lost 'good behavior days' for these serious infractions, he got them all back merely because he asked for them back. as a result, he was released far sooner than he should have been although still too soon for the women he had victimized.

the concept of whittling down the court imposed sentences of violent criminals for "good behavior" is one of the many curious absurdities of american jurisprudence. this in no manner lessens the damage and impact of criminal actions in the past but serves merely to indulge the many who object to the very concept that people are not incarcerated in order to be reformed (and therefore allowed ample time to explore their inner child through bad poetry and art) but to pay for their crimes by forfeiting their freedoms. interfering in the freedoms of others- by perhaps raping and/or murdering them- demands this forfeiture. being punished for violent criminal activity is somehow unjust. the only reason the court system exists is to serve justice for and protect the defendant not the victim and not the society that is entrusted with protecting its citizenry from predation and harm. pretending he's been good because he demands to be deemed good is not rehabilitation nor is it justice.

the whole reason for the rule of law as it applies to criminal legal proceedings is not to keep criminals running free or to manufacture better citizens or to redress social ills such as racism. the rule of law exists to keep people free and able to enjoy their freedoms safe from the transgressions of others. seriously destructive actions must elicit serious consequences not be indulged and nullified with play acting therapy sessions ,PEN awards, flowery quasi-political odes to the power of self esteem, and social justice revenge schemes. it's not alright to rape and kill people. period.
good behavior would in a sane, just world consist of taking responsibility for one's actions, making restitution to those one has harmed and then, after having been released, not re-offending. but, of course, i also foolishly, irrationally think that anyone who has raped 200 women let alone burglarized the homes of over 150 tax paying, law abiding american citizens should never see the outside of a prison cell. the majority of muldrew's victims were not caucasian. not protecting women from him can therefore be construed as racist. why should a man who has harmed so many women of color be set free to re-offend?

i am resigned to the fact that justice does not exist in this world. the least we can do as moral beings is to stop those who continually victimize other humans by removing them from society permanently , ending the continual indulgence of serial predators perpetuated by refusing to seriously punish their hideous crimes with serious non-negotiable, non-reducible sentences. being put in jail for life with no parole effectively ends a serial rapist's career of evil at the first rape conviction. 199 innocent women, who are worth more to our society than one serial rapist, are instantly not victimized.

in 1994/95 it was rather easy to have overlooked muldrew and the outlandishly minimal time he served for his outlandish rape spree. the entire country was subsumed in the 24 hour OJ simpson drama rama and it's toxic wave of insane race baiting and thoroughly misogynistic negating of victims. the very nature of the whole rich and famous wife killer fiasco was to negate a crime against a woman, specifically the property of one man, by transforming her brutal murderer and abuser into the victim of a racist society. dead woman effectively disappeared along with dead white male-mere figments but still representative of a racist society now exposed, vilified and got back at. two human beings are brutally butchered and a rich sociopathic malignant narcissist gets to walk. clearly a great advance in civil rights and race relations that has made us a better society.

curiously, a black victim of muldrew was removed from the jury that was to hear the civil case against simpson brought by the families of nicole brown and ronald goldman. she was removed by the plaintiffs, understandably shellshocked and schooled in just how biased the public was in the aftermath of the criminal trial/circus. such was the poisonous after effect of a racialist jury, court and audience in thrall to celebrity and the damaged mythologizing of repugnant race hustlers. absent was any meaningful dialogue about domestic violence which has absolutely nothing to do with race. absent was any dialogue about how most interpersonal violent crime is intraracial. LA has so much to answer for- like the entire early 90s perverted and tragic social justice follies that proceeded forth from rodney king's arrest.

reginald muldrew, a black man, targeted primarily black and hispanic women. no one gave a fuck in general except the victims and the decent people who rallied around them. (i've always been curious -if nicole simpson had been an african-american woman, how would it all have played out? what if OJ had been a white husband butchering his black wife?). if muldrew had been white, his ridiculous sentence and foot loose , fancy free release would have been exactly the same. this can be proven. another prolific serial rapist of over 100 women, melvin carter, the "college terrace rapist",who is white, was given at roughly the same time a similarly laughable sentence. carter was released having served half his time the same year as muldrew. a monastery in NY gave him cover and the anonymity to be able to slip back into a community packed full of his very favorite victims , college age females.( carter had a lengthy history of attacks on co-eds in other states predating his rapes in california.) at the time an ACLU class action lawsuit had kept carter off the sex registry list in new york. when a security officer found carter wandering suspiciously around the SUNY Geneseo campus ,a reporter was tipped off and publicized who carter was and that he had been living next to a school campus for a decade.

carter is now required by law to register as a sex offender for his entire life. he is listed as still being in new york state although no longer near a campus full of co-eds.

muldrew popped up again in 1996 in gary, indiana when a group of teens beat the fuck out of him as he ran from a woman's home with her stolen purse. as muldrew was not required to register as a sex offender, it is doubtful that they knew exactly who he was and they were never charged. they put him in a coma. he would recover and be charged with 6 felonies all eerily similar to the crimes he committed as the pillowcase rapist and as a serial burglar. the victims picked him out of a line up. the juries, never told of his past, acquitted him of all charges in 1997.

"And a third woman, raped two decades ago by 'Pillowcase Rapist' Reginald Muldrew, couldn't help but smile at the news that Friday he lay in a coma after being beaten by angry vigilantes...
Several of his victims, women who had tried to keep him in prison for life, gathered to air their relief and frustration...
Another woman, who was raped by Muldrew in her home and left tied up with a phone cord, said she knew Muldrew would return to crime...
'When he got out (of prison) he was arrogant,' she said. 'I could tell that he had not learned anything and if they hadn't caught him he would have kept on.'
The third woman said she is heartened by Muldrew's arrest - and his condition.
'I've been in a coma probably for 20 years, you know,' she said, 'a walking coma.'"

muldrew disappeared again, resurfacing in arkansas in 1998 where he was finally required to register as a level 3 sex offender. apparently muldrew registered, and, at some point circa 2008 moved and failed to re-register in his new community. he was arrested in october, 2010 and tossed in the slammer. he was released from jail in february, 2011. digging through court documents shows that after this re-incarceration he has once again flounced on what the law requires of him. by march of 2011 a warrant was issued for his arrest for again failing to register. he was returned to jail where he now sits, largely forgotten, a clearly unreformed poor old rapist, the victim of a cruel society that dares to want to keep women and children safe from being harmed by him. why, it's as if society as a whole sanctions sex crimes and supports the criminal's right to offend repeatedly without serious repercussions.
[ ]

what a pathetic and repulsive man. what a pathetic system that churns malignant predators like him out, continuously puking them back into society, into vast pools of victims some try diligently to keep unaware of the dangers in their midst.dear arkansas- your special christmas gift for this year might be a freed pillowcase muldrew. be sure to send a thank you note to california and gov. jerry brown who has set himself happily to the task of emptying out his prisons.

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