mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

must be the season of the witch

sometimes, if you look real close- if you can as she moves so fast- in old taped performances of tina and ike turner and the incomparable ikettes, you can see bruises on tina's arms. at first, she's so captivating, if you happen to catch this, you almost don't believe it. then you consider her unbelievable projection of passionate, violent emotion with the nazi- like ike watching, glowering at her from the corner of the stage and you wonder how you could have been so stupid not to know- not to get it.

once, some naive probably very young but earnest person said , " billie holiday is like a good luck charm" and all i could think to say was that, clearly, you don't 'get' a voice like that from anything resembling good fucking luck . understanding billie holiday only in terms of how much you personally enjoy her music misses the point - the very reason her art is transcendent- billie ' got' pain and could thrust it convincingly, graphically out there at you. how many artists make you feel and not just make you consume product? if all you can feel is good luck you really should just stick to listening to justin timberfake and any ex- mouseketeer teen titty flitter that gets rammed down the music industry pike.

this makes me think of pearl- janis joplin. admittedly, it's a little hard to get over the sometimes doodling hippies jamming behind her, but she opens her mouth and you can easily forget the summer of love groovy feedback. some likewise young know- it- all bike messenger had this to say about janis- "she was an idiot." i turned to the ex hustler, 60's hard luck 'child' i was with at the time -our mouths agape. " uh, who told you that- eddy veder?" -after which she trudged away smirking in her ripped army pants shorts and fucked up hair to listen to oasis while peddling worthless packets of worthless words to shirts in an office somewhere screwing people- all in the boom boom 90s.

i assume she thought janis stupid because she had OD but i'd venture to bet that certain marginally talented members of oasis have done more heroin than janis had the time or money to shoot.

janis and tina and billie came up when it was unquestionably still the man's man's man's world the jesus christ people and the allah people and the yahweh people want to keep eternally, unquestioningly. janis grew up feeling ugly- being mocked incessantly for being bright and poetic and female in texas. did billie have a fucking chance and a half? [read this: under 'her life'- elisabeth hardwicks' article] . tina escaped and told and eventually fled america. we say they suffered from ' inferiority complexes' as if the ' condition' had nothing to do with their socialization to be female .

the passion of the christ-drama queen. power. corruption. and lies. what is the christ and why and what does his mythic death represent? a rip off. the new cardinal of Boston Archdiocese of Hot Little Boys has refused to wash the feet of females this holy thursday past even though his predecessor, cardinal law( snort- law...) , did because ' all the apostles were male'.

well, really, mary, that depends on which testament you read- i assume you've read them all being a priest- in aramaic?- extra points! (it's always important to read bold- faced lies, smear jobs, in their allegedly original language to make them appear more truthful and theologically sound). in the testament of john, mary magdalen is the ' most important apostle' from the lips of christ himself . tomorrow as you preen over the easter lilies on your altar of deception, think for a moment to whom he first appeared ,resurrected, while the male apostles hid like a bunch of scared little girls at a sleep over.

who were the marys- the three marys ? should we consider that it was just that all jewish females were named miriam?

miriamne was the semetic mother God- the queen of heaven. why three- as in the need for the roman cathlolics to have a triple -fold god and sneak in a triple- fold miriam? they creeped in the Virgin, the Whore and the other mary ( the Chrone?- ugh best not handle that hot commodity- just burn her at the stake) that is allegedly mary magdalens' sister . who names all their daughters miriam? there are further so many marys in all the testaments combined there's no concensus as to who they all may be- to the male writers of the accepted gospels-" hey all women look alike to us might as well all have the same name". probably because they were gay...

there's no proof that the testaments were written by the names attached to them. not one contemporary of ' jesus' mentions him in writing. none of the gospels were written in his alleged life time. his name is from the old testament-'Ieu ' and means 'only begotten son' who is sacraficed every year to attone for all of the nations sins- the semetic people regularly sacraficed. the king sacraficed at spring, the green man is a common motif in nearly all ' pagan' religions around the world. the christ bares a startling resemblence to mithra, attis ,adonis, osiris- you name a god ,the christians copped it for their purposes. in spring, the disposable male ' god' dies. so who made him?

or more, importantly, who was he really trying to become ?- in this the epicenter of the male inferiority complex that creates the billies and janises- then lets loose the ikes, and the child raping/ woman hating churches and the heroin. that turns the priestesses out of the temple and tries to shove god off her throne in the most transparent, unsubstantiated , genocidal manner- and in aramaic- the language of champions. some cardinals are going to be sucking cocks in hell, wishing they had washed more female feet in on earth.

the New Year for many peoples began in the spring. april 'fools' day originated when smart asses mocked the move of the new year to january. the date of the church's easter falls on the pagan lunar celebration of the sacred month of eostre- astarte. the bunny is an ancient goddess symbol- boudicca's flag in battle had upon it the hare. cultures far away from europe- in mesoamerica- use the hare in the moon being held by a goddess. always self -centered due to feelings of worthlessness and envy in the church constructed( from tatters of paganism and an old testament stolen from the same said pagans) passion , the christ seeks to assume the role of astarte- vis a vis her creations- rather than just being one of her creations sacraficed to her. we die. the crops die. yet each spring we remember we are born due to Her will and Her fecundity. the green man is disposable-he's reborn castrated( to appear more like Her and thus transcend his obvious limitations) after being crucified on a pine tree due to her Will and there are a million more where he came from.

astarte is life. denying where life comes from because of a few thousand years of money and boy hungry prigs who think the natural functions of human passion are wrong and evil and promote celebacy as a way to god merely underlines what's really being perpetuated- the path to eternal death and seperation from Mother. the eradication of the meaning of the three marys and their green man in the cave of the goddess has been projected onto females and the effeminate as a whole- negating their worth , trying to make them believe they are less than males in the eyes of ' god'. in obscuring her name and stealing her ' myths' and repudiating her apostles and priestesses, does cardinal buggery et al really think they can destroy her? they can't even stop their own adherents from worshipping the mother in the form of mary.

the passion of attis was celebrated on april 25th before anyone wrote anything about a jew renamed 'jesus'( persian word that means 'son of man'). attis was the son of a virgin goddess. parthenogenesis- there is no father. sound familiar? he is slain , his followers eat his body symbolically as bread. he is reborn castrated and is called the Light. his birthday is december 25th. carnival happens not before his passion but after he is reborn on the 3rd day. in disguise, people dance in the street and fuck with abandon. why do you think going in drag is a central point of mardi gras celebrations?

mad max- why not make a film of the Real Truth- your S/M fantasy in context of your entire- err, oeuvre- is just making your own personal need to hang from the cross, tromp on jews( read it- the new testament ,especially that of jew hater, woman hater paul, is hysterically antisemetic. you can't be based on something inherently antisemetic and not be antisemetic.) and piss on women tediously apparent. any fucking excuse for closet homos to put on leather and have the shit beat out of them. mel has vagina envy denial- only being able to give birth to death has made him and his ilk oh so bitter and vengeful.

the real god never dies and we are all her sons. hang the cross with apples and eggs and open the fruit- the blood of the womb you rolled from bloody and free to tell your lies, perverting the truth and dragging in awfully bad luck.

mummers the word. climb in the cage wickerman- your time is up . the Fool leads you through the village at the end of his stick.

"j'ai baise ta bouche` iokanaan...". you do not choose , you are chosen. a kiss on the lips and you are dead.

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