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the trouble with me

i don't even like chicken nuggets. in fact, i am not entirely sure i have ever eaten one. when i was a kid they don't seem to have been around and when they did became a popular food to stuff into small children i was a vegetarian.

even so,i find myself dreaming of a big chicken mcnugget plant-mass producing chicken blocks and a flat version of chicken cordon bleu- all in a downtown location i worked in for 12 years-and tend to dream about a lot.

and those fucking dj of doom dreams- they will not stop. only this time the whole dance floor disaster involved someone i knew back in the day who is now a very, very popular and famous musician much beloved by the npr emos and baby boomers. the same person who, when i was djing, constantly asked me to play the toilet flushing sample in 'last night a dj saved my life' by indeep. children are like that-anything involving a bathroom is endlessly fascinating. and thus the absurd ironies,obsessions and permanent immaturity of emo was born.

and serial murder- it would not be my subconscious without obsessive forays into multiple murder. in the spirit of not entirely full disclosure, i was a classmate of mary lou arruda ( ) the victim in an infamous case of a serial child predator whose convictions and appeals comprise one of the most expensive and longest running criminal cases in not just Massachusetts but in United States history. (there are too many rulings and appeals to cite. google "Commonwealth vs. Kater". for the murder of my classmate- left alive, dying, tied to a tree- kater was not definitively and permanently confined behind bars until i was in my 40s in 2007 when the supreme court rejected his last appeal. mary lou was kidnapped and murdered in 1978 and kater was convicted for the first time in 1979.)

further, a friend of mine, whom i decline to identify, was raped and stabbed to death in her own home in the late 80s by , to my knowledge, a still uncaught/unidentified serial predator.serial murder (but not, it needs to be stressed, serial rape)compared to non-stranger murders is rare. that i know 2 victims of 2 different serial killers in 2 different states is quite a coincidence.a coincidence that has led to dreams such as this ever since.

so amid the wheels of failing steel and the breaded chicken bits there was this: florida. massachusetts. linda. trucks. randall.

from wikipedia:
James Michael Randall (born August 28, 1954) is an American criminal whose convictions include multiple rapes, a kidnapping, and the murder of two women in the Tampa Bay Area in Florida in the 1990s.
Randall was a chief suspect in the 1984 death of Boston resident Holly Jean Cote, whose death by strangulation was never solved. Cote was a friend of Randall's then-wife, Linda Randall. Cote was last seen alive in the Gardner area of Massachusetts on March 4, 1984. Her body was found in early May in a marsh near Birch Hill Dam at Royalston. His suspected involvement in Cote's death is based on statements Randall made to his then-wife and to mental health workers during interactions he had with psychiatric services in late 1984, and on the fact that Cote's body was recovered in a fishing area Randall was known to frequent. Randall was never charged with an offense relating to Cote's death but evidence relating to the investigation was raised in the subsequent Evans/Pugh murder trial.
In the late 1980s a Massachusetts court convicted James Randall of an incident of sexual battery of Linda Randall, which occurred on 18 July 1986. Later the same year James was convicted of two counts of sexual battery and one count of kidnapping, also relating to Linda Randall. He was sentenced to five to seven years imprisonment for these offenses Randall moved to Florida...
On October 20, 1995, Wendy Evans, a Florida prostitute, was killed by strangulation; ...On January 18, 1996, Cynthia Pugh, another Florida prostitute, was also killed by strangulation, her body being discovered on January 19, 1996.
In April 1997 Randall was convicted by a Florida jury of first-degree murder in the strangulation deaths of both women.
Randall appealed the murder convictions; his appeal was heard by the Supreme Court of Florida in 2000. The court upheld the appeals and found that Randall had most likely choked Evans and Pugh for pleasure, not to kill them. Accordingly, the conviction for first-degree murder was replaced with a conviction for second-degree murder in relation to both deaths, and his death sentences were changed to sentences of life imprisonment.
Randall has been the target of allegations that he was involved in other deaths in Massachusetts and Florida.
The St Petersburg Times reports that when the imprisoned Randall was informed by detectives he would be charged with the murders of Cynthia Pugh and Wendy Evans, he replied, "Is that all?"'

so, if i understand properly, as long as one is doing it for pleasure and not specifically to kill, one can snuff the life out of as many women as one would like and it is never first degree murder? in many states multiple murder is, after all,considered a special circumstance that would require the death penalty. but, again, these are dead females,often dead whores, so it never quite adds up to the killing of a whole, real, valuable person under the law. 50 dead prostitutes isn't multiple murder-it's a bunch of accidents that inadvertently left behind a few worthless, less than completely human dead objects. and it's not first degree murder because the real proof of intent -i.e. scads of dead hookers or addicts or at-risk women or teen age girls killed and dumped in the same manner by the same perpetrator- is only determined by the accused himself. so, if the serial killer says he wasn't strangling his victims to kill them but to achieve orgasm, it's not quite as serious as first degree murder?

what a fucked up and dangerous precedent. it just proves my contention- the female is loathed so much and required to be controlled into her place so viciously that the rule of law will refuse to protect her and absolutely refuse to adequately punish those who rape and kill her-even serial offenders, a major portion of whom are known to be motivated by lust and a major portion of whom strangle their victims at some point during the commission of their crimes. letting a man face a lesser sentence just because asphyxiating women got him hard despite -oopsy- leaving several dead things he really did not mean to kill behind-on his word alone is a complete and thorough negation of the victims, of women and their right to be protected by our rule of law. it says women's lives are worth nothing compared to the sexual pleasures of males, even criminal males. after all, dead women are sort of an occupational hazard for lust murderers-largely forgotten artifacts in the sad, sad story of his tragic, tragic mommy never loved me/daddy hit me lives.

by not punishing those who persist in committing serial crimes aimed solely at women, including both rape and sexualized murder,is to allow women as a class to be left largely unprotected from the predations of criminal males. at the same time all females remain under the omnipresent threat of predation from what are in effect gender terrorists. this is oppression by any other name. it needs to be stressed at this point that genetic females are not protected by any so called 'hate crimes' legislation in any state. not only is killing females because they are female not a serious crime especially if the perpetrator claims he only meant to enjoy a little erotic asphyxiation, it's not even a hate crime. hey, it involves sex so maybe it's really a love crime. that explains ,minimizes, and forgives everything.

if society refuses to restrain and punish serial offenders, it tells women crimes against their persons, their bodies, against them because they are women are not so very serious and of no major concern to our culture and system of justice. even crimes against children- the most vulnerable among us whom we claim to care oh so much about protecting- including incest,child abuse, sexual abuse, rape (which we further lessen the impact of by referring to , when done to minors, as 'molestation'), and lust murder garners minimal jail sentences-if any incarceration at all. the jackets of those who violate children are often quite lengthy , filled with lots of hospital stays and program participations and decades long arrest records for sundry sex crimes - all of which are pled down to minor offenses if brought to court at all. most rape cases involving adult females, if ever brought to court, are also often pled down to more minor offenses which can leave the most violent, most prolific of multiple offenders with records curiously bereft of serious charges requiring serious prison time.they can, therefore, continue to be free to rape more women as serial 'molesters' are allowed, through revolving court and hospital doors , to repeatedly prey upon children. possession of kiddie porn today garners longer jail sentences and more convictions than the actual rape of real live children. likewise the controversial subject of abortion appears to attract more attention and concern from certain quarters than the murder of children already in this world and murdered many years after their birth dates.

it needs to be pointed out that the majority of victims of the purposely ambiguous 'child molesters' are not male children but female children who are targeted by adult males. focusing on male victims/male offenders allows a complicit society to smear homosexual men as being somehow responsible for the bulk of child molestations so the real perpetrators- the majority of whom are heterosexual male family members and family friends- are shielded and the real majority of victims- females raped by males- can be ignored. it is, however, the sad fact that the majority of 'sexually assaulted' and even murdered children are assaulted and killed not by stranger/kidnappers but by their own damn parents and guardians( if one looks at statistics on crimes against children and conviction rates and prison terms for such crimes,it would appear that our society does not give one fuck about the welfare of children. we are outrageously indulgent and forgiving of those who victimize them. could it be that those who primarily victimize children are their parents and our society allows them to do with their child possessions as they will?

judges can still be quite easily found who callously interject deranged misogynist and frankly perverted and pedophiliac personal opinions during rape trials, even those involving very young children- such as stating in open court that certain 8 year old little girls are 'sexy' or 'not exactly angels' and that that, understandably, invites natural, uncontrollable adult male lusts. ( or, then, there's an entire community standing behind 28 mostly adult males who gang raped an 11 year old girl and video taped it . it would seem those who hold the keys to our justice system, ensconced on their benches,rarely removed, pretty much precisely reflect a community that unashamedly posits child gang rapers as the real victims whose lives have been ruined by a loose 11 year old , because she was the real cause of her own rape. they were helpless to not gang rape her because she was asking for it. one even claims he participated in the rape because he was called gay by the other males-practically gay bashed into raping and sodomizing a child.the court accepted this excuse and minimized his responsibility for child rape. and when you've been gay shamed into rape by other males, one doesn't have to register as a sex offender. much was made about the whereabouts of the girl's parents while she was being violated but nothing much said about the parents who raised boys capable of gang raping a child.

victim blaming is "one of the most sinister features of the Fascist character". rapists and serial murderers are above all power mad fascists,fucking gender nazis. our justice system enables them shamelessly, repeatedly, despite mounds of dead,raped corpses, despite untold numbers of children and adults whose lives are marred, often ruined, by rapists.i was floored when i reached a certain age and it dawned on me that every female with whom i was close had been raped. not one of them ever saw their rapist face any justice whatsoever.

society as a whole-represented by the encoding and application of our rule of law- is suppose to determine what is and is not a serious crime-not the actual killers, criminals and their cheerleaders who make scads of money off of criminal defense. if women were worth more to our society, we wouldn't allow them to be repeatedly raped, killed in great heaps. we would demand their rapists and killers be sufficiently punished for their crimes not indulged by psychiatrists and liberal anti-incarceration blow holes. oh, yeah, and activist judges who don't like the death penalty because it's somehow crueler than raping, sodomizing and strangling several women to death then leaving their nude bodies in trash bins or drainage ditches . or cutting a woman up into pieces starting while she's still alive or maybe setting her on fire while see's still breathing- yeah, that's not as cruel as a drug overdose after a big meal with the ability to have your loved ones know what happened to you. certainly it's not as cruel as the state putting someone in jail for longer than a nanosecond for committing crimes against persons , negligible non persons who die when you strangle them, and slutty children who are "not exactly angels".

so, if someone rapes a woman not because he wants to specifically commit the crime of rape but because he can only be aroused by forcing himself on another person, his intent and psychological and sexual needs therefore lessen the seriousness and impact of his crime- therefore requiring a lesser punishment? ridiculous you say- because we'd rather split hairs over intent and the difference between 1st and 2nd degree murder,between the death penalty/life without parole and arbitrary indeterminate sentence with parole. but right now lawyers are working in wolf packs with psychologists to get those who killed and raped using torture and BDSM legally recognized as suffering from an incapacitating mental illness they are helpless to resist- and to get rape and torture stricken from the special circumstances that would allow a prosecutor to pursue the death penalty in a first degree murder case. because using women(and male and female children and sometimes young males) sexually as well as killing them just lessens the seriousness of the murder;it would never, ever make a murder worse. it's as if there's a legally viable and sanctioned notion that women are here to use sexually so if they're being put to their purpose- no real harm,or at least no greater harm done. it's the bitch's fault she went and insisted on dying in the middle of a mind blowing fuck. how inconsiderate of a rape/torture killer's psychological and physical needs.

it is no wonder why it is so hard to get a rape conviction in this country -even when the victim is dead, it is, of course, His word over Hers. the corpse presupposes no crime no matter how mutilated, no matter the cause of death, no matter the DNA it may be covered in. even if she lives, his word is all that is taken into serious, legal consideration. even with definitive DNA, there's always a reasonable doubt-usually a negligible frivolous technicality- some monster loving, woman hating lawyer can wiggle around so his poor put upon client can get away with truly evil crimes. the victim somehow never died in a cruel and unusual illegal manner. even her dead body isn't quite what it seems. if metaphorically, in court, the victim is disappeared- where's the crime?

it should be no surprise that in particularly brutal ,gory, violent murders, defense attorneys struggle valiantly to throw out actual evidence of the crime in question- such as photos of the crime scene and body- because it's unfairly prejudicial to their client.physical evidence has that curious effect, doesn't it- by proving a crime actually occurred and was actually quite horrific. because any physical proof of guilt is so unfair and might 'prejudice' a jury into convicting. there is currently a push to limit DNA testing across the board for those arrested and even in some cases already convicted of crimes. because DNA proof is so so prejudicial to rapists that it is constitutionally a violation of their right to uh rape.

my current favorite informed commentary upon DNA evidence and its use in criminal trials comes from a convicted serial killer. he just "doesn't believe in any of that DNA stuff" that definitively links him to a trail of murdered female bodies. because DNA sequencing is voodoo magic pixie dust with no basis in science.oh and it's unfair. next it will be cruel and unusual evidence meant only to inflict emotional pain on the accused. perhaps randall should consider suing the families of the women he accidentally killed-because their willful deaths were the real cause of his unfair trial and torturous incarceration. one asshole on death row in california for the rape and torture killings of two young boys, backed by DNA evidence, claims that his "rights were violated because police did not connect him to the murders years before they did." so the conviction must be overturned. larry singleton, who kidnapped and raped a girl ,cut off her arms and left her to die, served less than 8 years for his crimes. he turned around and tried to sue the victim because he was convicted and jailed for victimizing her.apparently she kidnapped him. only in fucking california.singleton was later plopped on death row in florida for murdering a woman.

why doesn't the rape and murder of women and children matter? that's the nightmare that has both kept me awake and plagued my sleep for nearly 30 years.

i really did not know of this randall piece of filth until the mcnugget/dj dream dredged up some seemingly random names and locations.i'm not surprised by it-poke around enough and there are thousands of randalls out there likewise allowed to roam about preying on women with often no serious consequences during decades of destructive criminal activity. lots of dead moms, sisters, daughters, wives, girl friends, aunts. disappeared. accidentally gone missing from life.

if randall had been brought to trial for the murder of Holly Jean Cote maybe those accidentally dead prostitutes he slaughtered would be alive today. he skipped out of probation after serving his puny sentences for rape in MA- no one bothered to do anything about it but, then again, the state of MA doesn't have a sterling record of seriously pursuing rapists or actually convicting any men let alone the right one for the serial murder of women. martha coakley prefers going after evil corporations and banks and faux satanists ( ) - actual baby rapers( ) and woman killers, not so much.

rape just isn't considered a crime at all, not really, even though an active serial rapist can victimize sometimes 100 women. even though a significant portion of serial rapists escalate into killers as do serial child rapers. both quickly realize there's no witness like a no living witness. although there is no statute of limitations on first degree murder, there is a limit in most states on prosecution for rape. it used to be a remarkable 3 years in california, one of the serial killer/ serial rapist free-for-all wonderlands: the disneyland for serial crimes with more serial rapists and multiple killers on death row and in prisons than just about any other state.

3 years?

one of the most prolific and downright fucking evil serial rapists in california history, the east area rapist/ the original night stalker aka as EAR-ONS, cannot be prosecuted for his wave a sadistic home invasions and prolonged brutal rapes- even though we have his DNA, a complete profile. he committed his crimes in the 70s when the statute was limited to 3 years. his DNA profile was matched in 2001 to 10 murders in the 80s. these are the only crimes he can be charged with in the unlikely event that he is ever apprehended. perhaps that he also killed real male humans in this multiple murder spree-he had a penchant for committing his crimes in the presence of the male partners of his female target victims-would ensure he'd get a substantial punishment.

in massachusetts, the limitation on the prosecution for rape is 15 years with no DNA exception. in california, it is now not limited for 'aggravated rape' but 6 years for 'non-aggravated' rape with a DNA exception that allows for up to 10 years to prosecute. why is rape such an unimportant, trivial crime that can be swept away after a few years? could it be because of the gender of the victim vis-a-vis the perpetrator? as long as he can hold out, evading detection for the proscribed amount of time, the rapist can go scot free even if he marches up to his victim's door and in front of an audience screams his confession in her face. it is an absolute devaluation of the victim and the negating of the crime against her. it's open season for raping women and our laws, courts, and judges ensure the optimum cover for the criminal to avoid justice and for the victims and other women to be forced to live in a society that appears to promote, enable, and encourage terrorist acts upon female bodies. the rule of law is meant to protect the innocent and fairly punish the guilty-it has been bent to protect the guilty and unfairly punish and re-victimize the innocent. and we allow this to be.

just today, in a matter of minutes, i was able to find current news stories that highlight the issues vented about in this post. these stories are not uncommon- both stories are dated this past week.

"No charges for suspected serial rapist
DNA match, but statute of limitations expired. Updated: Friday, 09 Mar 2012

A man in prison for sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl more than 20 years ago has been identified as a serial rapist who terrorized women in southwest Michigan -- but police and prosecutors can't do a thing about it...

Robert Ralph Taylor, 49, still in prison for the attack on the girl, will get out no later than 2021 -- nine years from now.
That release will happen despite new DNA hits that say he was the man breaking into homes late at night and raping women in Kalamazoo, Portage and St. Joseph in 1989 and 1990. 

"These were very violent offenses," Kalamazoo Public Safety Director Jeffrey Hadley told Target 8 on Friday. "These were not anamolies[sic]; it was a serial rapist."

taylor got more time for breaking and entering(22.5 years)than he did for sexually assaulting a 9 year old girl( 2-3 years)-which shows exactly where our priorities are in this society. property is more important than our children despite all the self serving family values drivel about protecting children.

the following guy is a serial killer-according to all the FBI's mostly bullshit criteria. he, like randall, was found guilty of only 2nd degree murder. there is definitive DNA evidence. florida does have the death penalty and unlike california goes through with it. i suspect the guy was allowed to plea because of cost analysis not justice. death penalty trials cost tax payers millions and go on for eons. defense attorneys aided and abetted by smug assholes in hollywood,toffee nosed authors/typists, and malignant christians with merciful-god-am-i complexes have made an expensive travesty of our courts, gleefully participating in the re-raping and re-killing of many with such an arch air of moral superiority, sparing not even a smidgeon of mercy and compassion for the victims and their families . and we allow it.

"DNA and the legal system finally caught up with Rocky Juarez, who pleaded guilty Thursday to the strangulation murder of a 32-year-old waitress nearly 20 years ago.
Juarez, 44, was sentenced to 60 years in state prison for his second murder conviction. He was already serving 35 years in state prison for the October 2000 strangulation of Tina Marie Pitts, 36, after pleading guilty in 2002.
Juarez specifically pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and attempted sexual battery with a weapon. As part of a plea agreement, the prosecution agreed to reduce the original first-degree murder charge and to not seek the death penalty...

Because sentencing laws were different at the time of the killings, Juarez is not required to serve the entire 95 years of the sentences. But Harb said the state's intent with the sentence is that he be incarcerated until he is into his 80s or perhaps even his 90s."

a 90 year old serial killer of women-allowed out at all because statutes of limitations and sentencing guidelines are stuck in the backwards time when the rapist/murderer committed his crimes? by evading justice willfully for years one is rewarded with a smaller sentence? not only is this unfair-it's pathologically multiple murderer of women particularly those who are lust murderers should ever be given a chance to be out. child rapers and rapists. serial killers do not reform. they don't get ' better'. i think they need death, as soon as possible, but the least we can do is life without any chance whatsoever of parole. letting these freaks out is societal suicide but since their victims are by and far largely female i guess that's a hit the males who populate the justice system are comfortable taking. some old white upper middle class male tool in a wig and robes or some pompous male social justice crusader defense attorney is statistically the least likely victim of a ted bundy or a serial rapist like EAR-ONS.

when mary lou arruda was so cruelly murdered by a serial sex offender, the times were such that they didn't send in teams of grief councilors to a school experiencing such an unfathomable loss of young life. the principle asked for a moment of silence over the PA when her body was found and that was that. james kater's shameless playing of the criminal justice system, beginning in the late 70s and lasting for the entirety of my young adult years, is the template for how the most violent among us, those who commit the most horrendous of crimes against persons often repeatedly, are encouraged to manipulate the system-running up huge tabs and clogging the system with endless appeals and complaints, some quite frivolous. massachusetts did not and does not have the death penalty-kater was not facing death for his crime.

society has been shafted into recognizing the katers, the offender, as the only real victims ; the only ones deserving of consideration and, above all, the only ones deserving mercy. their feelings upon being convicted, their hardships in serving their time, the effects of their tragic childhoods is all that is focused on. mitigating their guilt, when not, usually, outright denying it, and negating the existence of their victims is the goal.actually looking at the victim and the specifics of the crime might prejudice you and stop the flow of public empathy. we are partly responsible for this perversion of justice by tolerating it. we are partly responsible for the decades of pain and anguish suffered by mary lou's family- who watched for 29 years as their daughter's killer had his conviction overturned and his case repeatedly retried, repeatedly appealed. they were thus repeatedly, sadistically, forced to relive their unthinkable tragedy for 3 decades after their child's murder .

we have allowed our court system to be drained of funds, most of the monies sucked up by endless appeals and the legal needs of convicts. our rule of law has been grotesquely manipulated by those who, in essence, wish to abolish jails altogether- to let the personal fascists out to continue their predation because the supposedly racist, fascist government supposedly has no right to punish anyone for raping and murdering other humans. since the majority of violent crimes are committed by males and since the majority of the incarcerated are therefore male, calling for the abolition of prisons is not exactly a gender neutral response to the ethical issues surrounding crime and punishment. violent men have the right to be exonerated for their alleged crimes no matter whether they are guilty or not. law abiding victims, male and female, just need to suck it up or they are vengeful, hate filled, bitter malcontents, maybe in some cases even racists.

how did we get to the point where people who have sodomized an infant to death or have gang raped a woman, forcing her own son to have sex with her at gun point, engendered so much instant sympathy, so many indignant champions, and no feelings of revulsion, no inklings that punishment might be warranted? "Mercy for the guilty is cruelty to the innocent."why is our justice system and our society itself so merciless to the victims of violent crime?

males should be allowed to rape and kill with no consequences especially if they are a member of a social justice backed minority is the message from the very top of our justice system. after all, if you're only raping and killing or accidentally strangling women to death- those are not ultra important hate crimes that need to be persecuted to a fullest extent of the law. eric holder does not approve of justice and equal protection under the law for those insignificant politically less than victims. the consequences and responsibility for malicious behavior that derives from actions partook with free will by an individual is effortlessly shifted unto society or the victim- who apparently cause or provoke the criminal actions and therefore are the ones truly to blame, the ones who require punishment to establish some sort of equity for criminals. it is convoluted and depraved beyond my comprehension that civilized people who claim to be fighting for human rights would advocate such a malicious,vindictive, near psychotic atrocity masquerading as's particularly offensive when members of a religious entity opt to champion empathy devoid sadists who are working them like dumb sanctimonious puppets so as to evade responsibility for wantonly taking innocent life. i don't believe in their boy god but in the depth of my soul i know that if a just loving god does exist she would stand with me by mary lou arruda not with the self absorbed malicious waste product that killed her.

"Public forgiveness and private vengeance suffer from the same vice: they depreciate the victim. Respect for those who suffer requires that no one usurp the victim's exclusive right to forgive his[/her] oppressor. Similarly it requires that the duty to punish must be assumed by everyone other than the victim. That is what is meant by rule of law."-aryeh neier

our justice system is moving toward elimination of the rule of law- an absurdity that renders the system of administering justice, our courts, moot. a large segment of our society and of those currently in power in washington DC want to void any punishment whatsoever for even the most heinous crimes according primarily to whomever is committing said offenses. our own government, which makes our laws and operates our criminal justice system, is offering the law abiding collectively up as sacrificial lambs to violent, sociopathic predators to prove some sort of narcissistic, illogical racialist theory that supplants justice and equality with retributive vengeance for past crimes, real and constructed, of men long dead. equality now means some have to be made by any means necessary unequal. more fascism for a supposedly morally justifiable cause. fascism is the only state of being for sociopaths and malignant narcissists, even collectives of politically, ideologically motivated malignant narcissists, whose only purpose is to dominate and harm others in the advancement of their own personal satisfactions and desires- no matter what they claim their great selfless, superior humanitarian cause is always, when any one or any group demands the submission and domination of others, about power not truth. it certainly is never about justice. vengeance upon the innocent for the crimes of others is a particularly cruel, hateful,spiteful form of revenge that could never be confused with real, fair justice.

"All things are subject to interpretation- which ever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."-Friedrich Nietzsche

the definition of justice and equality in our society has been ceded to those who we have likewise ceded a large portion of dictatorially wielded (not democratically, equitably administered) powers to. their interpretation of justice is derived solely from their position of having nearly unlimited power over us not from any ethically sound, logical, or fair consideration of crimes and punsihments. out of misplaced guilt and dangerously misplaced empathy, we have opened the door to the destruction of the only thing keeping us free , constructed to also keep us safe from harm- the rule of law. the rule of law is the only thing standing between us and tyranny not merely the destruction caused by criminals. in the essentially fascist social justice world, it is common criminals, willing to commit any atrocity upon innocent humans, who are, as always with dictatorial, anti-democratic entities, the storm troopers and foot soldiers of oppression. murderers and other convicted sociopaths with no concern for other persons have always been the heros of the radical left's murderous attacks on democracy and essentially mommy and daddy. there should be no wonder that leftists have for decades been attempting to empty out the prisons indiscriminately- those are their shock troops to terrorize and dominate the populous that would dare oppose them. they show up at voting booths with bats and weapons because that is who they are-criminal, sociopathic fascists whose only goal is vindictive, mercilessly applied power over others for the sake of having power itself not for acquiring equality. sometimes they squawk about patriarchy , claim to be feminists, and claim to be concerned about the oppression of females but they don't mean it. they want power not truth or justice or equality. they will say and do anything to get it.

"A system of justice cannot forget [ Mary Lou Arruda], because it was designed originally to protect her and serve her needs. It was designed to serve the purposes of the law abiding, not the offender.
A system of justice must consider the victim even though she can no longer be helped, in order to protect others who may also become victims and unhelpable. To be beyond help must not mean beyond thought and compassion. Otherwise we lose focus of the very intentions of our laws. And justice demands more. A system of justice must speak to righteousness. It must defend the good; it must proclaim the good. It must announce our moral purposes."
- 'The Killing of Bonnie Garland', Willard Gaylin,M.D., pg.316.

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