mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

Bon anniversaire, Musidora!

one of our gothic grandmothers- appearing in one of the templates for the gothique and now main stream culture wide fascination with the vampire as being irresistibly sexy- the Louis Feuillade serial Les Vampires (1915/16).

Musidora born Jeanne Roques in paris,23 February 1889 , died 11 December 1957. gift of and to the muses, actress, writer,good friend of colette, and one of the first successful female film directors. in later life she was a ticket taker at henri langlois' exquisite gift to our cultural heritage-really the savior of our western european cultural heritage from the ravages of fascist-socialist nazi germany- the Cinémathèque Française, "the church for movies". langlois personally rescued "the cabinet of dr caligari", "blue angel", and the iconic transcendent beauty of louise brooks from being lost to us forever. he was also a champion of the proto-avant garde legacy of Feuillade whose work influenced fritz lang and luis buñuel.

feuillade, who had been a journalist, was given his start in moving pictures by legendary and now largely forgotten french director alice guy-blaché, not only the first female director but one of the first directors of the fiction, narrative film and a studio owner. although guy-blaché was awarded the french legion of honor and although she headed a studio in america and died in new jersey she has yet to be given a star on the hollywood walk of fame. she also directed a vampire film- all the rage as ever in 1920.

it's worth noting that the early film /early 20s fascination with vampires focused on the vampire being a metaphor for the sexually avaricious independent predatory evil female. modern mythos such as buffy the vampire slayer seems more focused on the deadly brooding seductive male vampire. it leaves me wondering- for all the standard P/V sex that goes on in our post post modern vampire soft porn-how does someone who is dead, whose heart no longer pumps blood, even get an erection? details details details- they even throw fantasy off the rails.

it's all so very telling.

"Look for a long time at what pleases you, and a longer time at what pains you."- Colette

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