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the gift of sound and vision

"some came to keep the dark away"-melanie (safka)/lay down

thomas alva edison, born february 11, 1847-bringer of the light in so many ways. sure, he screwed the sublime genius tesla over- but at least he was man enough to eventually cop to his mistake in not respecting the man and his revolutionary genius. tesla was the great visionary thinker, the sufi-esque but still exacting scientist. edison was the great doer, the builder. his ability to capitalize on ideas and usher them into physical being is the mainspring of his success- the prototypical american dream of personal, hands on hard work and success leading to progress for everyone. it's one thing to have fantastic ideas-it's quite another to make them work in this dimension. edison made things only dreamed real.

and he owed it all to his of the greatest inventors of all time-home schooled by his mommy and self taught all the rest. oh and he didn't believe in the angry vengeful blood thirsty tyrant daddy god .

"My mother was the making of me. She was so true, so sure of me; and I felt I had something to live for, someone I must not disappoint. -"

the phonograph AND the motion picture camera- having invented either one is enough to give one credit for a most important component of our cultural heritage- the cultural heritage of the entire world in fact- but both? his birthday should be a national holiday. we should give thanks by uploading and distributing as much derivative and awful mass produced copyrighted material as possible in joyous celebration and rebellion.( and, yes, edison fucked over the Méliès brothers too, destroying them economically by pirating their works. but i'm talking about top of the pops, self indulgent hollywood recycled and disposable mass marketed Product not important cultural artifacts and real art and innovation.).

edison has a star on hollywood boulevard.

popular patents for worthwhile, groundbreaking inventions like those of edison last only 10-14 non-renewable years. copyright for the worst of hollywood's expensive shiny dreck or the foulest piece of auto-tuned tweener baby poop is 70 years after the death of the longest lived creator. how is that fair? lady gaga does nothing for our culture but show how broke down, tedious, and bereft of ideas it has become. thomas edison made the major tools to transmit that culture. exactly who is more important? who has given us the actual means for the many to create? no edison equals no gaga, no ipods,no dvds, no internet.the right man at the right time to change the world. it might not have gone that way-we're lucky that it did.

"William Kallay, From Script To DVD: Can you describe your concept of the three fathers of film?

Walter Murch: It’s an attempt to answer a tantalizing question: why did film develop as a storytelling medium so quickly after its invention? It seems natural to us today, but there were many people a century ago, including even the inventors of film - Edison and the Lumière brothers - who did not foresee this development. Lumière went so far as to say that cinema was "an invention without a future." And he could have been right: there are frequently Inventions Without a Future - inventions which are ahead of their time, or outside their appropriate culture: the Aztecs invented the wheel, but didn’t know how to use it except as a toy. The Greeks did the same with the steam engine. So you have to look not only at the invention itself, but the social and cultural context which surrounds it. They all have to mesh, and with film they meshed spectacularly well. Within twelve years of its invention, film grammar is being determined in "The Great Train Robbery" ­ the cut, the closeup, parallel action - along with the social and economic structures that would integrate cinema into the pattern of people’s daily lives and make the whole thing pay for itself. Within another dozen years, the feature film as we know it today was almost completely fleshed out, thanks to D.W. Griffith and "Birth Of A Nation." And then synchronous sound was added twelve years later to virtually complete the equation.

What would have happened, on the other hand, if somehow film had been invented in 1787 rather than 1887? Would we (at the time of the American Revolution) have known what to do with it? Or would this imaginary 18th Century Cinema have remained a kind of "Aztec Wheel" whose inherent potential would not be realized for a hundred years? I rather suspect the latter, because there were cultural movements that matured in the 19th century ­ the idea of realism (from literature and painting), and dynamics (from music) - which are actually as much a part of cinema as the technical nature of film itself."- "The Three Fathers of Cinema & The Edison/Dickson Experiment with Walter Murch", By William Kallay.

first sound and film experiment-featuring william kennedy dickson the photographer who helped develop the Kinetoscope . he gave the moving pictures its physical medium (only recently replaced)- 35mm celluloid film. the soundtrack was on a wax cylinder.

and the medium is still the message, massaging you into oblivion or enlightenment- perhaps a mix of both. it's your choice how you'll allow yourself to be manipulated by what you may see and hear.

Dickson Experimental Sound Film-1894-1895

the phonograph was invented in 1877. edison claimed it to be his favorite of all his inventions. the earliest successful recording-on tin- was of edison reciting "mary had a little lamb." the first telegraph message was ""what hath god wrought."indeed.

and it all started with the electric telegraph. it started with using electricity to communicate across distance. edison's first two children were nick named "dot" and "dash" showing how aware he was of the importance of the telegraph to his success. indeed, the telegraph eventually evolved into the teletype, telex, and formed the basis for the original magical internetwebs-the ARPANET( still not invented by al gore)- all based in electronics and types of circuit switching. many of edison's early inventions are directly inspired by telegraphy such as the stock ticker and an electronic voting machine. it is evolving electrical energy to communicate across space. tesla was the one who saw the potential for the wireless magical communication we now use with nary a thought to its awful transcendant wonder.

edison also worked for a decade with henry ford on a long lasting electric car battery because he believed that was the future of the auto-in 1899.the point was to make electric cars not only feasible- and we're still struggling with highly ineffective car batteries- but affordable. (and no the oil companies didn't force them to abandon it,lizard people. ford himself botched it with one of his control freak freak outs.).

edison was fired from his first telegraph gig-probably the best thing that could have happened. he was constantly experimenting while on the clock and spilled caustic chemicals on his boss's desk. he went on to file over 2,000 patents world wide, a number not surpassed until 2003. he is the founder of General Electric previously known as Edison General Electric. he gave us our light and amusement drenched world. he gave us the future even if now, unlike then, we don't really know how to use it to the collective advantage. our most used most significant technological advances are primarily vehicles for abominable sub literate communication and uninspired 5 minutes of fame for those with not much to offer, no beauty, no truth to share. planking, owling ,nyan cat and justin bieber videos are neither truthful nor beautiful.( but mother cat hugging kitten is so keep that up.)

and taking away the glorious edison light bulb ,replacing it with a toxic mercury filled exploding poison bomblette- well, just fuck you US congress. edison enhanced life itself and art for us all. you do nothing but enrich yourselves and tyrannize the country with your regressive faux green self worship. fascist troglodytes-only it's the people you'd have living in dark caves eating grubs not yourselves. we're being forced into the dark ages by government regulation of the most helpful and most useful technologies and by the outlawing of energy use. today, edison would be just another out of work ex-telex operator, his inventions politicized into unbeing by ignorant fascists regulating the tools of freedom and achievement out of the hands of the under and middle classes.

the longest lasting light bulb- this one with an improved filament invented by paris born adolphe a. chaillet. installed in 1901, it is still burning. have you seriously ever had one of those curly q mercury holders for even 5 years? 110 and counting:

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