mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

how long are we going to tolerate jacking off to mass murder?

this is a book of dark days. an accounting because it's too late for warning. too long post-it notes on what we have become-evil, shorn of the desire for redemption.

on this day in 1977( dec. 30th) everyone's favorite lady killer, ted bundy, escaped from jail for the second time. the first time he bolted from the pokey(both times in aspen, colorado where the jail houses are made of gingerbread held together with marshmallow fluff, staffed by oblivious, blind dough boys)- he wandered with a sprained ankle in the mountains for a few days before driving a stolen car back into town, allowing authorities to apprehend him. always asserting control with complete disregard for anyone else (or even for the eventual consequences to himself) is all anyone needs to know about ted bundy. keeping him alive on death row for nearly a decade to be studied was a fool's errand bundy grotesquely manipulated to his own benefit at the expense of his victim's families, at the expense of justice as it should be understood and enacted, at the expense of our own collective humanity.

already convicted and jailed for the kidnapping and assault of a girl in utah, he had been extradited to colorado to face his first murder charge in a spectacularly weak case headed for acquittal. bundy was quite good at leaving no evidence. this was long before anyone could have even imagined the possibilities of DNA sequencing. bundy never once left behind a fingerprint even though he started out as a hot prowl house burglar and was a compulsive life long thief. even though it was known a guy of his general description named "ted" with a volkswagon was killing college women, police were unable to scare up enough evidence to definitively lock him away. even though he was puked up by a computer several times as a suspect, turned in by numerous friends, and was arrested with a 'rape kit' in his car, the evidence against him on the murder charge was circumstantial. acting as his own lawyer, bundy managed to get much of it thrown out of court but not through any genius on his part. the court system is heavily weighted against the victim. our justice system was and still is pro-murderer, pro-rapist, pro-male violence. rights are only for victimizers not victims. technically the dead and children have no rights under the constitution.

bundy had worked at killing women and evading detection with the feverish, organized determination of an autistic, obsessed hobbyist consumed by his favorite project. ted was not a genius. he was a champion manipulator who effectively exploited a system of law enforcement crippled by the court's pro defendant bias , by the poor sometimes nonexistent systems for organizing and assessing information, and by unscientific often illogical, biased crime solving techniques all drenched in a heaping helping of interagency disconnect and antagonism. ted bundy's existence and pathology ,his amazing efficacy, blindsided law enforcement from local cops up to the FBI. long dead, we still have no idea how many women he murdered. no one even bothered to save a sample of his DNA- then the most prominent, most destructive caught serial killer in american history- to help solve any cold cases that may be attributed to him. (although a long forgotten vial of his blood was found by accident providing for a complete profile. executed in 1989, ted bundy's DNA profile was not entered into CODIS until august of 2011-a grotesque oversight jeopardizing closure for an untold number of families.).there were no convictions or even trials for any of the women bundy killed outside of florida state. not all the bodies of his confirmed or confessed to victims have been found.

besides leaving no useful-at the time- physical evidence, his disconcerting ability to change his features at whim (which he was well aware of) made him an elusive nightmare in police line-ups. and witness ID's along with fingerprints , blood typing, and fiber/hair evidence were just about all homicide detectives and prosecutors had to work with back then. there was little if any useful law enforcement awareness of serial killers and how to deal with them. to this day we would still suck at catching them if not for the saving wonder of DNA. bundy, however, was fully appraised of what he was even if cops, judges,and jailers didn't have a fucking clue. letting him gain freedom by not fully appreciating his dangerousness to women and by ignoring his history of escape attempts is directly responsible the deaths of 3 women and a 12 year old girl. ironically, however, if he had not escaped and had been, as expected, acquitted of that one murder, ted bundy just may have never been caught out and stopped.

when they let bundy escape, he fled to a state that would willingly if not gleefully execute him. bundy asked the cop who arrested him- a man making a traffic stop who had no idea just who bundy was- to shoot him. he would muddle on, pathetically festering on death row, playing shamelessly those who tried to 'learn something'( translation: ted bundy's ever evolving custom tailored to the listener blame game) from him, but, technically, ted bundy died that day. he had permanently lost control. he spent his time on the row gruesomely trying to trade dead bodies for stays in his 2 death sentences. in other words, trying to reassert control. many were more than happy to indulge him even though it was apparent he was not going to offer up much of any significance. this has since become an official template for dealing with serial killers no matter how compelling and solid the evidence against them- pleading away death sentences in exchange for life without parole and body finding jaunts from prison. gary ridgway, bundy's arch nemesis/soul brother, is currently involved in just this sort of farce and likewise not, now, being particularly helpful. many families of ridgway's victims are opposed to this plea deal. gary ridgeway needs to be dead like ted. bundy's last lawyer tried to con his washington/utah/colorado state victims's loved ones into helping him bag a final stay in execution so he could allegedly reveal body dumping sites. every one of them refused. ted bundy was executed by the state of florida on january 24, 1989.

it's women- the objects of his fathoms deep, seething yet curiously detached gender hatred- who really defeated ted bundy. law enforcement and the judicial system proved themselves not up to the task. carol daronch is the only reason ted bundy was ever apprehended. she is his only known surviving victim. daronch was considered by the police and prosecution a so-so witness. her alleged naiveté in being duped by bundy in the first place supposedly rendering her unreliable and shaky on the stand. this despite the fact that she's the only one who did get away- and bundy had managed to abduct and kill over 30 mostly college aged women, some far more sophisticated, mature, and street wise than carol daronch. she instantly picked the changeling bundy out of a line-up even though many other witnesses to his abductions, some who had seen him face to face, repeatedly failed to do so. her identification of bundy led to his arrest. her testimony alone got a conviction.

carol daronch is a hero- she's the woman who fought off, the woman who stopped ted bundy. her bravery not only saved her own life but forced him squarely under police scrutiny by revealing him, revealing what he was. it stressed him long and hard enough to drive him into florida's electric chair.

the key to the handcuffs used on carol da ronch were found in a parking lot 19 miles away from where she escaped from his car ,the last known whereabouts of a missing girl, debbie kent. bundy had only received a sentence of 1 to 15 years for the kidnapping and assault on daronch. he would have been freed after serving less than 2 years. after daronch's failed kidnapping, bundy admitted to almost immediately abducting and killing kent. debra kent's remains have never been recovered.

kimberly diane leach put him finally where he belonged. a decompensating ted spiraled wildly out of control while on the lam. bereft of the physical and emotional security necessary for his usual well planned, out of doors, evidence poor, ruse based abduction followed by savage blitz attack ,he reverted to his earlier, risk laden pattern of hot prowl burglary coupled with vicious assault. he impulsively indulged in a ferocious disorganized mass attack at a sorority, leaving behind a distinct bite mark. but it was his random, on the fly targeting of a child victim, leach, that sat him on old sparky and, thankfully, extinguished his destructive, worthless life. bundy went to the chair a sniveling bitch only sorry that he had been caught.

bundy used a carefully constructed mask of normalcy often coupled with sympathy rousing neediness, festooned with the typical trappings of the middle class college male, to successfully prey on women. he was aided and abetted by a bevy of co-dependent enablers even after his convictions snatched this facade away, fatally crippling him and ending his substantial crime wave. a mask-less bundy could have keen caught and convicted by circus clown cops. his recapture was really a suicide. perhaps unconsciously he did everything to ensure it would happen and to further ensure his own execution.

bundy lived his life as a complete fraud, stealing anything of worth he possessed and rather adeptly working this high functioning, successful WASP facade: the emotionally regressive american male dream, knee deep in bitches and expensive toys, bathed in golden waves of unearned status. ted bundy was an imitation man, a faux, inadequate human whose existence was a sham fueled by his rage against females, his acquisitive lust for dead bodies to completely control, and, in small part, perverted class envy. his compulsive status seeking through theft and continual self re-invention( chinese scholar, republican operative, suicide hot line staffer,law student, psychology major, serial killer expert) as with his numerous 'normal' relationships with women only served his narcissistic sociopathy by obscuring it. ted's preferred victim was not specifically the oft proclaimed girl with long brown hair parted in the center but middle class, good looking, smart co-eds, much desired baubles, enviable status objets for a loser lower class social climber like bundy. it speaks to his considerable skills of manipulation (sometimes referred to as 'charm' by those besotted with women hating corpse rapers) that one of his girlfriends remained with him even though she believed he was "ted", the college girl killing volkswagon driver. she turned him in to 3 different police agencies three different times. women like this provided cover for ted and his fake life- his, in essence, flimsy although expertly wielded shield of normalcy that even when pierced directly- as when several coworkers and a professor also turned him in as "ted"- kept him safe from apprehension. he moved about college campuses unseen. he attacked 4 women, killing three, in a mere 15 minutes, surrounded by 30 potential witnesses who heard and saw nothing.

was ted that good or are people just that easily deceived? a serial rapist who wrote pamphlets instructing women how to avoid being raped. the torture killer devoid of empathy, devoid of a conscience who admirably manned a suicide hot line. the sometimes high achieving college student much admired by his professors who murdered at least 30 coeds in order to have fetishized sexual relations with their decomposing body parts. a dead eyed sociopath of average intelligence still considered deliciously attractive and insanely brilliant despite the infamy of his cruel deeds, the extent of his regressive, primitive ghoulishness, and his inability to have engaged in emotionally reciprocal relationships with anyone still breathing. ted wanted to beat you into unconsciousness or death with a tire iron so he could rape you with a can of hairspray. how dreamily romantic. he wouldn't have cared that you think him the sexy rebel misunderstood genius of your dreams. admiring him wouldn't have saved you from him.

that he was allowed to father a child while on death row is an affront to all the parents who lost their daughters at his hands. some will never know what happened to their daughters. some will never be able to bury their children properly. and some have had to live with the devastating details, broadcast to the world, of what was done to their daughters by a man eventually outed, much to his chagrin, as a necrophiliac. this revelation appeared to cause him genuine shame given the guiltless near mystical personal satisfaction and pleasure he received from slaughtering females and spending quality time in the forests with their decaying bodies.

bundy had unnervingly perfect recall of his crimes. he revelled in reliving them before a caged audience of law enforcement and psychology professionals. he refused to relinquish, however, but a few more specific, actionable tidbits here and there when he felt it could stay an approaching execution date. even when it was inevitable that he was going to be strapped in and fried, he refused to come clean, remaining, in his infantile mind, in absolute control of his victims to the end.

bundy believed killing women was his life's work- work which he thought himself the Master of(and he was an insecure, flighty Master. his hysterical posturing from death row when the green river killer outpaced his kill count was quite revealing.). given all the book hawking, tailcoat riding, professional vampire acolytes who made pilgrimages to st.ted in prison, thirsting for precious revelations concerning his own depravity, it's no wonder he had such grandiose thoughts. our culture has made the bundys into supermen anti-heros, nietzschian-nazi über men asserting their superiority, power over,and freedom by raping, torturing, and killing women. this is no longer the cause for any, at the very least, shame or opprobrium from a vast swath of our society but is lucrative fodder for entertaining the masses. stroke material for the emotionally, sexually malicious and retarded. bundy has a fucking cult of weak,rage filled,insecure men scared of female genitalia when it's attached to a live human female and deluded, sad, reactionary little girls wondering when, oh, when daddy will love them and notice how very bad they are. they think he's the smartest, sexiest thing that ever was- this wonky eyed ,cowardly, noxious, inadequate female hating void so incapable of adult human interaction that he brought detached heads home to play barbie beauty salon with. we are at the point where we value women's lives so little that even to prolific serial killers, sex with corpses is perceived to be and is more censor worthy and cringe inducing than destroying an actual female life. in a civilized society shouldn't the living woman be accorded more concern than a dead one? shouldn't we be more outraged by the illegal taking of a life for one man's sexual entertainments?

bundy is a hero constructed of patriarchal ideas about power coupled with fears of a female deity. he was a terrorist, still deployable to keep women oppressed. if rape was considered a serious crime, it would be punished accordingly, bringing the shame upon the perpetrators not the victims. nearly all serial killers are rapists who also murder. ted bundy could have been caught, like gary ridgway, several times over.ted bundy's escapes could have been thwarted with a little care. right now the use of familial DNA, which is the only reason the "grim sleeper", lonnie franklin jr., perhaps the most prolific serial killer of women in california history, was captured has been declared unconstitutional by the state's supreme court. a concerted effort is underway to prevent the use of the most important and definitive crime solving technology yet invented- mainly so men can get away with raping and killing women as this is the type of crime most likely to involve DNA evidence. finally. a scientific and very fair manner of disproving or proving guilt is at our disposal but we're not suppose to use it? if women's lives were important rather than the lives of the scum of the earth who's existence revolves around harming other people, this would not be an issue. people are murdered- we have ample proof of this as a fact. people are raped-we also have proof this is so. but apparently every man ever convicted of any violent crime is absolutely innocent, always, and no evidence is ever fair or constitutional to use against him. for women it is your constitutional right rather to die at the hands of sexy, brilliant monsters our society opts to keep alive and healthy, off death row if not out of jail entirely.

women do not matter. ted bundy, as he always believed, does. what's one less woman on the face of the earth as opposed to keeping the state from executing a sadistic serial lust murderer of dozens of unimportant females?

"He was always amazed and chagrined by the publicity generated by disappearances that he thought would go totally unnoticed...he would cling to the belief that there would be virtually no furor over it, notwithstanding the fact that he was proven wrong...'There are so many people. It shouldn't be a problem. What's one less person on the face of the earth anyway?'"- ted bundy speaking in the third person about the thought processes of a serial killer. p.310, The Only Living Witness, Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth.

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