mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

calico is in the know


bachelorette #5": "Co"
breed: calico
age: "grandmother kitty"
occupation: vestal virgin, crotchity old crank/ jester

the amazonian miss co maybe right at that age wherein her service to the Sacred Flame ends in retirement and she'll be available for marriage. co hails from Cambridge wherein she was found, as a spry young kitten, valiantly trying to escape the tie-dyed clutches of some bread and circus hippie yuppie bent on feeding cats a vegan diet.

reborn out of my shoulder on a walk home to allston, she is the one who knows me best. since 1987 ,friends and relations have come and gone, some thankfully, some regretfully, but Co remains -pure of heart, forgiving and devoted.

when i asked miss co if she would marry me she said,

" can i follow you around all day, staring at you, and chattering away in a calicoesian tongue you do not show any signs of understanding?"

mrmittens: " you already do that...."

co: " well, why should i buy the cow if i already get the milk for free?"

mrmittens: " mooo mooooo........"

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