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the unbearable silence of an outrageously brutal crime

on september 20/21st, an incredibly violent attack in east boston left a young woman near death. it has been followed up by a news blackout caused by lack of interest or a police hush up, perhaps a dab of both. either way, it means someone is stalking, assaulting, and beating women near to death. the reported characteristics of the crime would indicate they've done it before and will likely do it again . the authorities have nothing much to say save they believe it involves 'domestic violence'and is not what it outwardly appears: a sexually motivated crime by a sociopath who is dangerous to women not just one specific woman. why is it never important to warn women of potential serial offenders being in their neighborhoods , preying on a particular demographic of females? even if the attacker knew the victim, the specifics of the crime are so severe and distinct that this person represents a grave danger to others and needs to be apprehended.

by specifically tolerating domestic violence and rape via inadequate punishments , allowing repeat offenders the freedom to offend repeatedly, the judicial system in particular is supporting if not creating sociopathic endemic gender based violence.

"The criminal law is applied in a discriminatory fashion that sustains male violence."- lee lakeman

subsequent news stories state that the victim was raped but other reports and the police are vague on this point. while it is important to protect the identity of the victim, it is safe to say when a woman who was out walking her dog is found nude and brutally beaten in a field it just may be a sexual assault. her clothing was 'stacked' next to her. she was lying in a pool of blood. her dog was found alive and traumatized on a broken lead.

"It is believed the woman was walking her dog down Webster Street in East Boston and the assailant dragged her off into a vacant lot. A neighbor found the young woman’s body in the weeds...
The victim was found in the lot bleeding from the head by a woman who went outside to retrieve her newspaper for recycling at around 7 a.m.
“This morning I came out on my porch, looked over the porch and there was a girl lying there in the bushes,” said the neighbor. “Oh I was hysterical. I screamed for my husband. I said, ‘Please there’s a body out there, please call 911.’”
“She was completely naked. It was a horrible thing to see,” the neighbor added. “To me yes [it looked like a sexual assault]. It had to be someone who was very angry because I don’t think they would completely disrobe you…it was almost like somebody wanted to make a statement.”
The neighbor saw the victim’s clothes nearby in the lot. At first, she thought the victim was dead, but she saw the woman move.“You could hear her gurgling. I’m sure her face and nose was broken and God knows…she really couldn’t say much of anything, the poor girl,” said the neighbor.
The victim is at Massachusetts General Hospital suffering from life-threatening injuries. 7News knows the victim’s identity, but is not releasing it because there is a possibility that the victim is a sexual assault victim."- Sunbeam Television Corp, september 22,2011

what seems to be impossible to discover is if she has regained consciousness, if she is recovering, and if they have any suspects. the police claimed to want to question a "former boyfriend, who has a history of domestic violence" but current word of mouth is that he has been found, co-operated, and was eliminated as a suspect. this tid bit never made the press. if this is true, if it wasn't some fucked up ex, silence only serves the PR interests of the police and the city as well as shielding the perpetrator-not the interests of the victim or any potential victims. people are placated by the lie ,if it is one, that, of course, an ex-boyfriend is to blame for a specific crime rather than conjure up the image of a stranger unknown to the police apt to target someone else. it ignores the fact that those who beat and assault their intimates generally have a life long pattern of such behavior and are therefore in a manner dangerous serial offenders. instead of doing their job of keeping the citizens safe from predators, no matter what their relationship to their victims, the police are hiding still behind- "forget it- it's a boyfriend/ girlfriend thing that couldn't possibly effect other women". who could believe them given the massachusetts /boston long term abysmal track record of actually arresting and convicting serial rapists and murderers. coupled with what was for years a criminally dysfunctional medical examiner's office and a judiciary particularly fond of being lenient with the most violent among us, none of this should be a surprise. ignorance is not bliss-the citizens have every right to be informed of the crimes in their communities. we have the right to be protected from known violent serial offenders by them being caught and permanently incarcerated.

it's an appalling and infuriating fact that a crime is somehow deemed not as serious when visited upon someone known to the perpetrator. one isn't any less dead or any less almost beat to death if one was acquainted with one's attacker.the most prevalent hate crime in america is actually legally not considered a 'hate crime'-crimes of violence against females because they are females. how is it the largest victim pool created through hatred is not considered a category of especial concern requiring special protections?

the boston police never caught the boston strangler (or rather stranglers as current knowledge of such crimes indicates two separate victim types and at least two separate killers)who was not, provably, albert de salvo. de salvo's DNA was not the DNA found on a recently exhumed strangler the 70s, my detective grandfather, who worked on the strangler case concerning a suspect in his jurisdiction, told me de salvo was not the boston strangler .he had nothing good to say about the boston police.

the state tried for years to block the family of victim mary a. sullivan from exhuming her body in their attempt to gather new evidence. sullivan's family believes and dna proves de salvo innocent of her murder even if the pig headed, stubborn state of Massachusetts has no comment, so content that they got the right man. but for some reason they repeatedly refuse access to their files on the allegedly solved case and refuse to re-open the investigation despite new findings. even a cursory listen to de salvo's taped confession reveals the police feeding albert evidence, correcting any mistakes. de salvo was never formally charged with any of the stranger murders- no one ever was- and this concerns our law officials not.the family of mary sullivan cares as one would assume do the probable other bereaved love ones of latter victims who may have been murdered by the so called uncaught boston stranglers.

with the aid of disbarred attorney/side show host f.lee bailey, the state royally fucked up the strangler case just to say it was solved, ass covering of the most corrupt and slimy sort. it's more important the vanity of the police and attorney general's office are served and protected than vicious serial killers of women be taken off the streets.

albert de salvo was murdered by another inmate in Walpole prison november 25, 1973.

in the late 80's, a still uncaught predator emerged in the new bedford area, murdering women and dumping their bodies along highways. from 1988-89, he killed 9-11 women all of whom had ties to drugs and/or prostitution. 9 bodies were found and two women remain missing but associated with the case. another outrageous example of the authorities spending more time in pissing matches with one another rather than in catching a killer, the bristol county district attorney at the time, ron pina, couldn't play nice with his own investigators from the state police and had a raging hard on for only one suspect, a man he harbored a personal hatred for, attorney kenneth ponte. ponte had a drug problem and apparently used street people and prostitutes to buy his stuff. because of his being an attorney it is not exactly surprising he would have represented some of the women found dead, many of whom had arrests for soliciting. no evidence connected him to any of the murders ever surfaced-and they tried rather desperately and pathetically to make a case against him until 2010 when ponte turned up dead in his home.

another suspect, a man called 'flat nose' by the hookers -several of whom he was arrested for violently raping- allegedly committed suicide while out on bond for- surprise- a violent rape. apparently in massachusetts you can rape scads of women and it's not serious enough to warrant high bail to keep you in jail. no evidence linking the deceased, Tony DeGrazia, to the new bedford killings has ever been uncovered.

what any perusal of any serial murder investigation reveals is the large number of men who frequently and quite savagely assault and harm women. the suspect pools tend to be full of potentially murderous males with issues concerning women and sexuality. prostitutes, male ,female or transgender, are particularly vulnerable to such acts of violence. every one has a short list of sick tricks capable of extreme brutality and disturbing behaviors.

another violent, judge coddled massachusetts fuckwad, who hacked his own mother to death with a carving knife in 1991, is said to be making continual chirping noises about being the new bedford highway killer. daniel j. tavares jr. is currently serving a life sentence with no parole for the execution style murders of a couple in washington state. after serving his puny sentence for matricide(under pagan law the sentence is death for spilling your mother's blood not 16 years of weight lifting , college studies, and writing threatening letters to public officials and your own father. there were 2 witnesses to travares killing his mother, one of whom was stabbed, but the state opted to plead him down to manslaughter.), tavares was released and immediately rearrested for crimes he committed while in jail. the state, knowing he was a flight risk and knowing he had made specific death threats from prison, set a high bail to keep him off the streets. a romney appointee, judge Kathe "mother killers r people 2" Tuttman, reversed another judge and set him free with no bail, no monitoring. tavares fled the state and murdered brian and beverly mauck in graham, washington, pleading guilty in a deal to avoid the death penalty. the state of MA never requested his arrest and extradition even though they issued arrest warrants for him .they, in fact, knew where he was and did nothing. tavares's own father would pull the switch to off him- the state of mass thought he was cuddly ,harmless, and needed love and freedom. the state of washington felt he deserved death but compromised on life without parole to spare the families and the system his trial and the expensive decades long series of appeals a death penalty conviction would have triggered.

"Daniel Tavares Sr. said if his son was sentenced to death, 'I'd like to be the one to inject the poison into his arm and look him in the eye when he dies.'"-('The Fateful Release of Pure Evil', Tomas Alex Tizon,LA Times, Dec. 02,2007.)

the only condition of his release on personal recognizance by Tuttman was that he get a job.

curiously absent at first from all the fuss about tavares's 2007 release and subsequent murdering of the maucks, and later much downplayed, was the fact that while in prison in 2000 he coughed up the location of the body of long missing mother of three , fall river resident gayle bothelo. bothelo, who had a drug problem, disappeared at the height of the freeway murders- october 27,1988- but was not officially linked to the highway killer (although the public and reporters noticed there may have been a connection.). tavares claimed bothelo was killed at a 'wild party' by two other men. his information led investigators directly to her body, across the street from her home, buried in the backyard of a house tavares once lived in with his parents. it took until 2003 for the finding that her death was a homicide due to stabbing. authorities at the time of tavares' release were aware he had provided this highly detailed tip off to police but failed to mention it in court.

there are apparently no plans to charge tavares with the homicide of gayle bothelo even though he knew she was murdered, knew exactly where her body was, and had lived in the house she was buried behind. in one of his numerous threatening, thuggish notes sent from prison, he coyly lists, to a female official he accused of messing with his prison account, the first names of the victims of the new bedford highway killer indicating he knows how to deal with women-especially if they owe him money. apparently such lady killing charms worked on judge tuttman who opted to ignore his long, violent record, his violent disruptive jail term, and the series of death threats sent from his prison cell. she needed to be removed from the bench when tavares murdered the maucks, and then charged with accessory to those murders. someone in fall river needs to be held accountable for the 10 years it took to admit a convicted sociopathic murderer knew the exact location of gayle bethelo's grave and knew she had been murdered in 1988, coincidentally stabbed to death just like his mother.

as of 2011, there is no push to investigate the involvement of daniel tavares jr. in any of the murders of the 11 known and suspected victims of new bedford's highway serial killer. in all likelihood he's just another attention seeking blow hard but not investigating his clear connection to gayle bethelo is negligent. gayle bethelo and tavares's mother mean nothing- the state of massachusetts does not give one fuck about their murders.

in new england there are numerous scattered clumps of brutally murdered and missing women-particularly heavy throughout the 80s and 90s- including a series of unsolved murders along the connecticut river valley, an uncaught predator nicknamed the "main south woodman" murdering prostitutes in worchester, a decades old grouping of prostitutes from boston's combat zone killed and dumped out of state, an astounding amount of women missing or found murdered near the highways of new hampshire and vermont, and a series of mostly jane does dumped in new britain ,conn. and the Tolland(Mass) state forest which have been connected. all of which the police remain tight lipped about if not in complete denial of.

right now there is a serial rapist active since 2006 working the boston and cambridge sides of the charles river. forensically, this man is linked to 3 attacks on the esplanade and one attack in moakley park , east boston. in 2007 alone there was a string of sexual assaults and rapes by a man armed with a screwdriver near logan airport- and i can find no information as to whether anyone was apprehended in those attacks or if they had stopped. Bremen Street Park, part of the big dig 'greening' of the city, is particularly associated with a violent crime and 'sexual attacks'. one man in the area was convicted of grabbing and groping a woman and is now listed as a sex offender but i can find no information as to whether he was charged with any other of the numerous sexual assaults in east boston in 2007.

there hasn't been a peep out of the boston police or in the papers since september 28 about the gruesome and troubling attack in east boston on the 21st. at that time they were still insisting it was a 'domestic' sort of attack and not 'random' even though they have provided absolutely no proof this is so. it would be nice to know if she's recovering. apparently they were guarding her in the hospital. although i do not think it appropriate to name the victim, i think the public deserves to know what progress is being made if any in this case. even if she did know her attacker the level of violence and staging in this attack indicates a perpetrator who is a great danger to one is saved and no one is protected from sex crimes by hiding or denying them-it rather provides cover for them to flourish.

why do we have 'slut walks' but no more Take Back the Night marches? why aren't we angry enough anymore to protest violence against women enflamed by a legal system that appears dedicated to keeping the brutally violent recidivists out of jail? why do we further shame victims by treating the crimes against them as not worthy of attention and concern-too indelicate to report on? it took me days of sifting through archives to find out the particulars of tavares , his crimes, and his connection to new bedford/fall river- and it would have been significantly longer if he had had no connection to mitt romney's presidential aspirations. gayle bethelo's life was important as were the lives of the maucks-more important than finding fodder to derail a political candidate but you'd never know it reading through newspaper reports about their murders. i found little information about any of the sexual assaults in east boston. sex crimes are committed apparently by phantoms who even when convicted leave no trace of themselves in the newspapers or the courts.

why didn't we occupy the bristol county DA's office until the new bedford highway murders were solved? why not at least occupy mumbles menino's office until park patrol officers are re-stationed on the esplanade to stop a serial rapist? why is our media and legal system set up to protect the guilty at the expense of the victims and their families ? why have we allowed it to happen? why do we tolerate it?

"mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent."heaven will destroy those who partake of the misplaced values in championing murderers and rapists over their victims' prone bodies- especially those empowered to uphold the law who stand in silence and as obstacles of what wants and screams for reckoning.

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