mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

"in marigolds, shower me..."

"Hail to our mother, who caused the yellow flowers to blossom, who scattered the seeds of the maguey, as she came forth from Paradise."- Hymn to the All-Mother

it's a godless and despicable age that has forgotten it's Creatrix. it is a hateful time wherein people who consider themselves civilized and just wallow at the trough of avarice,dishonor,ignorance, and depravity. this year's day of the dead altar was dedicated to Her daughters destroyed for being Her daughters, killed by a monstrous hatred of the female.

" The fourth and last ["age-yuga-creation"] when Mother turns 'Destroyer' because the race of men become violent and sinful, failing to perceive deity in the feminine principle...When... Doomsday arrives, the gods would slay each other. Earth would be overwhelmed by fire and blood. The Goddess would swallow up everything and un-make-it...All beings would enter her, because 'She devours all existence.' After a time that could not be counted because even Time was destroyed, Kali would give birth to a new universe." - Barbara Walker paraphrasing the "Mahanirvanatantra" in "The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets".

this altar was made in a towering rage that had distilled down, iced over into a robotic detachment floating somewhere above my third eye,numbing my skull near it's very top. all the women here were victims of femicide, mostly victims of lustmord. included with particular care are those who remain unidentified thus have no known family to mourn for them and those who were slain in great shameful batches by still largely unidentified subjects. all the women in the previous virtual altar posts are included.

"mom's coming 'round to put it back the way it ought to be"

maybe it does need to all be flushed away. i can't say i am hoping for the better as much as waiting for us to drive ourselves into the Inevitable Reckoning. just love Her-it's all that's left.

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