mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

reduced to nothing. becoming no one.

after a long enough time just about every one is obliterated from existence, forgotten utterly. it only takes a few generations for Hoary Old Ancestor, the subject of the ancient and weird picture in the family album, to become the relation no one alive can name. unless you're hitler or tutankhamun your name and your face- your identity and all it signified to you and those around you- goes beyond the veil with you, consumed by the obliterating chaos of Unbeing.

being made into nothing while living is quite different. annihilation - the perfect term for an exceedingly barbaric homicide in which a child not only lost her life but was robbed completely of her identity. this is to be "blotted out of existence", reduced "to silence, powerlessness". vernichtung: to make something into nothing. the thing was a child killed when she possibly as young as 7. she is still, after 28 years, No One murdered by Unknown Subject. and now even her body, evidence in a violent and serious crime, is missing.

jane doe st.louis'83 aka NAMUS UP#3199 aka NCIC V-470002710 aka ME # 1983-0441 is one of the few children on any of the missing sites and in any of the databases with no photo-neither actual photograph from life/post mortem nor a recreation. jane doe is represented by a dirty, bloody v- neck sweater- the only item of clothing she was found wearing. occasionally, the nautical rope that bound her hands behind her back is pictured with the sweater making up her only known portrait. her frozen body was found in the basement of an abandoned property by scavengers. she was not killed there. besides being sexually assaulted and strangled to death, jane doe's head was removed with a large knife and has never been recovered.

jane doe st.louis '83 was a medium complected african american female between the ages of 7 and 11. she had no distinguishing features on her body and was well cared with no signs of abuse before she met her untimely and cruel death.her fingernails wore two coats of red nail polish. the tags had been cut out of her sweater. the rope was a common brand. no DNA from her attacker was discovered or at least was never preserved. her DNA, a complete profile, and her fingerprints have been entered in CODIS and NAMUS. the FBI, who place great weight on discerning patterns,found that there were no other similar crimes committed anywhere in the nation.

active and retired investigators still work on her case. an attempt was made 2 years ago to exhume her body from an abandoned graveyard, perhaps gather DNA evidence, and then rebury her in a more appropriate location but her body as far as i can tell cannot be found. the v neck sweater, subject of her ID photo on cold case sites, has also disappeared-allegedly lost in the mail- along with whatever evidence it may have held.

while it's easy enough for an adult to slip through the human bonds of society , for children it is pretty much unheard of. children do not live on their own. children have parents and guardians, teachers and case workers who are required by law to report missing minors. a shannon aumock may be lost to the system through incompetence and oversight but at least there was an accessible lengthy record of her existence . people knew she was missing. once she was identified even her biological mother, deeply shaken, attended her funeral. jane doe st louis matched no reported missing child. she matched no school records in the area. no one came forward to identify her. the homicide division in st louis had it's first african american chief at the time and he made sure her murder was given priority, repeatedly reaching out to a community with long term distrust of law enforcement. it was as if jane doe st louis 1983 never was. she does not even have one of the catchy nicknames the media is so fond of giving to both unidentified murdered females or uncaught male serial killers.

lost and forgotten as she was in life, she remains so in death, with no picture for the altar and no grave to tend, nothing to remember her by but the circumstances of her death. the vilest of crimes, the most unforgivable of sins next to killing someone in the manner that jane doe st.louis 83 died is to bring forth a life unloved and uncared for, abandoning a human, a child, to such a vicious and avoidable fate, such a lonely, horrifying, and anonymous death.

"[Det.]Burgoon years ago videotaped the location of Jane Doe's grave for police records, afraid that when he died, she would be lost forever."-"The case that haunts", Chad Garrison.

the graveyard where jane doe was interred is now abandoned, overgrown and neglected. her coffin was not near her tombstone. Burgoon is still alive and already it seems Jane Doe is lost forever.


"St.Louis police pledge to find body of child victim..." by Ann Rubin,Dec. 30, 2009,

"The Case That Haunts: The most notorious cold case in the history of the St. Louis Police Department still haunts homicide detectives" By Chad Garrison, Dec.1, 2004,

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