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serial killers r us

"'You better bet that if these had been white girls, the police would have solved the cases," says Evander Spinks, a sister of the Phantom's first victim. "They didn't care about us. All the cases involving white girls still get publicity. But ours have been forgotten.'"

-Del Quentin Wilber, 'Freeway Phantom' Slayings Haunt Police, Families', the Washington Post June 26, 2006.

while i have no doubt that missing and murdered black women and children receive far less media and police attention- particularly back in the 1970s when police departments did not racially reflect their served communities- and consider it criminal, these children and young women, victims of the ' freeway phantom', were killed because they were female . they were probably killed by a black man as most murders were and are intraracial. contrary to popular oft stated outright lie, there are black male serial killers. they are far from rare and, in fact, are over represented vis à vis the percentage of african-americans in our population.

the most attention is given to missing upper middle class usually very attractive caucasian college co-eds. they are the postmodern damsals in distress, garnering miles of press footage, hours and hours of coverage. but in the stranger murder game they are the least likely targets. the white male power structure views them as the most valuable females and thus offers them more protection resulting in more media hysterics and grandstanding when they go missing due to foul play. people with money , security, and societal standing always have more options when they or their children are victimized (as well as when victimizing others). white prostitutes and white drug addicts are just as likely to be ignored when murdered as black females. since serial killers are generally cowards, their usual targets, the majority of their kills, are the easy pickings-poor women and prostitutes of every race who willingly go with strange men to support themselves or very young girls who are more easily manipulated and controlled than adult females.

serial killers are the shock troops of the patriarchy-feeding upon living humans in cannibalistic , necrophilic displays of prejudice ,hatred, and power meant to intimidate, scare , subdue and obliterate the female sex while inflating and empowering and making an individual male god with ultimate power over a woman's life and death, over her body and soul. serial killers are the avengers of the class of men against the class of women .they are viewed particularly in the counter culture as really sexy supernatural unstoppable übermen( and they're fucking intellectuals too. serial killers are not fucking cultured genuses like dr. hannibal lector- can we please fucking end that charade? the serial killers who actually eat their victims are usually the uneducated and mentally challenged ones.). eventually, even the most noted of the white damsal victims of serial killers and serial rapists disappear from the front pages, their cases closed as cold and unsolvable. soon they too are forgotten by the media and police, only recalled and mourned and missed by their loved ones. many marginalized victims aren't even lucky enough in life to have people who cared enough to even notice their passing, let alone to notice they were missing.

in the face of the many who have lost their daughters, mothers, and sisters at the hands of serial murderers, it speaks volumes about our society that the fanciful near sci-fi story of a do gooder nerd, practically born killer, "Dexter" is such a success- a shameful, insulting and heinous piece of male agitprop mendacity- but so attractively filmed and engagingly enacted. our woman hating society has sunk so low that it now generates heroes and piles of cash by rehabilitating the most vile, worthless humans on earth, woman killing machines, into a fanciful mix of irresistible impulse (serial killers have to kill- how can we punish them or deny them what is their god given and/ or trauma induced nature? we must pet,nurture, and strive to understand the poor, damaged things.) and heroic self control channeled into a long suffering savior/super cop sniffing out evil and destroying it because, one is led to surmise, it takes one to know one and, thus, presumably,to stop one.

whomever wrote "dexter" doesn't know a fucking thing about serial murderers and sociopaths. one imagines this is because they themselves are probably sociopaths creating pretty and persuasive PR to justify and amplify their own psychopathic woman-hating desires and notions. they conversely do know oodles about appealing to the female loathing underpinnings of our culture and how to doll up the most malevolent of males into a gosh darn it ever so appealing Everyman. they are commodifying and normalizing sadistic, homicidal sexism, mainlining it into a culture already saturated with violence and unspeakably pervasive cruelty, highly sexualized when committed against females. think of it as anti-female BDSMtertainment training the masses, who more and more require instant and constant visual distraction, into being desensitized to behaviors, prejudices and acts that would give the SS and Satan pause. this makes, of course, perfect sense in that our society has constructed male-ness upon the very essence of the serial murderer - best viewed as a rage/lust driven sexual sadist consumed and perpetually obsessed with showing dominance over the female. even to modern so called scientists, men are predatory sociopaths, biologically; woman are victims and empaths, biologically. and there's even any wonder still why serial killers do what they do?

perhaps at some point it will dawn on us that we have serial killers because our society makes and now openly culturally sanctions them. they are hewn out of our own depraved, degraded images of gender, shot through with artifacts from our collectively damaged, socially brainwashed psyches weened on thousands of years of misogyny and violent blood lust. serial killers are us. they represent a distillation of our hatred of the female; they show us exactly what that hatred of women creates- an evil, conscience- less amazingly cruel and destructive self absorbed monster whose power over the lives of other humans is seen as impressive , even admirable, often irresistibly attractive( because, of course, women dig dominant powerful violent men- that's evolutionary biology and biblical too). they are imaged upon and act out of what we collectively value and devalue. dexter is normalizing the most dangerous of sociopaths and why not? sadly, we have accepted, perhaps finally are being honest, that their hatred of women is our hatred. this is why there is so little empathy for victims but, rather, identification with their killers so much so that we rage about the execution of the most vicious of murderers, opting not to notice how they executed their completely innocent victims without a thought to their humanity or their suffering. the fairy tale of dexter helps obliterate the line between right and wrong so we can no longer recognize evil no matter what outrages we witness or even partake of. killers are remembered and mythologized, their exploits perused and recounted with fervid loving graphic detail . no one cares to mythologize and perhaps empower the victims to stop more of them from being created, fed to this sickness at the core of our culture and understanding of what it means to be male and female -the poisonous, barbaric drive to dehumanize and obliterate based on gender, imaged in sexuality,consumed as entertainment, ending in the reality of mere children being raped, murdered and dumped by the side of a road by an unknown suspect, perhaps Everyman .

when we finally decide that personal power over others for its own sake is wrong, especially power over women because they are women , when it's finally wrong and abhorrent to torture, mutilate and butcher women instead of being rather titillating , we'll have more luck in finding those who perpetrate these terrible and completely evil crimes- if not outright stopping a large portion of them by nipping the hate that spawns them in the bud. now serial killers are needles in the societal haystack that legitimizes and eroticizes violence against women(not to mention sexual commodification of children for adult consumption). is it a wonder they go decades uncaught, killing sometimes 100 women like gary ridgway, the green river killer?

the hunter needs to be captured by the game not the other hunter. knights did not rescue damsals- they kidnapped and raped them. if they were jews or heathens they killed them. most romanticized warrior heroes in real life were little more than serial killers and mass murderers with matching outfits and team colors. it's the romanticized, eroticized patriarchal notions of the genders that are still doing us all in. one wonders, would anyone fuck if we really were all equal in each others' eyes? do we even know how to? would we even want to if power inequality no longer defined our very sense of ourselves, our bodies, and our desire?

the freeway phantom is just another weak vicious man who got away with killing a handful of females because we did not value their lives as we should have- because we do not value females as we should. there are too many freeway phantoms, too many victims and not enough responsibility taken for what we put into the world. there will only be a measure of peace, equality and justice when we stop validating and eroticizing violence and power over others and stop positing that the female gender was created by and should be defined by and controlled by the male gender. we need to question why the most popular genres of pornography and some of the most popular of mainstream shows have opted to virtually re-create what sadistic serial lust murderers have been doing to female victims for centuries. we need to take responsibility for what was done to the victims of the freeway phantom, not drown ourselves in our own dehumanizing oblivion by endlessly recreating their suffering and agony for our own entertainment, to gratify our own lusts. we like dexter because we are dexter,fooling ourselves we are good people who believe in justice and equality while still upholding ideals predicated on the debasement and dehumanization of women.

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