mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens


whether it's by selling degrading halloween costumes for pets ( just because humans are morons who want to dress up like french maids or as school uniform dressed pedophile bait doesn't mean that dogs want to look like mentally challenged , immature hapless pawns of the patriarchy) or through hawking crappy plastic toys made by slave labor in china( personally, my cats would prefer if their toys were made here by first world cracker slave labor- because they're revolutionaries like that), petco has finally pushed my girls to the tipping point. they have had enough of your greedy unseemly corporate pet supply shit. give them all your profits as well as some Litter Maids and ipads, you capitalist feline oppressors.

yah, we're talking to you, whitey ape, fucking lolsimian:

and you've even pissed off the goddamn goldfish with your ugly fucking expensive cliched pirate tank swag. even the goldfish...

one day,bourgeois humans, one day:

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