mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

freed from desire: lost in the crates

this woman came to boston for school, is a photographer and a huge house music star in europe. i was quite taken with this- because italio disco is boss- but could only play it at the end of the night for the house heads.americans were too busy doing the fucking marcarena so this must be circa 1996:

gala/ freed from desire

pissed off straight women who have had enough of your shit- what happened to them?

gusto/ disco's revenge( todd terry mix- i think)

ruby/ tiny meat

queer/ garbage

(i've been waiting for someone to post this.when going home from a gig with cartes of records- must have been at axis- a cab driver told me about this 45 and how great it was.):

hey baby/ chia pet

dump the chump, honey:

kym sims/too blind to see it( steve' silk' hurley mix)

and the deadly dark underground version. bass!

ok this is not in my crates- too new- but it has cats in it and sparks and the word dick.


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