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shah shah a go-go
" Thereuopon sat a lady... with brow beaming brilliancy, the dream of philosophy... , her breath breathed ambergris and perfume and her lips were sugar to taste and carnelian to see.. her face shamed the noon-sun's brillancy and she was even as a galaxy.." The 1,000 and 1 Nights

"The ritual of him who has seen the Shah (truth) is above anger and kindness, infidelity and religion.." Mathnawi IV

amane amane crying at the doors of heaven wailing picnic at the open grave.

"The city feels like they have a duty to protect citizens from a Happy Land scenario," says David Baxley, a co-owner of Centro-Fly, referring to the 1990 fire that killed 87 people at an illegal Bronx social club. "


"shake the mind, the body's, the body's always tied to the ground....."

mommy isis save us from all evil, smug and white things.

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mommy isis save us from all evil, smug and white things.

That's awfully harsh. alabastard is an evil, smug and white thing, and he's moderately entertaining. ;)

Well yes that's certainly true...i dont suppose i should be talking as i'm evil somewhat and others have known to be blinded by the noonday sun as it reflects off my lily white flesh (though of course that rarely has a chance to happen...who can get up at noon? )

Well, I didn't want to say anything, but yes, you do fit the profile. ;)

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