mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

what are you up to, squeaky fromme?

on august 14, 2009, manson girl squeaky fromme was released from prison after serving 34 years of a life sentence for attempting to assassinate president jerry ford.

i assume she would have rather tried to assassinate nixon who had declared publicly, before the sundry manson trials were over and as the sitting president of the united states, that the Family were all guilty. manson freaked a whole court room by waving a front page headline that said as much in front of his jury. ford was nixon's vice president, completing his term when he resigned. no more tricky dickie so ford was the next best target for the misplaced rage of the drug addled, unwashed counter culture drones. think of them as the original mothers of code pink, man. more like grandmothers as the manson girls and boys are all retirement age now.

squeaky claims she did it to save the polar bears and clean up the environment because ,of course, jerry ford being dead would instantly purify the air and water. oh, and she wants you to know that charlie manson is a feminist.

the psycho branch of the left is always trying to save one of two things: either the ' environment' or ' the children/future' no matter what issue is at hand. that's why they tortured and murdered a pregnant sharon tate- for the children, for her dead unborn child. they're peaceful humanitarians that way. everyone knows that hairdressers and coffee company heiresses are the only things keeping all of humanity out of eden and utopia.

organized religious fascists are flying planes into buildings, killing thousands, but it's the hairdressers and blonde starlettes we should be worried about.

17 days after squeaky's heroic stand for the green movement, another deranged leftist hippie chick( not technically a manson girl but one in spirit with the original manson girls like all radical leftists), sara jane moore, went on her own ford hunt- and, unlike auntie squeaky, managed to pull the trigger. she was a good marksman but her gun's sight was off . when she attempted to get off another round she was tackled by oliver sipple, a gay marine who probably saved ford's life. sipple's personal life was ruined because the local media outed him- his religious family had been unaware of his orientation( this was 1975).

moore claimed she tried to kill ford to 'create chaos' because nixon had declared ' war on the left' by the 'appointment of Ford as vice president and his resignation making Ford president seemed to be a continuing assault on America.” she also was released on parole even though she was sentenced to life in prison.

the milieu that gave us the sara jane moores and the squeaky frommes and the zebra killers( black muslim racists who murdered only white people) and charles manson created barack obama. those are the peeps that raised him- angry (mostly)upper middle class white people filled with self loathing who never fucking grew up. damaged, narcissistic attention seekers with no regard for the rights and persons of others. they always claim to be saving someone, the entire world, usually, or the downtrodden(those they have been standing atop their whole over privileged lives), or saving the future, but they're only interest is self interest. they tend to be highly manipulative, like charles manson, a career con who became a self and group constructed messiah of a fairly typical western doomsday cult. (manson didn't have some unearthly incandescent mystical charisma- he was a criminal doing what criminals always do- manipulate the weaker willed and no one is more weak willed than drugged out hippie girls and boys with low self esteem and daddy issues.). the most glaring omission from their character is that of empathy and a conscience in even the follower narcissist worker bees.

the narcissist singularly or in a group tends to be delusional. the hapless self absorbed victims create their messiah in the image that they want, projecting all their frustrated desires upon him. if the conniving dominant narcissist creature can sniff out what that thing is people want to devote themselves to or if he lucks out by blindsiding the desperate into filling his empty slate with what they believe they need to save themselves ( i.e. really, it's whomever promises to get them what they crave as in: "obama will pay my rent and put gas in my car.". remember, they're delusional.) he's made of himself a demi-god followed by fools with no sense of self . and they are thus lead to their doom, generally taking some innocent souls down with them.

this naive notion that one can save or change anything, anyone but one's self is infantile and fatally flawed. an unfortunate and tragic artifact of western christianity's notion that some humans know what ' god wants', that human creations are god's creations, and that human action and motivation is based on divine revelation , leading to salvation, if one merely says it does. it's blasphemous. and this need for men who claim to channel god or personally channel some universal concept like peace or humanitarianism- it always ends in some version of 10050 cielo drive.

people are always looking for someone else to tell them who they are and what they should desire, particularly the young. this state of resignation, this refusal to accept responsibility for one's self, is to be left open to the most base forms of evil. no one who manipulates you because you refuse to take hold of your own life and your own consciousness ever does anything good or in your best interests. greed and manipulation is where evil is hatched, a nest of lies fed off the irresponsible lost soul that can only find itself in the needs and desires of others.

anyway, today i wonder, squeaky, where art thou? please campaign for obama- he needs you. the polar bears need you. the clean air needs you. and for the rest of the obama girls- i'd say wake up but i am not entirely sure whether it's too late or not. obama is creating the chaos sara jane moore desired to bring about through her criminality only it's your freedom, your aspirations and your human rights that are going to be assassinated. the war is on the individual, as it always is with utopian political schemes and patriarchal religions.

cease to submit.


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