mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

steve jobs, that minx, redux

... so i call La Pomme at the mall formerly called Lechmere and ask what i have to do with my hard drive- as in: will apple transfer my data to the new hard drive( not that i'd do anything but erase the drive a billion times amid the backdrop of a black black heart and smoldering resentment) just to see if they would. of course, i'm told, but they're not responsible if they fuck it up and lose all those priceless cat macros and celebrity dick pics. then i asked what they do with the hard drives which triggered a soliloquy about how much Apple, the company that put tracking devices in it's iphones and ipads without consumer consent , ' cares about your privacy' and thus shreds your hard drive, shoots it out of a cannon and zaps it with a laser. and without a hint of irony nor any sense of shame.

i am not sure if it's me but every time i have spoken to anyone at apple over the last 10 years it seems like it's always the same guy- the same bland sounding generic white male of a certain age with no discernible accent who appears to be somewhat disconnected from whatever is coming out of his mouth. they're apple boy robots, programmed to be somewhat laid back and not a little zombified with a smidgen of carefully guarded contempt squirming around the edges. do they drug them with green apple valium mist potpourri?

apple cares so much about my privacy? i love you , really i do, but fuck you- really that's too much for even a drone to stomach saying.

[ "REGULATORS IN FRANCE have announced an investigation of Apple over the storage of location data without user consent by its Iphones.
The Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), France's technology watchdog, said that it launched an investigation into the privacy issue by writing to Apple to ask for clarification on a few points. It said it received a reply, which has satisfied some concerns, but that some key questions remain unanswered."

"Apple has been slapped on the wrist by the Korea Communications Commission over the company's inadvertent collection of location data.
The commission, which is South Korea's equivalent to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, fined Apple 3 million Korean won, or about $2,829, following the revelation earlier this year that Apple's iOS-based devices collected location information on users without their specific authorization."$2800-for-location-tracking/ ]

so i did get my imac back, there's no dust under the screen, the hard drive appears fine, and they gave me "ilife '11" for free and i guess i was suppose to be overwhelmed with gratitude for such generosity. uh, oh, yeah ,you're giving me sony/bmg's spyware to scan my itunes for any unauthorized content. gee. thanks.( it should have been lion for free, actually. you cheap sons of bitches moneybags.) time machine transferred my data but time machines' hard drive promptly bricked after it completed the process.

oh, the comedy or errors: my imac's seagate hard drive is recalled, necessitating replacement with a western digital hard drive, and then my western digital back up dies a pathetic quick sleepy death after coughing up my data.

so i went out and bought a seagate drive to replace it. then my internets started cutting out, the airport brought down my wireless, netflix. it appears time machine's last gasp has compounded this mess as my OS is now wonky whereas it was super stable right out of the box with the hard drive that was supposedly going to fail soon. the back up drive may have corrupted the back up seeing as it died so soon after transfer.

so fuck technology this week. drag out the victrola because you know that's going to work.


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