mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

time to cleanse the dance floor (of impurities)

my anti-hits . i adored these songs. what could have been. what perhaps only existed in the humming distracted abstracted corner of my brain- the part concerned with infinity, eternity, and transcendence.

favorite of male strippers with soul- the ones who still believed, hoped love was possible despite humans and their reprehensible behaviors. of course, they were. i was wrong. love just isn't possible. i think i knew that then but lied to myself through out a decade or 2.

tears run rings( justin strauss remix)/ marc almond 1988

i do understand the wicked things we do.

they do play anne clark in goth clubs- but you have to leave the fucking country to experience it. our darkness and sleeper in metropolis were way ahead of their time- too advanced, too hard to be incredibly popular for the dance floor- and as a result seem to get left behind. minimalist. dark. germanic. driving. electronic. lovely.

our darkness ( razormaid mix)/ anne clark.1984

sleeper in metropolis (club mix)/ anne clark. 1984 " confined in the helpless safety of desire and dreams/ we fight our insignificance"

like anne clark not new wavey enough for the popish sensibilities of the mid 80s. and songs not in english did not have much floor or radio play traction. they were too harsh to garner any play with their lesbian sisters who ,one would assume, should have been all over a good looking all female band with out members. however that PC closet was only into folk and world musics as the only acceptable vehicles for gay female musicians.

geld/ malaria! 1982. malaria! played studio fucking 54 with nina hagen.fuck fuck fuck.

no way americans were going to dance to this or be patient enough to even listen to it. too uptight. superior tune. requires drugs or the ability to place oneself in a trance through dancing.

fool's gold/ the stone roses. 1989 (the 9 minute plus version is preferable but is not available in an acceptable quality.)

losing you/SGH. 1991

love & contradiction/ lost children. 1992

propaganda were actually quite popular- but i take it that that was confined only to certain circles as you never hear them at 80s nights. 'a secret wish' is an electronic dance synth-pop masterpiece. the symphonic lush dramatic breaks techno would do to death and the breathy airy pregnant with meaning moment of near quiet that trance would do to death.

power. force. motion. drive.

p.machinary/ propaganda. 1985

an all time favorite and super unknown. very much a sporter's/1270 song. no one else played it.

shake the mind/ c cat trance. 1985


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