mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

push push in the bush. see the lesbian sea gulls. buzzzin'

really amazing remixes. some of these are from acetates or are very rough mixes from the pre-pro tools analogue days. disco remixers used a razor, splicing tape together to get these mixes. it's a fucking lost art like building pyramids. i have thousands of remixes in my collection. i have heard probably just as many dj's mix. no one mixes and remixes like old skool peeps, those who began with disco.

a major portion of the best of the early remixers and master DJs died from AIDS in the 80s.

"in the bush"/ musique( john morales remix). the best remix i have ever heard of this disco classic. it's bumpy because of the slice and splice manner in which it was created. john morales is still alive and has a website where you can buy some of his most famous mixes including the ' deadly melody', a landmark mix much copied .

patrick cowley created a sound that was a miracle. he remains profoundly influential across the dance spectrum- and largely unrecognized which is criminal. he died in 1982 of AIDS related complications. many consider this his best remix. drop this and people would fucking lose it, screaming at the dj booth, dragging themselves regretfully from the dance floor, demanding to know what it was. a trippy, sexy intense ride. if you distilled all the pre-AIDS fucking , sucking, and dancing with abandon xtcy into one piece of music this would be it:

"hills of katmandu"/ tantra (patrick cowley megamix) 1978

here's an acetate fragment of his mix. it gives you an idea how he took apart a song and laced it back together. cowley had a magical ability to take sounds made by machines- that could be inherently cold, sterile and, well, from a machine- and use them to create very intense, ecstatic emotions culminating in, teasing out really, orgasmic release. he made a box of wires and circuits take dancers on a hot wild transcendental ride. he was a magician, one of the only ones we have had in dance music:

of course his' I feel love' remix just MIGHT be the greatest remix of all time from anyone, anywhere in any genre. 15 minutes of disco synth sex - and you know you like it like that. it still sounds new and most of you chillrens were barely born when it originally came out (1977), let alone when we lost patrick cowley(1982). this is techno. this is hard trance. this is electro. the past and the future all in one.
"i feel love/ donna summer (patrick cowley remix)

look, see the lesbian seagulls:
"his song makes me think that I'm dead and that I'm on my way to the final place and that in the way I see mermaids and a cosmic beach with flying space seagulls , lesbian seagulls..."- youtube quote,"Betiuxss".

sea hunt/ patrick cowley

a forgotten classic remixed from an earlier 1973 version- and with that gloria gaynor became the grandest star in the gay disco diva universe. it's my favorite gloria gaynor. forget' i will survive'- this is it. technotronic stole bits of it and the rest of gloria, among other divas from the 70's, uncredited, in the late 80s and had massive success. house music owes so much to the structure and of course vocals of these early symphonic disco songs.

raise your hands, girl, if you learned to dance by pretending to be a girl group- like, say, the supremes or gloria gaynor and some funky fine back up singers with big hoops for earrings.

buzzzin buzzin buzzzin

honey bee/ gloria gaynor- 1974( one of the producers is bon jovi's uncle)

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