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i used to think just google was the devil. i thought of apple as just one of satan's lesser minions whose cult made cute, fashionable computers and electronic nik-naks. before you run shrieking with glee to the icloud, and forfeit the right to your purchased content, read this thread- several years long- in the apple support community. people are having their purchased itunes products and legally ripped cds( the supreme court ruled a very long time ago, in the era of cassettes and 8 tracks- the glorious 70s, that you have a right to make copies of music you have purchased for personal use.) mysteriously deleted from their computers. apple has so far not addressed this situation 3 or 4 years on and several versions of itunes along .

imagine: sony music or reallysuckycoporateshitmusic inc. sends goons into your house when you are not home and takes back all the cds you legally purchased. actually- it's worse than that. they come when you are at home with your computer- that's hot prowl burglary and hot prowl robbers are known for their use of weapons and escalating levels of violence.

previously it was the military- industrial complex, according to the hippies and liberals, that was out to get you. now it's the entertainment-military-industrial complex with apple stealing your music back and the congress acting as tools of entertainment big business to put you in jail for embedding a video if 10 people happen to view it on your used to be one hired a lawyer if one's copyright was infringed upon- now one lobbies a democratic congressman to pass laws against the music buying public, restricting their rights.

i have not had my itunes library compromised but that's because most of my music is ripped from vinyl- not in the form of crappy mp3s- and not kept in the itunes library. itunes has never been allowed to scan my content in order to ' grab cover art' (that's a lie. allowing itunes to go on the web related to your content is just to spy on you to see if you stole anything from sony music or some other global conglomerate.). and what if one has ripped content from one's cds and sold those cds- and apple ass rapes them out of your itunes library, ignoring complaints of such activity for years? oh, what a coincidence- that means you have to buy the music again preferably from apple in the itunes store. not only are your elected representatives shills for big business, but apple, probably in order to retain the right to sell material from these companies, is going to hunt you down and fleece you too . for the right to sell content they're willing to steal from you. if you flock to the icloud you are admitting they have a right to larceny. do you really trust them to maintain your content and not compromise or use it against you? obama has already issued decrees concerning how the government does not need a search warrant to view any of your materials that may be located on servers apart from your computer ie in the cloud. how is this constitutional and why would an allegedly liberal sitting democrat president demand it? how is he avoiding being called a fascist for suggesting the federal government has a right to unfettered access to your emails without a warrant? isn't that something only a republican would do? the obama administration eventually gave up its push for email records without a warrant- but for how long? that they even tried is profoundly worrying- the bush administration never requested anything so foul and dangerously tyrannical.

"California Supreme Court Allows Warrantless Searches of Cell Phones:
"The California Supreme Court has handed down an important ruling that allows police to search an arrested person’s cellphone without a warrant — a ruling that will allow police access to a wide array of information now kept on modern cellphones."

"DOJ to Supreme Court: Approve warrantless GPS surveillance:

... The Obama administration has asked the Supreme Court to resolve a conflict among federal appellate courts over the need for a warrant before attaching a GPS device to a suspect's vehicle to covertly track a person. In fact, the Justice Department said that a person traveling on public roads has "no reasonable expectation of privacy" in his movements, even if 'scientific enhancements' are used to help law enforcement with the tracking."

" 'The Blog of LegalTimes quoted Jones' appellate lawyer as saying, it's 'regrettable the Obama administration, which touted itself as a breath of fresh air, seems to be resistant when it comes to advancing the Fourth Amendment's interest in protecting a citizen's right to privacy.' "

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