mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

the man and the women who should have gotten the nobel peace prize in 2009

Dr. Elias Biscet imprisoned in cuba for speaking out, demanding democracy and an end to human rights violations in cuba:

or maybe Las Damas de Blanco, the ladies in white deserved it. as usual with misogyny, notable world commies and self professed enemies of american democray have criticized the women themselves not the oppressive regime they are protesting. the refusal of the world to acknowledge the human rights monstrosity that has been fidel castro's cuba is in itself a crime against humanity perpetrated by the free, condemning the enslaved to rot under a totalitarian and evil dictatorship. it's telling the brutally raped woman- you should lie back and enjoy it because it's not rape, it's love, socialist love. only america produces tyrants; socialism produces freedom and love. lie back and enjoy it- at least you're not in america not being raped with the marxist love for your own good.

"During the Black Spring in 2003, the Cuban government arrested and summarily tried and sentenced 75 human rights defenders, independent journalists, and independent librarians to terms of up to 28 years in prison.

The Ladies in White group was formed two weeks after the arrests.Relatives of the prisoners began gathering on Sundays at St. Rita's Church in Havana to pray for their relatives. After each Mass, they began a ritual procession from the church to a nearby park. The white clothing they wear is reminiscent of the Argentine Madres de Plaza de Mayo, who used a similar strategy to demand information about their missing children from the 1970s military junta. Each marcher wears a button with a photo of her jailed relative and the number of years to which he has been sentenced.

Sizable mobs have attacked the Ladies in White, yelling insults at them, and assisting the police to throw them into police buses. Several of the members report that they have been detained and threatened by the police and that their homes have been ransacked.

The Cuban government has criticized the Ladies in White for being a subversive association of American-backed terrorists.Cuban law limits freedom of expression, association, assembly, movement, and the press. Concerns have also been expressed about the operation of due process."- wiki

"Cuba, 1 de Abril de 2003
A la opinión pública internacional:
Nosotras, las esposas, madres, hijos e hijas de aquellos hombres y mujeres que se encuentran injustamente encarcelados luego de la reciente ola masiva de arrestos en contra de la disidencia pacífica de Cuba, pedimos su solidaridad y apoyo para una campaña internacional exigiendo la liberación inmediata de nuestros familiares, quienes han sido arrestados por ejercer la libertad de expresión y pensamiento, y por querer lograr para nuestra querida nación la reconciliación y el respeto a los derechos humanos.
Las Damas de Blanco"

"TRASBOURG, France, March 19 2010 (UPI) -- Cuba's detention of 30 women relatives of political prisoners showed no sign of an early resolution as European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek issued a sharp condemnation of Havana's actions aimed at crushing dissent.
Washington condemned the move and, earlier this month, European Parliament voted to demand release of all political prisoners after dissident Orlando Zapata Tamayo died Feb. 23, succumbing following an 83-day hunger strike.
Cuba's defiant response focused attention on the fact that, apart from the United States and Europe, the human rights issues in the country found no response in Central and South America, analysts said....
Cuba's defiance has much to do with the Latin American silence on the issue of political prisoners in the country, analysts said.
Aside from unquestioning supporters of Cuba, such as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the moderate leaders in Latin American ranks also have chosen to remain silent. Latin American leaders have shied away from criticism of Cuba lest they be branded as supporters of Washington, analysts said."

Read more:

anyone else really deserved the peace prize that year. crackhos have done more for their fellow man than barack h. obama. presidentin' while black is not enough to deserve the nobel peace prize. how does just getting elected produce peace? how could the noble prize committee have known that a freshly elected united states president would, in the future, do anything noteworthy concerning human dignity and freedom, let alone that he would end " bush's" war( a war he has in fact continued and spread ) ? giving it to him instead of the ladies in white or dr. elias biscet demeans irrepairibly the notions of peace, human dignity and liberty, snatching it from the hands of those who really do nonviolently struggle against violence and oppression not for themselves but for others.when a thing is divested of it's meaning it is null, void. denying that cuba is a fascist state that engages in brutal repressions of its citizens renders one's judgements and frankly one's honor null and void.

jailing people for criticizing the government is wrong here- or americans and their representatives until recently used to think so. why is it ok if cuba does it? only because they are not america and the world refuses to be truthful about non western european dictatorships and the befouled human rights records of every self professed socialist and communist regime that has ever been. be with your beloved racist che or be with the women in white. at least you are safe here now to choose one over the other. for now. it was extremely difficult to find news articles on the women in white or dr. elias biscet. why, and does that make you feel safe in your freedoms that dissent in cuba, as in china, is sucked down the memory hole in countries with allegedly free presses?


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