mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
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MoMa made me do it, DaDa made me do it...

when is surrealism ever in the news? pioneering artist leonora carrington dead at 94 in mexico. to be honest i did not think she was still alive.

"MEXICO CITY - British-born painter, writer and sculptor Leonora Carrington, considered one of the last of the original surrealists, has died, Mexico's National Arts Council confirmed Thursday. She was 94.

Carrington was known for her haunting, dreamlike works that often focused on strange ritual-like scenes with birds, cats, unicorn-like creatures and other animals as onlookers or seeming participants."

the men of surrealism were a lot of misogynists in the great "virgins or whores tradition" with an added s/m streak running through them . the women artists as usual have been largely overlooked . thrown into a spanish looney bin for raving about killing hitler- an act of uncharacteristic sanity and integrity for the times- leonora carrington wasn't ever going to be just some important male artist's girlfriend/wifey accessory. she escaped to mexico and remained there- as did many of the surrealist women. the males of the movement had a penchant for fascistic politicking( communism/ socialism is always fascist. always.) and amoral violence( (if they weren't fascists they were anarchists which is just another name for terrorism as social and political policy. power-lust driven male western death cults all.). the women like leonora, remedios varmos and leonor fini mined a deeper occult vein of creativity. they were alchemists of the imagination and existence.


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