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sorry for all the dead jews! LOL! /walk on gilded splinters

"Jews receive apology over Spanish Inquisition executions"

"Francesc Antich, the regional president of the Balearic Islands, issued an official condemnation of the killings in what was heralded by Jewish groups as the first of its kind in Spain.

"We have dared to gather here to recognize the grave injustice committed against those Majorcans who were accused, persecuted, charged and condemned to death for their faith and their beliefs," Mr Antich said at a memorial service held in Palma de Majorca.

At the end of the 15th century King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella set up the Spanish Inquisition to root out remnants of Islam and Judaism after the reconquest of Spain. Over the following two centuries thousands of so-called heretics were burned at the stake. "

first off, this bit of mea culpa is in the fucking travel section of this newspaper. travel? it's only been 6 or so centuries since your ancestors were routed out, converted on pain of death( and that often wasn't enough as converts were spied on for any signs of slipping back to being jewish demons then sent off to the pyre anyway), or murdered but we are sorry now. come party at Ibiza and Majorca, Jews! remember the summer of love and rave all night without fear of the inquisition jailing you and pulling out your finger nails. that says dream vacation to me. how i hate going on vacation when a random jew and heretic hunt pops up and i don't have a thing to wear. who packs a hair shirt , white sheet, and dunce cap for the beach ?

one thing i have noticed with the international rise of militant, heretic/infidel sniffing islam as world conquerors is a christian inability to see that their own religion did all the same terrible things- with all the repression , torture and murder, slaughter; all the inhumanity and brutality they see now in the love slaves of wonder they see themselves as they are often cast by muslims as crusaders.

they rant and rave against the homos, women in our secular free world, demand that their religion be considered the founder of our country which was in fact founded by non-christians dedicated to separating religion out of governance. they expect all our citizens to live according to and only honor their religious principles , demanding to be respected as they disrespect those who do not agree with them all the while claiming their judgments and abounding projections upon others is "love".they believe only they have the word of god upon them- exactly as islam claims. they are therefore the all knowing god in human form deciding what is truth, what is love: mouth pieces in Babel channeling the ineffable in service to faith, really in service only to their own pride. it is nothing less than blasphemy , always ending in dead people in great big heaps.

apologizing for ethnic cleansing and mass murder along religious lines a few centuries after the fact is facetious. it means nothing. no one can apologize for the deeds of others long turned to dust . one can, however, reject the barbarity of the malignant acts by recognizing who was perpetrating them and why the acts were so very wrong especially coming from those who claim to be christians. it follows that no one can stop an evil that is driven by the same forces for control and subjugation to the one they harbor uncritically within their own souls as a founding kernel of their beliefs, centered in supplication to a secular moral and legal substructure that could justify, hide or excuse responsibility for grave transgressions against other lives. the biggest problem with organized religions that may have at any time amassed great secular power is their ability to legally justify their transgressions and crimes and have their latter day followers find themselves obliged to make excuses for the inexcusable or claim absolute moral authority over every soul within their ken. the victims of genocide are always cast as the antichrist or demons- evil. destroying them is following the word of god or allah. genocide it seems more often then not revolves around loving and obeying god as a right to enact the most heinous crimes against other humans.

all this willful blindness, common enough when the mass of humanity views themselves vis-a-vis the less worthy, the less moral, the less holy, the other, has led to rather disturbing revisionist histories of not only the spanish inquisition( not really that bad, really, and it was sort of the victim's own fault for not agreeing to be christian, the only real religion. spain was, like america, a "christian country" after all), but also the crusades(european christian soldiers wrestling their own lands back from infidels and dirty jews who had no right to be soiling the holy lands with their presence because roman pagans once controlled the area and christians are always entitled to what they want because they're better than non-christians and god would want them to bring jesus to the nonbeliever because that is what love is all about- killing the wicked or changing him into yourself),and even post modern ruminations in historical sociology laced with pop psychology( those children especially boys priests raped were really almost adults and they wanted it or something because the next roman catholic saint cannot be the pope that hid child diddlers or their enablers- not that, frankly, that sort of thing or any sort of criminality,sin or vice has ever got in the way of beatification or being made pope .).what heinous thing can't be justified as long as one claims god said to do it and good people opt to sit this one out?

catholics praise the knights templar now because they are deluded into thinking knights and crusaders were, specifically, loving righteous soldiers of god, saving christianity and christians from islam. fervidly they pray for the re-emergence of people and causes that never were, at least not in the terms they imagine or hope for. when i pointed out to someone getting all moist for the knights templar and their triumphant return, in a forum about secular politics, that the church actually murdered the knights templar- they were executed for being heretics and devil worshipers , their great wealth confiscated, i was bounced and perpetually censored for being a ' catholic basher' . " you can't say" the 'pope' or ' catholics'" or the 'inquisition' committed any crimes or out right atrocities because 'that's not right'. not, "that's not the truth", or, " that's not historically accurate", just "shut the fuck up, you're not holy enough to be mentioning anything whatsoever off about any christian ever in all existence.

the inquisition officially began in france with the church campaign against the Cathars in toulouse, a place very much like spain in that the moorish, pagan, and jewish elements had created and nurtured a lush, wealthy heterogeneous culture there. languedoc- home of the mother loving troubadors, whose songs were based upon arabic lyric poetry via moor dominated spain. writing and singing in provençal, the troubadors left behind the only documentation outside the self- justifying church records of the transgressions of rome against not just the cathars and people of toulouse but also against the christian faith and all jesus is suppose to represent according to christians themselves.

"Roma, tant es grans
la vostra forfaitura
que dieus e sos sans
en gitatz a non cura,
tant etz mal renhans,
Roma falsa e tafura"

- Guilhem Figuera

(Rome, so great
is your evil doing
that god regards you not
and his saints you regard not
so little are you restrained,
Rome, false, deceitful)

the worst thing that could be said of Cathars is that they criticized the opulence and worldliness of the Church. they lived in poverty, often communally,in service to others, and were vegetarians. woman could be elders, priests. they dedicated themselves to the gospels not to the church.

" Like early Christians, and in contrast to the great financiers and engineers of Catholicism, the Cathars had no churches at all. They wandered from town to town in their black robes,, preaching, tending to the sick, working in the fields , administering the sacraments of their faith."
-The End of the World, Otto Friedrich, p.70.

therefore the biggest sin of the cathars was that they were more like christ than the corrupt satyr-like priests, power mongers, and power broker/king makers of the church hierarchy. for this crime and for noticing how very unchrist-like those atop the rich and powerful rock of peter were, the cathars were to be obliterated, leaving behind misery and the screaming outrage that should haunt us to this day- who were the Cathars in truth and will any one admit to why a church dedicated to jesus christ could kill anyone dedicated to the teachings and love of jesus and their fellow humans? why no apology to the Cathars who loved jesus enough to die en masse for him and his word? unfortunately, christians seem the least haunted of us all by this omission, such are the machinations of self righteousness and the blindness of faith only in oneself for oneself at the expense of the dignity and sacredness of the individual soul. why can't christians acknowledge these crimes against humanity and apologize to themselves, those who were of them? it calls into question their apologies to the jews over such vast expanses of time. jews persists against all odds, despite so many valiant vicious attempts to remove them from the earth permanently. they still, however, must be confronted, thought of, lived with. the cathars are all dead- there's no one left to lie to or to appease or to be bothered with.

allegedly the infamous paraphrased war chant "Kill them all, let God sort them out!"( original: "Kill them all! God will recognize His own!") springs from the inquisition against the Cathars of Languedoc- men , woman, and children, many of whom were burnt alive at the stake. those who recanted were forced to wear yellow crosses reminding us of how the nazis identified their sundry victims especially the jews.the predations and methods used by the germans all came from christian europe in the dark and middle ages, tools of the church against the unbelievers, those who disobeyed or had something the church wanted for its own. the sacred tools of holy jihad, holy genocide.

these apologies hundreds of years later and never, ever are the christian heretics like the cathars or "witches"( i.e. females) or homosexuals and other social transgressives caught in the catherine wheel of religious hypocrisy ever apologized to by the ruling powers of any religion. occasionally, a faint bumbling sorry is coughed up to the jews, hidden in the back pages of newspapers no one reads anymore anyway, but never for the other murders which are surely in the 100s of thousands: those officially executed for crimes against an unprovable set of superstitions, myths and fairy tales meant to control the lives and private, sacred consciences, the very souls of other people. not that the jews do not deserve an apology especially considering they are set upon largely by those who worship a jewish messiah and a jewish god but the omission of all the others burnt at the stakes or cracked on the rack suggest that even the modern evolved church, which at least publicly no longer feels safe having at the hebrew christ killers, feels those heretics and demon fornicators got what was coming to them.

apologize to the cathars and the witches. it's far too late to matter, really, but the kissing cousin of christian barbarism, islam, will not be defeated by those who have not faced their own history and their own hypocrisies- and all those tiny unique crimes against the sanctity of the conscience of the individual. what is the difference between murdering people for being 'infidels' and murdering them for being heretics, devil worshipers, and jews? the spanish inquisition, the inquisition against the cathars, the holocaust,the armenian and greek genocide in turkey, the genocide in darfur are all the same , identical crimes fro identical reasons, all claimed to be based in righteousness in service to a god which is nothing but tribalism under the flaming banner of this or that hateful mad daddy deity. mass murder sanctioned by the all mighty.excuses not truth. justification not justice. saying you are god by wielding power like a scythe does not make you god. quite the opposite. one harvests the souls of others at the distinct peril of the destruction of one's own.

is apologizing for the past really just a way of ignoring the present, shifting the focus off of the crimes and evil of the present? if anyone cared in the least, it would seem so, but people do not care truly about the outrages of the present- why assume they give a fuck about the past when humanity is disconnected from the now when aid, love and apologies would mean something and have a effect.

"Fifteen years ago, tens of thousands of Catholics[in Rwanda] were hacked to death inside churches. Sometimes priests and nuns led the slaughter. Sometimes they did nothing while it progressed. The incidents were not isolated. Nyamata, Ntarama, Nyarubuye, Cyahinda, Nyange, and Saint Famille were just a few of the churches that were sites of massacres...

To you, Catholic survivor of genocide in Rwanda, the Vatican says that those priests, those bishops, those nuns, those archbishops who planned and killed were not acting under the instruction of the church. But moral responsibility changes dramatically if you are a European or US Catholic. To the priests of the Irish church who abused children, the pope has this to say: 'You must answer for it before almighty God and before properly constituted tribunals. You have forfeited the esteem of the people of Ireland and brought shame and dishonour upon your confreres.'

The losses of Rwanda had received no such consideration. Some of the nuns and priests who have been convicted by Belgian courts and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, respectively, enjoyed refuge in Catholic churches in Europe while on the run from prosecutors. One such is Father Athanase Seromba, who led the Nyange parish massacre and was sentenced to 15 years in jail by the tribunal. In April 1994, Seromba helped lure over 2,000 desperate men, women and children to his church, where they expected safety. But their shepherd turned out to be their hunter.

One evening Seromba entered the church and carried away the chalices of communion and other clerical vestments. When a refugee begged that they be left the Eucharist to enable them to at least hold a (final) mass, the priest refused and told them that the building was no longer a church. A witness at the ICTR trial remembered an exchange in which the priest's mindset was revealed.

One of the refugees asked: 'Father, can't you pray for us?' Seromba replied: 'Is the God of the Tutsis still alive?' Later, he would order a bulldozer to push down the church walls on those inside and then urge militias to invade the building and finish off the survivors.

At his trial, Seromba said: 'A priest I am and a priest I will remain.' This, apparently, is the truth, since the Vatican has never taken back its statements defending him before his conviction...

In the last century, Catholic bishops have been deeply mired in Rwandan politics with the full knowledge of the Vatican. Take Archbishop Vincent Nsengiyumva. Until 1990, he had served as the chairman of the ruling party's central committee for almost 15 years, championing the authoritarian government of Juvenal Habyarimana, which orchestrated the murder of almost a million people. Or Archbishop André Perraudin, the most senior representative of Rome in 1950s Rwanda. It was with his collusion and mentorship that the hateful, racist ideology known as Hutu Power was launched – often by priests and seminarians in good standing with the church. One such was Rwanda's first president, Grégoire Kayibanda, a private secretary and protege of Perraudin, whose political power was unrivalled.

The support for Hutu Power was therefore not unknowing or naive. It was a strategy to maintain the church's powerful political position in a decolonising Rwanda. The violence of the 1960s led inexorably to the 1994 attempt to exterminate Tutsis. These were violent expressions of a political sphere dominated by contentions that Hutu and Tutsi were separate and opposed racial categories. This, too, is one of the legacies of the Catholic missionary, whose schools and pulpits for decades kept up a drumbeat of false race theories...

The silence of the Vatican is contempt. Its failure to fully examine its central place in Rwandan genocide can only mean that it is fully aware that it will not be threatened if it buries its head in the sand. While it knows if it ignores the sexual abuse of European parishioners it will not survive the next few years, it can let those African bodies remain buried, dehumanised and unexamined."
- Martin Kimani,The Guardian, Monday 29 March 2010

but that's catholic bashing- must not have that .

i do not believe any apology, not that it matters. of what benefit is it to jesus to defend those who kill in his name? more often than not it's the citadel of pride that walls in a weak, self absorbed faith. it all begs the question- faith in what, faith in whom ?

"The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves.
- William Hazlitt.

and that is exactly what the Cathars understood and died for so long ago. will it take another few centuries to apologize to rwanda?


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