mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

" i licked betty ford's boots/ she wore them all over china..."

yes yes i have with the passing of poly styrene been bitching about unchecked wild and aimless consumerism but... i finally gave Smurfette the boot. the new imacs were released into the wild today... i couldn't spend another moment in passe technology hell...and now, as these things go, for the briefest of moments i am up to date with shiny gadget internets fanboy things.

retro is fine for video games and mix ' tapes' of obscure synth groups from 1980 but i was going blind trying to surf the itouch and the cats refuse to let me use their hackintosh. and poor smurfette was dragging her haunches through tar trying to render the simplest of web pages. this new fangled thang is on warp speed- you blink and a page is fully displayed. woah.

next is the brave new experiment to try and rescue my data from the MacDoorstop G5. most of the applications are lost causes that won't work on an intel machine so just migrating is out of the question. all i can say is just back everything up. i never thought i would have such a total crash and burn and only started backing things up completely the last 2 years. don't question it just back up your stuff. don't lose all your music, porn, and cute kitteh pics.

and why do i have the itchy feeling i know more about my old and my new apple computers than the macpeople in the apple store? and i'm sort of hit and miss fix it with duct tape sort of computer geek, barely a geek at all. they seemed to have found me amusing. i was just happy to be in and out in 15 minutes with my new bff.

do they still sell dental dams? because this screen is so luscious i just want to lick the fucking thing- all over. a square of latex, a box of wine and thee, imac...

so here's an hommage to g5- this is exactly what woke me out of a deep sleep on that day of doom: the mac jumbo jet of suck:

just please give me back my music, documents, and pictures... and maybe i won't sell you to someone who will build a pc in you.

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